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  1. i think im going to be away from the forums for a while thinking if i should stay with the fandom or just keep watching the show and just well like the show like any other show and not be sucked into the fandom becouse everyone else is...just need some time to think about this..

  2. hello twinkle how are you?

  3. hey there how are you ! also weird that it says april 14th as last visited but you posted a reply to a topic a hour ago...weird xD

    1. Mikey


      I'm good.

      Also, I'm logged in anonymously.

    2. TwinkleStars


      ohhhh ok that makes seance thought the forums had another problem again xD

  4. TwinkleStars

    Things You Hate In Games You Love

    donald in original kingdom hearts.....verry useless ! they need to buff him up on a update or something! he keeps dying more then goofy ! dont get me started on proud mode...
  5. is there a good star wars or kingdom hearts forums that i can join ?

  6. can you consider yourself a fan of the show but not being called a brony ? u know like your a fan of star wars but youy dont call yourself a jedi or what ever they call themselves lol

    1. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      Of course. To be perfectly honest I do not like labels that much so I don't call myself a brony really.

      Also you can be called Pegasister too.

    2. TwinkleStars


      hmm i see well i have been having seconed thoughts about it bwcouse i dont go to brony cons or anything like that...but more just a fan of a show  not a hardcore fan just like to be friends with someone who also likes to show and talk about it  basically lol.

  7. any recommended program to make PMVs ? thinking of making one but not sure what updated or latest program to use not sure if windows movie maker is there anymore

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      ehh you got me

  8. TwinkleStars

    Call Of Duty World War II

    because everyone was tired of the future stuff and no one plays the verry old ones anymore you know : /
  9. TwinkleStars

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    becouse he is my oc / persona...thats why i chosen it to be my avatar xD
  10. TwinkleStars

    What are you listening to?

    i am listening to Ghosts from mandopony also from the game night in the woods!
  11. TwinkleStars

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    huh i guess im in the 3.7 % now lol im am fully gay ; ) lol had a lot of thought into it when i was bi for a long time : /
  12. hello i'm nightshroud

  13. TwinkleStars

    Call Of Duty World War II

    so the trailer for codww2 has arrived and omg that is amazing ! D : ....sorry guys im a cod fan xD and yes i have to admit there are some bad ones *cough infinite warfare and advanced warfare cough* but hopefulyl this will make up of all of the games the last few years ! no more high jumping and flying ! : D im definitely pre ordering this tomorrow ! what about you guys ??
  14. 30 gigs left for modern warfare remastered...7 hours left <.<