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  1. Crym4xx

    Everyone is free to add me, i do have a Xbox One


    I May not be online often since i live in Australia, and im more of a PC Gamer

    On 8/28/2016 at 4:44 AM, Koukatsu said:

    Got back into WoW like a sucker, and it's consuming my soul.

    I know the feeling Diablo 3 done that to me last week

  2. Wow. I recommend Bandcamp for music then. 

    I've heard that Australia had some... problems with digital content, but I wasn't aware that the situation is so bad. Why is that so?

    Yeah i use Bandcamp Quite often looking for Indie Artists ( For mostly MLP/MLP related song's and remixes).

    And as for Australia's Digital Content problems is that most stuff that go through our content system gets rejected for some stupid reason (Had to wait a whole 6 months for South Park : The Stick of Truth to get releaced here) and other times is that they forget about us even some people got banned here like Tyler the Creator and he's never been to Australia before

  3. Down here in AUS we don't get much info on music artists except for the US top songs and our own Aussie Artists (e.g Bliss 'n' Eso, Parkway Drive, 360, Hilltop Hoods) and with most movies and tv shows we're practically in the clouds for releace dates and only find out maybe a month to a week before it's out unless there was huge hype for it ( the same is with games)

  4. Hello everyone as you can see my name is Crym4x, and I'm pretty much a PC gamer.

    I play quite a few various type games and i wouldn't mind playing multiplayer with other people so feel free to add me on Steam if you just like to play some games with me ( if i have them that is :3) or just for a chat (or Roleplay) , I am quite friendly and such I know quite a bit about some game lore and other types of topics ( MLP, Music, Other Cartoons/Anime)

    I also love EDM music mostly Hardstyle and a few others ( Happy Hardcore, Trap, Drumstep, just to name a few) and I love to hear and give recommendations on new types of music that's out in this world ( Living in Australia has its own kind of media boundary's)

    I'm not sure what else to put in here so I'm going to wrap this up with a simple ending

    Nice to meet you all :D