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  1. hello everybody

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    2. Spider


      so I was going to get the Gunslinger Vs Samurai set

      if I like what I see

      I dread to inform you I lost interest in Bakugan simply because

      while yes its a cool concept

      but its a dummed down version of MTG

      which is a shame because how its played is really cool

      but its like MTG Bakugan and Vanguard fused together

      both players play at the same time (cool idea)

      but none of my friends showed any real interest in playing it more then once

      heres our score for the new Bakugan Tcg


      it has some cool ideas but it's sort've boring

      because if we wanted to play MTG or Vanguard

      we would just play either one of those 2


    3. WaterPulse


      I see. That's a shame.

    4. Spider


      i'm watching a how to play for Dice Throne it looks really cool


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