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  1. heres the list for my Updated Crystal Beast deck


    1 Rainbow Dragon

    2 Hamon Lord of Striking Thunder

    2 Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger

    2 Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth

    2 Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle

    2 Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat

    2 Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise

    3 Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus

    3 Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle

    3 Crystal Keeper

    3 Crystal Master


    3 Ancient City Rainbow Ruins

    2 Crystal Release

    2 Crystal Tree

    2 Crystal Blessing

    2 Crystal Beacon

    2 Crystal Abundance

    1 Rainbow Refraction


    3 Crystal Conclave


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    2. Spider


      and used a hostage as a weapon

      and has killed a lot of people

    3. WaterPulse


      Yeah. And if he goes further down the deep end, he'd be right into Venomous territory in terms of evil.

    4. Spider


      yeah right now i'd say he's rivaling Wolfgang in terms of Evil

      oh yeah Speaking of Wolfgang

      he's busy planning his next attack

      he has reached out to the Hunter for help

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