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  1. okay so after testing out Hypersphere some more

    I have a few gripes


    the launchers are way too loose

    as in I used Slingshock launchers

    and they were able to hold on to the Beyblades better then the Hypersphere ones

    the quality of the Launchers seems like it declines with every new line Beyblades

    the Launchers are just as important as the Beyblades themselves

    cause without them the Beyblade isn't going no where

    and another thing

    it seems like the Launcher's spin power is awfully inconsistent

    cause if you launch too hard the Beyblade goes on to the brnk and burns out it's staina or Bursts

    upon hitting the arena

    or launch it too lightly

    and the Beyblade spins out too quickly


    the Beyblades are too Light

    now I get it's part of the Gimmick


    Dread Hades is a fairly heavy Beyblade

    and it's pretty agile

    so they could've kept the Layer Weights

    I noticed that Sword Valtreyk is petty light as in

    yes it can build up a lot of momentum

    but its waay to light to have any real power

    to them

    an attack type needs to be a little heavy so it's hits have more of an impact

    otherwise it's not going to work

    now I get that Hypersphere is based on Friction

    hence why the Performance Tips are smoothed over

    but at the same time

    they scrapped everything else for the gimmick

    Slingshock at least the Beyblades still acted like Normal Beyblades

    with a gimmick attached

    but here it's like they went a little overboard with the gimmick

    now Hypershere is not a bad gimmick

    in my opinion it's down to the execution of the gimmick

    I think they did a 1 step forward 2 steps back kind of deal here

    with Hypersphere

    that's all i have to say for now





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    2. Spider


      yeah but upon arriving they do encounter the freaks

      and an injured Black Swan

      and the town was completely frozen over by a Berserk Bass



    3. WaterPulse
    4. Spider


      because when Bass saw the heroes confronting the Circus Freaks he thought they were working with them

      and kidnapped Black Swan

      so the Heroes

      have to calm Bass down

      they succeed after the Black Swan is healed by Cafarduex and he explains everything to Bass

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