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  1. Flying_Endeavor

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Playing World of Warships I just love the sound my guns make when I fire a full broadside onto an enemy ship xD
  2. Flying_Endeavor

    Be Part of the Equestrian Dream (Comic Project)

    After 2 Years, I am finally able to get back on this site, and wow, MLP is in its final season. Anyways, bumping this thread back up to hopefully give this project another shot. :)
  3. Flying_Endeavor

    Be Part of the Equestrian Dream (Comic Project)

    It has been a while since I last updated this post... Oh well... WE WANT ARTISTS. I say again, WE WANT ARTISTS.
  4. Flying_Endeavor

    Flying_Endeavor reporting to the field

    Thank you so much. Will try, Iron Eagle, out.
  5. Flying_Endeavor

    Be Part of the Equestrian Dream (Comic Project)

    Hmm... Still standing by for any interested parties.
  6. Flying_Endeavor

    Flying_Endeavor reporting to the field

    Thank you
  7. Flying_Endeavor

    Be Part of the Equestrian Dream (Comic Project)

    That is an excellent question. Our main means of communication and coordination goes through our Skype Channel which is dedicated for the project. We also have MS Word documents which would be updated given the input of various individuals within the group. We also have a unified account on Deviantart bearing the same name as the comic, where we would post our outputs such as artwork and such. Our artworks so far, such as those presented above, are collaborative efforts between the members of the group. Aside from having their names as well as their specific contributions listed on the description, they are also allowed to post the resources they've contributed in their own DA accounts. (Ex: Vectors and drawings) Their names are also posted and linked within the profile page of the Unified Account itself. Credit where credit is due after all. DA Account: Each member is given a copy of the starting plan of the story, as well as the general progression of it. Also, I would personally give a run down of the story to each new member, so they could better grasp it. As for contributions, any member could freely speak up within the Skype group and give their input and we all could debate whether it would be included or not. We are also open for suggestions and ideas on how to better manage not only the comic, but the team running it. Writers are free to draft up their own ideas based on his/her knowledge of the story (Preferably by use of MS Word) and upload it to the group for deliberation, and to make changes if necessary. For now however, we are short on artists. Further development of the story could occur further down the line, right now, we need people who could make the visuals possible, for this is a comic. For the artistic group, each member is assigned tasks based on his or her capability and willingness to contribute. The time limits are pretty relaxed, for I do not wish to over-stress any of the available artists within the project, given we all have real life commitments and that takes precedent over this project. That does complicate things when it comes to timely submissions. If you would look at the original DA pages of those two artworks, you would see the former was uploaded on the 28th of June, 2016, while the latter was uploaded just this 1st of May, 2017. Almost a year has gone by since our first artwork, which is unsustainable. Sure, we could produce the sort of pieces that are rarely done within the community, but it takes us so much time to do so. We have other artworks in the works currently, but as mentioned, it would take time to have it up. We aim to produce good to decent quality artworks for this comic, and that would take even more time to accomplish. Anyways, I hope these answered your questions. Feel free to clarify them if ever I didn't.
  8. Flying_Endeavor

    Gamer tags

    Steam: Flying_Endeavor Origin: Balto_Stephenson WOT, WOWS, WT, AW: Flying_Endeavor
  9. Flying_Endeavor

    Flying_Endeavor reporting to the field

    Thank you
  10. Flying_Endeavor


    Welcome to the forums, soldier!
  11. Flying_Endeavor

    Flying_Endeavor reporting to the field

    Pretty xD And the Crystal Empire is within my sights...
  12. Flying_Endeavor

    Flying_Endeavor reporting to the field

    Thank you, Sir Skyrazer. Glad to be here Well, all of the above. Thank you. Interesting Season so far Hopefully it does not destroy anything I've got for my comic story. xD And I do plan on bringing Equestria to it's knees.. so yeah.... All is good. Yes, that's right xD Although... you would have to look out for a different kind of BOMBS AWAY...
  13. Flying_Endeavor

    Flying_Endeavor reporting to the field

    Umm... okay then. Prosecuting targets if necessary, but the comic is still a top priority.
  14. Flying_Endeavor

    Be Part of the Equestrian Dream (Comic Project)

    Well, individuals who could provide inputs on how various characters should interact, people who could help better establish the lore of the story and make it coincide with what is Canon in the show. Individuals who are capable of understanding the story and creating various scenarios to help it pan out better, without resorting to cheesy or lazy writing. Essentially that.