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  1. Spider

    1000 ways to get kicked out of a grocery store

    start a Bandit Riot
  2. Image result for derpy hooves adorable

    I asked for Structure Deck Revolver but got a Derpy?



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    2. Spider


      yeah so I think maybe Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon might be a good side deck card

    3. Spider


      hey pulse i'm going to get off of here i'm getting tired

    4. WaterPulse


      Okay. Good night and Gaia Bless.

  3. okay quick rant time

    i'm sick and tired of the "Borderlands 3 needs to be a generic copy paste of popular game because its popular"


    now yes I fully understand they have a right to their opinion

    but a rushed cash grab does not a good game make



    1. Anti-Villain


      Borderlands 3 needs to be what's best for Borderlands 3; that is all.

    2. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      Um...it does look like there will be new stuff in it. Furthermore, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Also, it hasn't come out yet.


      P.S: how convenient. I am currently going through Pre-Sequel because PS Plus, quite frankly under the influence of Gearbox, gave me Handsome Collection to enjoy.

  4. Related image

    am I the only one who remembers

    this game?


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    2. WaterPulse


      I think it's neat.

    3. Spider


      hey pulse i'm going to go on and get off of here i'm getting tired had a long busy day

    4. WaterPulse


      Okay. Good night and Gaia Bless.

  5. Spider

    worst video games ever!

    I can't be the only one who remembers this game this game was horrible the final boss was cool but at the same time the Laggy Controls killed any sort've fun I had though not as sensitive as Secret Rings this game was playable (though its Repetitive as all sin thanks to the Laggy Controls) but the motion controls came off as laggy there was a delay between each move like a good 15 second delay between each attack so the combat felt really slow and sluggish Sonic and the Black Knight had better Sword controls and not to mention this game has some really nasty difficulty spikes only reason why I got this game it was a buy 2 get 1 free and this one was the free game
  6. Spider

    worst video games ever!

    what are some of the worst games you have ever played?
  7. Spider

    The Banned Game

    banned because this guy was wasted in a crappy tie in game
  8. okay so trying to think of a decent build for Rokkets

    using 3 of the Structure Deck

    I might go on and get some support cards for it

    like Booster Dragon

    Borreload Savage Dragon

    Mini Borrel Dragon


    1. WaterPulse


      All three of those look interesting.

  9. hey pulse how have you been?

    1. WaterPulse


      Doing good, thank you!


  10. Spider

    Caption This!

    American Idol Meme edition
  11. Spider

    Caption This!

    Rainbow Dash: thanks for helping me win the talent show Rarity Rarity: I Regret everything
  12. okay so

    i'm debating on either Getting Ninjas or Lightsworns

    I know i'm getting Rokkets

    but not sure if to go on and get Lightsworns or Ninjas

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    2. WaterPulse


      You still need to get the necessary cards in your hand and/or field, though.

    3. Spider


      exactly and not every fusion requires Polymerization

      heres a list of those Fusions

      1. the Gladiator Beast Fusions
      2. a good Majority of the Neos Fusions
      3. ABC Dragon Buster
      4. XYZ Dragon Cannon
      5. VW Tiger Catapult
      6. VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Canon
      7. the Evil HERO Fusions
      8. the Masked HEROes
    4. WaterPulse



      Sorry for cutting this short, but I have to go to sleep. Good night and Gaia Bless.

  13. okay let me try that again

    "O Wizel White Warrior wielder of the Ancient Sword grant me your power Verto!"

    *Transformation fails again*

    okay i'm convinced I can't get this blasted Ark to work 

  14. Spider

    worst video games ever!

    2 games I can't stand are Bakugan Battle Brawlers (Wii Version) and Bakugan Defenders of the Core now my main gripe with Battle Brawlers was that the controls are super sensitive like nearly as bad as Sonic and the Secret Rings these motion controls are your only control scheme so yeah you're stuck with them it makes the game a lot more difficult because you're fighting with the crappy motion controls more then the bosses now onto Defenders of the Core or as I like to call it Defenders of the Obvious Advice in Defenders of the Core the characters never shut up they constantly shout tutorial advice at you during the battle they even do this during the final fight and they do so in the most condescending tone ever (Looking at you Shun Kurosaki) as if they had so little confidence in the player they ruined a potentially decent game the combat is your typical 3d fighter with the Bakugan as Kaiju cool idea but ruined by the fact most of the fights tend to have Rubber Band AI so bad it make Mario Kart's Rubber Band Ai look tame by comparison or cheap Difficulty Spikes (Looking at you Percival)
  15. Spider


    granted but the mane six are evil I wish I had this
  16. Spider

    Did you buy anything recently?

    Trial deck Toshiki Kai
  17. Spider

    what's up EqD

    Hello and Blessed be it's nice to meet you i'm Spider and welcome to the Forums
  18. "O Wizel, white warrior, wielder of the ancient sword, grant me your power. Verto!"

    *transformation fails*

    what am I doing wrong?

    *sigh* well no white knight Transformation for me


  19. Image result for derpy hooves adorable

    my reaction to Salamangreats getting hit on the Banlist 

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    2. Spider


      yeah Ashe and Venomous do have a conversation before Ashe meets his demise

      Ashe: "Venomous! how did you escape?"

      Venomous: "With the help of my 2 associates of course"

      Ashe" I had you carted off because......"

      Venomous: "Let me stop you right there" *Hears the Train coming* *Then Grabs Ashe*

      Ashe:" Venomous what are you doing? Put me down!"

      Venomous: "Dear Brother I do believe that you have a Train to Catch *Throws Ashe out of the 2nd story window onto the Train Tracks*

      *The sounds of the Train are Heard as it hits Ashe*


    3. Spider


      hey pulse i'm going to get off here i'm getting tired

    4. WaterPulse


      Okay. Good night and Gaia Bless.

  20. hey guys i'm going to sign off early tonight I got to get up super early tomorrow morning

    good night

    1. WaterPulse


      Good night and Gaia bless.

    2. baltoist
  21. Spider

    The Pony After Me (T.P.A.M.)

    nope TPAM just got swindled by this Robot
  22. Spider

    worst video games ever!

    heres another game I hate I did a review on this one to sum up what I said in my review this game is terrible the gameplay is tedious and boring the story is generic and just as forgettable as the gameplay not worth playing only good thing is the exodia animation like honestly why was this game made?
  23. Spider

    It's a me, BakedBad.

    hello and blessed be I'm Spider nice to meet you
  24. Spider

    The Pony After Me (T.P.A.M.)

    in the words of the Engineer Nope TPAM has to Stop Gordon from completing his plans for world domination