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  1. Hey, Spider! How's it going?

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    2. WaterPulse


      It's not. And Fool would be the kind of guy to throw a fit if his stuff broke down.

    3. Spider


      exactly yet if it's not his things

      he doesn't care

      for example

      he broke my Garuburn Bdaman

      and acted like he did nothing wrong

      all because I refused to let him take it to show his friends

      I told him if he wanted to show it was real

      take a picture of said Bdaman

      or a Video of said Bdaman in action

      his phone could record videos

      so it wasn't out of the question

      this was Garuburn by the way

      Image result for b daman garuburn

      it was a Power Rapidfire type

      meaning it could shoot fast

      and the shots were powerful

      see those Emblems on it's Arms?

      you could hold those down and it power up the shot

    4. WaterPulse


      Bdaman looks pretty cool. It stinks that Fool had to go and do that.

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