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  1. well great the Computer/Router is acting up again

    it was doing pretty good for the most part

    in terms of not acting up

    but as soon as I come home from running  bunch of errands

    and i'm tired due to today being a busy day a lot to do

    the computer decides to act up

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    2. Spider


      so i'll see about trying to Order those cards

      and finish up Utopia but without them

      i could run Time Thief Redoer until i can get my hands on those other Utopia cards

    3. WaterPulse
    4. Spider


      i was told by Yugi Purist that Utopia decks don't use Utopia the Lightning because Yuma didn't use him in the anime and that Utopia the Lightning isn't a "real Utopia card"

      then why can you use Utopia to summon him then?

      if he wasn't a Utopia card


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