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  1. Season 7, Episode 23: Secrets and Pies

    Yeah, I was afraid of getting the same thing. I think what really helps the episode over "28 Pranks Later" is the fact that Rainbow is only pretending to eat the pies because she'll feel bad about hurting Pinkie's feelings. She's doing the wrong thing for the right reasons so it's easier to sympathize with her. Plus, a lot of the time it seemed like she was giving them to everypony else and very rarely was she straight up just throwing them away so it's not like she was wasting them (except in the beginning of the episode which is kind of what screwed her over in the first place)
  2. Season 7, Episode 23: Secrets and Pies

    I thought this episode was fun. Yeah, the premise is similar to an episode that we got way back in Season 1 (Green Isn't Your Color), but I feel that it's saved by Rainbow doing something that is wrong for the right reasons (as opposed to wrong for the wrong reasons like she sometimes does) and by Pinkie's antics. Plus, she made it a point to research everything before making an assumption that what she thought was happening was true. Looks like she learned from MMMMystery on the Friendship Express after all. Yeah, the episode wasn't perfect, but it was meant to be a fun, slapstick fueled episode and I think it succeeded in that well enough to get a pass. It's still better than some of the earlier episodes from this season...
  3. What Item(s) You Wish to Have in Your Collection?

    There's two that I can think of off hand (at least in the official sense, fan made plushies are so plentiful that it'd be a waste of time to list them all). One of them has yet to be released and the other was planned for release but never did. For the former, I cannot wait for the Twilight v Tempest Guardians of Harmony figure that they showed off at Hascon. This thing is so incredibly badass and I want it for my GOH Fan Series collection so bad. The only other thing that I wished actually got made was the 4DE plush of Derpy Hooves that never got released. I was planning on buying both this and the Doctor Whooves plush that did get released, but because they didn't release the pony who I was the sole reason I was going to buy either of them, I never got around to getting the Doctor. While I don't think it was officially cancelled, at this point they're certainly not making it and I recall actually pre-ordering the plush through some other website (I think it was ToyWiz, but I don't remember) only to get an email from that website about a year after the pre-order cancelling my order. I remember they said the reason why in the email, but I don't remember the specific reason why, but I'm pretty sure they didn't say outright the item was cancelled. But it was a shame as I have every other official Derpy plush that Hasbro has released at this point as well as some amazing fan-made plushies, and this would've been a great addition to my collection.
  4. First My Little Pony Merch

    My first piece of MLP merch were the trading cards my work sold at the time. It was the very first series of trading cards and it was actually my first paycheck that I used to buy them. In hindsight, it wasn't a very smart buy considering that it's almost impossible to complete the older trading card series now and is way too expensive regardless of the series they're on now. I'll probably end up selling most of them with the exception of the Derpy cards just cuz Derpy is my favorite pony and is the basis for a lot of the merch I buy now due to monetary constraints.
  5. HOT TOPIC (mlp no more?)

    The thing about Hot Topic is that stuff like this happens all the time because of its name. It's true that MLP isn't as much of a Hot Topic anymore to where they carry very little merch having to do with MLP and are focusing more on things that are in right now, as it says in the name. From what I've seen, they've been focusing more on Funko Pop figures and blind bag figures which seem to be really in right now given how many properties are using it for their merch now. And it's not just at Hot Topic where this has been happening either. I work at my local Wal-Mart and about a month or two ago, our toy section had a huge revamp and we lost a lot of the MLP merch that we carried in the past. We still have MLP merch, but it's definitely not as much as we had prior to the revamp. Even after the release of the movie, we still don't have that much anymore. I guess that MLP may have lost its luster for the general populace to warrant the change. I'm hoping the movie may revitalize the brand to a point, but I don't think it will considering that my Wal-Mart hasn't changed at all and we don't have any newer pony merch but we'll have to see. On the positive side, whenever I go to the Target that's nearby, they still have an entire half aisle dedicated to MLP merch, so while it seems to be happening in a lot of places, it's not happening everywhere. I'm curious how things fair at Toys R Us though given their bankruptcy last month. I don't live that close to any Toys R Us' and don't have enough of a desire to shop there for stuff to go on any consistent basis.
  6. worst video games ever!

