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    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    Your rants are always my most looked forward to part of these episode discussions
  2. Ok, quick post before my episode thoughts. 2 minutes in and theres an error. RD's dad calling Scootaloo a 'he' "Hes doing it again!" That or scootaloo is more of a tomboy than we gave her credit for.
  3. Perhaps not the best of the sister relationship episodes, but sweet nonetheless. A fairly obvious moral from the beginning, and I feel it suffered for not having both of them come to the realization till the end. Sweetie Belle's explosion of frustration at the end was understandable, but I would have expected a more measured tone, especially since she's trying to argue for her growing maturity. (although what can you expect from the deliverer of the 'AW COME ON' line) Overall, not great, but it still had me smiling like a goof at the end. Also Zippporwhill has probably the first cutie mark? So shes...REALLY good at owning dogs? If thats the case, welcome to a life of being really sad every decade or so.
  4. Ah, Big Mac in love. Its fun seeing the big lummox out of his comfort zone, and I always enjoy getting to hear more than two phrases out of him. Giving him a canon love interest now should calm some of the fans, though woe betide any that tells a shipper who they can or cant ship. AND we got a Justin Bieber pony to hate on, whats NOT to love here? Actually, IMO, it was the way the CMC were acting. They claimed several times through the episode to have learned their lesson about meddling with love, but thats literally all they did. Now, Big Mac went along with it for most of the episode, and it almost cost him his lady fair, but I was looking forward to more of getting to see him woo her on his own through the eyes of the CMC. I know they're young, excitable, and their job is literally to help other ponies with the problems, but id have rather seen Mac do this one solo. But thats all just me. Thoughts?
  5. go Flutters! Felt kinda shoehorned that after 7 seasons in we learn she's had this long time dream of an animal sanctuary, but at least we got to see all her lessons in being bolder finally shining through. Now if only they STAY shone through, and aren't forgotten by next week. Also, great callback to Big Daddy McColt
  6. So we finally got the Far Cry 5 trailer last friday, and almost instantly the internet is aflutter with offense. I've read everything, from people upset that the villains seem to be a cult based in Christianity, from them being white, and even people being upset that once again backwoods mountain folk are portrayed as being violent, hateful, and evil. Let's work backwards on this. The last one I can understand. While people that live in these communities that tend to be far removed from big cities, that doesn't make them uneducated or sociopaths. Too often those that have maintained their deep mountain roots are shown to be removed from normal senses of humanity, and I don't think that's fair. If that were the case, we'd see more instances of the Amish rising up with pitchforks, torches, and long beards a-quiver with rage. I completely understand that choosing a folk that are far from central law enforcement and typical societal norms makes more easier reasoning in their decent, but it's starting to get over done. Next, making them white. This one is too easy to yell at people for, so i'll make it short. We've been to other continents, where we gunned down masses of people with different colored skin, because those people were the predominant individuals of that region, or had at least taken that region as their own. Now, we're in America, where, guess what, the people are predominantly white. Also, and the big one here, if you actually watch the trailer, there are other ethnicities present in the cult, so yknow, nice try peeps. Last, the Christianity tones. The cult has been explained to be a Doomsday cult, one of those groups that feels it must begin purging the wicked from this world. We see folks with sinner written on their backs, bound and bloody. A woman is drowned in a mock river baptism, a man's head is used to ring the bell of a church in session. Clearly the cult is using doctrine it has (knowingly or unknowingly) twisted into a form that they feel gives them free reign to bring terror and death to their countryside. For this i'll say this main point: I am a Christian, i've grown up as such, and formed my own ideas and beliefs beyond what I was taught. And foremost, i've learned that not all doctrine is interpreted the same, and that some things in the Bible can be construed in many different ways. What we're seeing here is a (fictional, though not all-together unlikely) group of villains and terrorists that choose to follow a more violent interpretation of the Bible. Similar to Outlast 2, someone probably read something and decided it meant something VERY different. Being offended because they draw from Christianity for form their villains is stupid because no one is saying that Christians are bad, its says THESE people are bad, and are using it as a weapon. Thoughts? Im curious as to what people think
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    Give the user above you a new name.

    Well said, Lightning Rodent Pony
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    Who's your favorite fan made character?

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    Season 7 Episode 8 Hard to Say Anything

    Tis a dark place Cinder, Id advise against such a venture.
  10. GamerKuma

    Season 7 Episode 8 Hard to Say Anything

    Im gonna guess because this season has seen a lot of negative responses to its episodes thus far. Mixed at best, at least, for most of them.
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    Season 7 Episode 8 Hard to Say Anything

    At last, an anthem to best pony!
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    Treehouse out of episodes?

    Aww boo...
  13. GamerKuma

    Treehouse out of episodes?

    So, is Perfect Pear still on for America? Because im REALLY looking forward to that episode.
  14. GamerKuma

    Treehouse out of episodes?

