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  1. Gold Coin

    Tails of Equestria - Alternate Pony Sheet

    I think the bandwidth has run out on the free hosting. I'll see if I can find a few backups. Once I get a few more up, hopefully at least one of them will be available at any time.
  2. Gold Coin

    Equestria Tails Official RPG Streams and Meetups?

    I've had a day with the Tails of Equestria book. The system is simple and appears to be HIGHLY random at a glance, but actually seems pretty reasonable once you really get in to. A 1d4, the lowest stat, compared to a 1d20, the highest stat can both still roll a 1. Talents, in many cases, add an extra die to an attempt. Teaming up means difficulty is decreased while both ponies roll, giving better odds between all the extra dice and the lower difficulty to get the success you need. Friendship and cooperation are very beneficial because of this. Speaking of friendship, it comes in to play as an actual resource with allows players even more control over the randomness of the dice. There are default recommendations for how much friendship it takes for say... a re-roll to an automatic success. Of course the Game Master (GM), aka storyteller, is encouraged to adjust this as they feel is appropriate. The setting further backs up the randomness. It specifically says Rainbowdash has a d20 for flying. Yet we also know her as RainbowCRASH. In a cartoon world were slightly more ridiculous things are common place, mishap rolls (rolling a 1) can actually be a great source of entertainment instead of frustration. Anyone who's every played a Dungeon & Dragon's style game and had a mishap really make things hard (or worse, kill their character!) can hopefully appreciate bad rolls actually being, dare I say it, fun! The season 6 episode, Rainbow Crash, is basically an entire episode about recovering a mishap. From a storytelling perspective, I do have to share a bit of advice based on personal experience: Keep it to the theme of the show. That means the group will work best actually striving for friendship. Also, despite the dangers of Equestria, death and especially murder should be avoided as much as possible. I say this because I had a failed Pokemon tabletop campaign that attempted to be more Noir. The whole thing fell apart because people willing to kill just didn't work in the Pokemon world, and a party that was filled with distrust lead to a very fragmented game. Basically, everyone was playing their own story and just happened to be in the same room as the other players. The Tails of Equestria book even warns players not to be a super anti-social introvert because the game just doesn't work if everypony won't participate! Long ramble aside... I do plan to share my modules on the table-top section of the EQ daily forum as I have them ready. I'd like them to get 1 play test from my group before I share them, just to add a little polish.
  3. Hello Equestria Daily community! I've been an on and off viewer since the site went live. Until recently I didn't have anything to say or contribute. Since the announcement of Tails of Equestria I've been been slowly piecing together a campaign for my friends. After 5 years of a homebrew Pokemon system, we were all ready for something new that still captured a cartoony, light-hearted charm. Since I'm pretty community shy, this was the only place I could think of to talk about and share Tails of Equestria ideas and content. My goal is to periodically post the story outline of sessions (comparable to an episode of the show) shortly after my group has played through it. That will give them a little polish for groups looking for more of a module style play similar to D&D stand alone adventure books. In the mean time, I put together a few variations of the pony sheet for Tails of Equestria to account for printer ink (mostly black and white), ease of adding a computer portrait for those even slightly image editing savvy, and the addition of a (surprisingly) missing equipment section. You can find it on the forums here if you're interested. I'm excited to increase my GM talent to a D20 through friendship!
  4. Gold Coin

    Tails of Equestria - Alternate Pony Sheet

    You are correct about the cutie mark box. Thanks for the reminder to add that to the original post. Also added a straight box version for those that prefer clean lines on their pony sheet.
  5. Wavy Box Style Straight Box Style Remember to right click on the image (after following the link) and selecting 'save image as'. Now that Tails of Equestria is out, I've had a chance to go over the rules. My group are all adult players with experience in table top role playing games. With that in mind, I decided to put together a simple variant on the default ToE pony sheet. I had a few goals in mind: Make it more printer friendly (it's black and white aside from the ToE logo, which is easy to convert to B&W if somepony needs it) Add an equipment section Make it easier to insert pony pictures to the file before printing (we all like to use varies pony creators on the internet) More room for talents Unfortunately, the box specifically for the cutie mark was removed. So far my group has had more than enough room for the pony and cutie mark in the portrait box. Feedback on how to improve the sheet is welcome. If you'd like a variant, let me know. I still have the template saved with the sections broken up into easy to move chunks. I was considering doing a version for left hoofed players (talents and equipment moved to the left side).