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  1. so i'm close to finally *signal fading out*

    oh no not this again

    *Signal lost*

    Doppelman: "hello everybody Doppelman here and with me is a special guest say hello friend"

    *Turns around and puts on a hand puppet*

    Mr. Puppet: "it's good to be here Timothy"

    *the 2 begin performing a strange puppet show*

    *Broadcast ends*

    uhh what the heck was that?

    was that Doppelman

    and how did he get past the security program?

    okay so moving on from what ever that was

    I was going to say i'm close to finishing up Crystal Beasts

    until a certain somebody interrupted me

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    2. Spider


      so whatae your thoughts on Venomous playing a Protagonist role?

    3. WaterPulse


      I think it's an interesting concept.

    4. Spider


      and I had an idea for a Kingdom Hearts side story

      featuring Yuya Sakaki from Arc V

      and a new threat the Malshines