    Hah, I have a really weird history with this game. I've never owned it, but I remember when I was a kid, my school had book orders and there was one time where the book I purchased didn't come through for whatever reason, so because Scholastic still wanted to keep my (parents') money, they sent me the strategy guide to this game instead. I was a kid and didn't think on it too much so I took the guide anyway and always planned on buying the game or asking for it for Christmas but never owned it to this day. I don't think I have the guide anymore anyway so it wouldn't matter at this point.
  7. My Little Pony: The Movie - General Discussion

    Quick Update: In the case of how this movie ranks compared to the other MLP movies we've had so far (ie, Equestria Girls), I rank them as such 1. Rainbow Rocks 2. MLP The Movie 3. Legends of Everfree 4. Friendship Games 5. Equestria Girls (please don't kill me)
  8. The Final Leak, All Episodes Are Out

    I don't think so. They kept the idea of darkness pretty vague so it can probably be interpreted that way, but I personally didn't see anything that screamed "KH reference"
  9. My Little Pony: The Movie - General Discussion

    Yeah, a second viewing helped me like the film more as well and it helped me notice a couple more things that helped change my original feelings on it. Not with Tempest's story personally (I felt it was pretty justified the first time), but with Twilight's actions during the end of the 2nd act.
  10. My Little Pony: The Movie - General Discussion

    I thought the movie was good. Not great, but good. I admit that it took me a second watch to really like it because the first watch left me really disappointed. To keep it short, I expected a movie and basically got a longer episode with a higher budget. While that's not to say it's bad, I was honestly expecting more considering all the great things the show has done from a story and character standpoint. The story was fine, and it works in the context of the movie (and the context of the show at least in the sense of the general theme) but the pacing is really fast and as a result, Tempest is the only new character of the movie that gets any real development. Unsurprisingly, she's also the best part of the movie by far. The Mane 6 are okay, but Fluttershy has the least to do and I don't think the characters are portrayed to newcomers who've never seen the show as well as they could have been. Upon my first watch, I felt that Twilight's attempt to steal the Hippogriff's Mcguffin Pearl and blowing up on her friends was extremely out of character, but after the second watch I was fine with it for a couple of reasons. For one thing, while it's not focused on as much as it should be, there are points where Twilight starts to distrust the rest of the Mane 6 due to their knack for screwing themselves over by trusting every other stranger they come across (which ends up working in the end anyway because it's pony so of course they all become friends). That being said, not only does it make sense for her to take matters into her own hands and steal the thing that could save Equestria out of desperation, but also justifies her blowing up on the group afterwards. It could've used some more development to make that more obvious, but there's enough there for me to give it a pass. Plus, if Twilight didn't try to steal the pearl and royally f$%k everything up as a result, she'd kind of be a Mary Sue in the movie and that wouldn't be very interesting so that also allows me to give it a pass. The Storm King and the Hippogriffs were by far the biggest letdowns for me (I think the Storm King inches out slightly over the Hippogriffs). The Storm King is hard to take seriously and it's because of how little he's in the movie even though he's supposedly the main threat. In the case of the Hippogriffs, I wish that they were used more, especially after the art book shows artwork of all the Hippogriffs following along the Mane 5, Spike, Capper, and the pirates to go save Twilight when that never comes to pass in the movie. As a result, they didn't have much of a reason to be in the movie aside from Skystar and were almost as useless as the Princesses were in the movie (something that actually didn't bother me because of how often it happens in the show). I guess I should mention Sia, but I won't focus on her too much because the movie didn't seem to either so I won't really waste my breath. One thing that I praised with every single watch was that the animation and songs are amazing. The animation is fluid, colorful, and makes for some great expressions with all the characters, both new and old, and the songs are some of the best the series has ever done with a pretty good score accompanying them. Overall, I thought the movie was serviceable and I did enjoy it overall (after the first viewing). While I do wish the pacing wasn't so fast so it would allow for some more development across the new characters (and even some of the old characters), the animation is beautiful to look at, the songs are a joy to listen to, and Tempest is a complete badass who steals the show. I recommend it to any brony who hasn't already seen it, but do caution some of the more critical bronies to watch it more as a stand-alone episode and less as an actual movie. 7/10
  11. Season 7, Episode 22: Once Upon a Zeppelin

