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  1. Zero

    LFG: Final Fantasy XIV

    Atm I'm really active on FFXIV, My main character is on Ragnarok. If ya wanna check me out, my IGN is Saigi Mestonnaux
  2. This Death Knight just aged up while doing raiding on stream çç
  3. Zero

    new here!

    Welcome into the herd. Today plan is spreading chaos as an agent of the Lich King, followed by a buffet
  4. Always praise the moon. It takes some courage to finally expose yourself, I had the same issue some time ago. Welcome!
  5. Zero

    Greetings From the Deep

    Better late than never. Welcome!
  6. Zero

    I am a new member

    Hello pal, Zero hero and today I'm gonna show you why you should join the Scourge and outu Lord, The Lich king Btw, Welcome!
  7. Kingdom Hearts or Persona 5 for my next streaming session?

  8. Zero

    Throw something at the user above you.

    *throws a Snorlax*
  9. Zero

    Greetings Everyone!

    Well, with this presentation we can take out the shy part away *rips the page with the word out the dictionary and burns it* Welcome
  10. Zero

    Birthday! :3

    Yay, PARTY! Happy birthday
  11. Zero

    Hello everyone!

    We always praise the moon. Into the darkness of the night, everypony are the same. Even those who walks the path of the damned like myself, bound by undeath
  12. Zero


    Welcome Wolf Do you know some tricks?
  13. Zero

    Hello Ponies :)

    Damn, I always come late to the party..... Still I greet you *hides Gul'Dan disguise*
  14. Zero

    Hello Ponies :)

    I had the feeling to having met you already, on either discord or TF2. Still that won't stop me from giving you my greetings
  15. Zero


    Welcome to the herd, my dear friend. I promise I won't stab you, or bite *hides sphee knife*