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  1. I'm taking on the crimson fist challenge

    it's where I take 2 of the crimson fist trial deck and some support cards for

    the crimson battler archetype and try to make a decent deck out of it.

    Let me tell you that trail deck really needs some work

    here's the reason why.

    This deck has no synergy to search for cards and is difficult to get out your big boss monster which is honestly not a very good card on its own.

    so it'll need a way to search out the "fist" items

    and a better boss monster


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    2. WaterPulse


      I'd tell him that won't work, it's a video game, not an illusion. You need to see what you're doing.

    3. Spider


      yeah really its even more so in a shooter like Borderlands where you need to line up your shots

    4. WaterPulse
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