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  1. hoo boy building my Utopia deck is going to be Pricy

    thanks to Utopia the Lightning

    being $12-$13 for one of him

    so i'm considering rather to get him or not due to how Pricy he is

    i'll think about it


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    2. WaterPulse


      Yeah, especially if the next format they try to do is as much of a mess as speed duels.

    3. Spider


      yeah now yes I understand if they were to make either a Yugi or Kaiba themed set

      then they need to put either one of those 2 on the packaging

      but how much longer can Konami milk the popularity of Yugi and Kaiba before it


      both Speed duel and Regular Yugioh

      into nothing more then Nostalgia Pandering the card game?

      i'm going to get off of here its getting pretty late

    4. WaterPulse


      Okay. Good night and Gaia Bless.