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  1. CaseyPon3

    Favourite Sonic Games?

    I'm only a fan of the first two honestly but I would probably like Sonic 3 & Knuckles also but I haven't played it before.
  2. CaseyPon3

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    I'm a bisexual cisgender male, but I mostly like girls though.
  3. CaseyPon3

    Show me your OC!

    Here is one I made, her name is White Heart for now. She is the first thing that I've made digitally so some line aren't really perfect.
  4. CaseyPon3

    How'd you bronys find the fandom?

    Weirdly I found out from seeing some peoples profile pictures on a forum and then i found that there was a thread about ponies on the forum. I kept revisiting the thread and soon enough I decided to watch a few episodes and I immediately liked it.
  5. CaseyPon3

    Hi I'm new here

    Virtue I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. CaseyPon3

    Call Of Duty World War II

    I'm pretty hyped for this one and I haven't been much hyped for a new Call Of Duty game in a while.
  7. CaseyPon3

    Hi I'm new here

    Well hi everyone I just recently signed up here and I've been in the fandom for a little over a year now.