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  1. Hey, Spider! How's it going?

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    2. Spider


      so what do you think of the werewolf fight?

    3. WaterPulse


      I think the werewolf fight is quite cool.

    4. Spider


      okay I finally got Dr Zed and Inspector J to stop fighting

      and to sit down and talk to each other

      I told the both of them

      that they were overreacting

      and acting quite immature about the whole situation

      (which they were to be honest)

      because Zed dropped the anti Pagan bigot insult

      but was still insulting Inspector J

      Inspector J was hurling insults as well

      so I told them that we were going to meet up and act like mature adults and talk this out and

      put this whole thing to rest for good

      cause I was getting tired of the fighting

      so we met up and talked things out

      and Dr Zed and Inspector J did apologize to each other and

      they actually got along real well

      so we spent the day chatting about Games and what not

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