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  1. okay Utopia is by far the most expensive deck I've ever made

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    2. Spider


      oh by the way Orochimaru was the one who actually tampered with Bellicoso's DNA by

      Infusing Candy Addict's DNA with his during Bellicoso Creation

      he corrupted the Music Note that gave Bellicoso his powers by using Dark Magic

      he used the name Venomous as an alias

    3. WaterPulse


      Wait, Orochimaru is Venomous, or was it simply an alias? And if it was just an alias, how did Venomous react to that?

    4. Spider


      okay let me explain

      Venomous Spellforger is not Orochimaru and Vise Versa

      the 2 are completely different people

      the Venomous that's running around is evil yes

      but Venomous wasn't born until after the events of Kingdom Hearts X Unchained (when this all took place)

      Orochimaru used the name Venomous as an alias (not knowig that Venomous Spellforger would later be born as evil as he is)

      Venomous was furious upon hearing that Orochimaru used his name

      the way you can tell Venomous and Orochimaru apart is

      that Venomous wears a Purple and Black outfit

      Purple on one side Black on the other (sort've like my Avatar's costume green on one side black on the other)




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