    I'll tell ya what I make of it: A less cluttered inbox of messages of responses to episode discussions Honestly, i'm fine with it if its true. Gives reviewers a break, and gives us more time to digest new episodes. After all, if the season burns through too quickly, we still have to wait a long time for a new one.
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    Season 7 Episode 6 Forever Filly

    Nah, only that they ship it.
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    Season 7 Episode 11 - Not Asking For Trouble

    Yak episode make GamerKuma want to yack. That is all.
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    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    Its difficult to defend Celestia's case, because they've done a poor job at displaying her skill as a bureaucrat. Not that handling of the day to day ruling of Equestria couldn't be interesting, but they haven't SHOWN it to be interesting. I'll allow the show's depiction of her duties making her tired. ANYTHING can make you tired if you do it all day. I make gaming videos on youtube, and after an hour or of talking to yourself while staring at a screen, you start to get weary of it mentally. Tia spends her whole day listening to the complaints and shmoozing of other noble ponies, zipping from one appearance to the next. This could easily get exhausting day after day, especially when you have to maintain positive appearance 100% of the time doing it. The DOWNSIDE is that we mostly have to just accept that this is what she does, instead of getting time to see how SHE handles it outside of little snippets. Further strengthening my arguement, I feel, that this would have been better as a two part premiere. It would have had a cool villain duo, AND set up that we'll be seeing more of side characters getting to do things.
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    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    I'm gonna disagree. You aren't wrong at all about how it's not cool that Tia would insult Luna like that. But I also don't find it unbelieveable. It's been at least, what, 2 years in show time? 3? Yes, Tia would be so happy to have her sister back, but they aren't perfect. It would actually be less believeable if Luna didn't do things that bothered Celestia. Afterall, joy at having someone you love back in your life only goes so far if they exhibit negative traits over and over that get to you. Both of them were having efforts they valued go ignored by the other, and neither saw difficulty in the others' work, which can come across as very insulting. Celestia might be happy to have her sister back, but the map wouldn't send Starlight if this was only a small, recent issue. Its likely been boiling for a long time, and was coming to a head soon. Luna was becoming bitter at Tia again, and Celestia was growing annoyed at what she saw as an ungrateful younger sibling.
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    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    Lots of mixed opinions it seems on this one. Personally... Favorite episode of the season thus far! Strap in kiddos, this is a long one. The only character I did not enjoy in the slightest was Twilight. From the get-go, she acts as a negative force toward Starlight. She keeps inadvertently undermining Starlight's confidence, constantly checks up on her proving her own lack of confidence, and proves she can't contain herself by poofing in at the end to get all the details. I don't think that this makes her out of character per say, but hyper-Twi didn't add anything other than a sense of foreboding that Starlight would not otherwise have had, and which really didn't add anything to her decision making. Starlight was on absolute point this episode! Her lack of bias towards the princesses allowed her to make decisions and comments on their behavior that none of the Mane 6 would have had the cajones to do. Her flash decision to swap Cutie Marks on a gut feeling seems like something she'd do as a reactionary move, since that is her forte. We also got to see her slowly reveal to the sisters (well, at least Luna) just how difficult Tia's job is, and then again indirectly through her nightmare. Luna AND Tia were a bit off character as we've come to know them, but I like to think that this is how they are normally. Royal or not, they're people-er, ponies-too, and certainly must have their own quirks. We've seen that Tia has a playful side before when interacting with the Cakes or Twilight in the S7 premiere, and seeing sleepy-Luna take bites out of whole pineapple or banana peels out of sheer weariness is very humanizing. I also don't see them belittling each other's duties as inappropriate of their character, since, as someone with siblings myself, it's not rare to belittle each other's hobbies or responsibilities until you experience them yourself. The one major change i'd have made with this episode is swapping its season order. Id have made this episode one. We could have gotten a bit more of seeing Luna's day, like maybe shunning another duty to make it up to the children, but ruining another engagement in the process. And we could have gotten MUCH more of Day Breaker and Nightmare Moon fighting and taunting Celestia. Part 2 of the premiere might even have been the two personas breaking free of the dream, requiring a tag team slug fest of Nightmare Moon/Day Breaker vs. Celestia and Luna. THAT would have been a hell of a premiere! Plus, it could have pushed Celestial Advice back an episode, and made it less shocking to see some personality out of Tia. TL;DR Luna and Celestia were fun to watch, Tia's part should have been longer, Starlight for best pony, I want a season finale fight with Day Breaker.
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    Rank the seasons.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Done
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    Spike development.

    Ehhhhh..... Spike's grown a bit more trustworthy and responsible on his own. But until they stop using him as the girl's punching bag for physical comedy and they let him do some more growing up, i think he has the potential to be one of the better male characters on the cast.
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    Flaws of the Show.

    See im gonna flip you here, and say that I think at this point, it NEEDS to start telling more epic story-lines. As it is, multi-episode plot-lines tend to be the realm of premieres or finales. Lauren Faust even intended to do more adventure episodes before she left the show. I think they're very quickly running out of good slice of life stories for the Mane 6. This has been a season thus far that is utilizing old side characters either as name drops or focuses (we've seen and established Maud in Ponyville, we've heard that Coco Pommel is doing well, etc), and id like them to either go hard and share episode time with these characters, OR let them start dealing with grand, multi-episode issues. Other problems that bug me: -Celestia. Either let us see her BE the big deal shes supposed to be, or let Twilight take over. Hell, let Luna take over, shes done a better job being there for her subjects through their dreams and advice giving than Tia has. -Stop ignoring lessons taught to characters seasons ago just to tell a new story. AJ was super out of character recently, and why is the CMC still trying to hook up Big Mac with other ponies? Don't they have a blank flank to give self worth to? -Can we stop forgiving everypony just because Twilight gave them a speech? -And finally, and perhaps the least likely to ever be fixed...can the creators stop pretending the show is aimed at kids anymore? Seriously, bite the bullet and embrace that bronies run this bitch...and hire Nowacking to voice Vinyl for god's sake, we all know Gabby the Black Gryphon was just a nod to Gabe, aka BlackGryph0n, you can go a step further and let her have a voice line or two.
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