    I really liked this episode. I think they did a great job with setting up the moral of the story and keeping Twilight in character in how she tries to constantly please everyone. I particularly liked how it was a slight change of pace in how this didn't turn into a "if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one" and opted for "if you try to please everyone, you don't have any room to please yourself". While the other moral would've worked just as well, I'm happy that they went a slightly different route than I thought they would. But by far, my favorite part of the episode is Cadance actually showing her knowledge of being a Princess which is something that we almost never see (at least someone we never see done correctly, looking at YOU Princess Spike). I've never hated Cadance as a character but always wanted the show to put her to more use in episodes other than 2-parters and this is one of the examples of that job being done quite successfully. Great episode all around.
  12. The Final Leak, All Episodes Are Out

    I originally wasn't going to watch them, but then a Facebook Brony group I follow posted a picture that I thought was a screenshot and spoiled the season finale to some extent so I buckled down and watches them all last night (figures the post wasn't actually a screenshot, but what are ya gonna do?) And I thought they were all pretty good for the most part. I liked the idea and moral of Uncommon Bond and thought it was cool that it led directly into the finale. I didn't expect it at all and it was a welcome surprise. The only episode I had a bit of a problem with was Secrets and Lies and it's for basically the same reason that everyone else said, we already did the whole "Tell your friends how you feel" thing as early back as "Green Isn't Your Color" In Season 1. But in the end, I still found the episode enjoyable and funny and that coupled with GIYC being the same moral but with two different characters gives it a pass for me. I thought the finale was great. I found Starlight giving her insight to Twilight to be a nice change of pace and a great way to show the growth of her character. It'll also be interesting to see how Equestria will change with Starswirl and the other legends back (but mostly Starswirl). All around great finale to a great season.
  13. Bad episodes this season.

    Personally, my least favorite episodes of the season have been A Flurry of Emotions, Fluttershy Leans In, Honest Apple, Not Asking For Trouble, and Campfire Tales. But the rest of the episodes have been anywhere from amazing to at least serviceable. Out of these, I'd pick Honest Apple for being the worst just because I feel Applejack has the common sense to know the difference between being honest and being rude. Plus, she'd never call fashion "ridiculous" in front of Rarity. She knows her too well at this point for that to be blatantly obvious. It's because of this that it feels like an season 1 episode that would've been done to strengthen Rarity and Applejack's friendship. Not a season 7 episode where they've already been friends for so long. The rest of the episodes I listed are either boring or have problems with the plot that don't make any sense.
  14. Season 7, Episode 21: Marks and Recreation

    I thought the episode was okay overall. While I don't think it was necessarily bad, it didn't have much of a lasting impact on me in any way. In terms of the song, I honestly didn't like it much. Maybe it was Rumble's voice or the fact that the song in and of itself wasn't very catchy nor did it have a memorable melody (I've listened to it twice at this point, 1st from the footage released from Hascon, then again when watching the episode, and I still can't remember it for the life of me) but I didn't care for it and it makes me sad that they're no more songs for the rest of the season, but I guess the songs from the movie mollify this for being so damn good.
  15. What's Your Favorite Song In The Soundtrack?

    Oh definitely. Pretty much all of the movie songs are complete knock-outs from all the cast members. Like I said, "TTBA" and "OST" only beat the others out by a small margin (in my opinion) because the songs are all just phenomenal.