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  1. You Can only talk with pictures

  2. Even if you are in the fandom of a show, it doesn't mean that you have to shackle yourself to all of the ideals the fandom believes in. For example, while I genuinely believe in the show's message to be kind to one another and the power friendship has in helping others achieve their goals and live happy lives (world-ending events notwithstanding), at the same time I don't whole-heartedly support the "love and tolerate" mantra that the fandom based itself on way back when (maybe not so much now, but I'm not 100% sure on that tbh). I don't think that certain actions and beliefs should be tolerated in the real world because those actions and beliefs can lead to things that are not easily fixed or forgotten in the eyes of those whom it affects. Nor do I agree with the show's belief that everyone is redeemable. In the real world, actions have consequences and it's important to not so easily forgive those who have caused real damage to others through their actions. That being said, when the show does it with certain characters, it doesn't stop me from enjoying the show because I acknowledge that it's just a television show and in the grand scheme of things, means absolutely nothing in making the world go round. There are many more important and real problems to be worried about than whether a show about small, magical, talking, pastel colored horses is being realistic or not. In short, the world is not black and white and being part of a fandom shouldn't mean that you have to stand for everything the fandom believes in despite your personal feelings or experience in the matter, nor does disagreeing with certain ideals the fandom believes in automatically make you not a fan.
  3. Did you buy anything recently?

    I've mostly been buying Christmas presents for my friends and family. I basically did it all in one shot, but the last item of that group of things arrived in the mail yesterday and it was a shirt for my sister-in-law for the show Brooklyn-Nine-Nine.
  4. Coming from someone who was really disappointed with the movie on the first watch, but learned to enjoy it for what it is with a second and third watch, I'd say to at least give it a chance. Yeah, the movie has flaws, but it's not the worst movie in the world or even the worst movie of the year and it still has good enough qualities that could balance out the flaws (depending on who watches the movie) and warrant giving it a fair chance.
  5. You Can only talk with pictures

  6. You Can only talk with pictures

  7. Caption This!

  8. Caption This!

    I thought they were joking when they said it was a crime to look this fabulous
  9. You Can only talk with pictures

  10. You Can only talk with pictures

  11. Caption This!

    I shouldn't have lit up my cigar immediately after styling my hair
  12. Answer The Question Above You

    I think Unikitty premieres in January, so I guess that. Best gift you ever got?
  13. You Can only talk with pictures

  14. You Can only talk with pictures

  15. Mlp reaction game