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  1. great it's been one of those days where the computer decides to keep acting up

    all because I dare to commit

    the crime of trying to have a good day

    because why does Spider need to have a good stress free day?

    when he can fight with the stupid computer

    the entre friggin' day

    and feel like snapping the computer in 2 and throwing both halves

    out of the window

    I might not be on here later depending on if the computer decides to function or not

    the last thing I need right now is all this unneeded stress

    i'll be glad when black Friday gets here

    so I can replace this stupid hunk of junk computer

    what I don't get is that the computer was working fine (to an extent)

    the past 2 days

    I apologize for rating like this

    it was just on my last nerve