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  1. During the Songbird Serenade Rainbow performace at Canterlot, Queen Novo. She recently found out that her daughter, Princess Skystar, sneaked out of her kingdom and disobeyed her orders. Thus, she was grounded, despite assisting her friends in dethroning the Storm King. “Mom. I know what I did was wrong, but I was just trying to help my friends!” Skystar had to convince her elder not to cause any cruelty. Queen Novo stood firm at the effects caused, and wouldn't think about letting it slide. “One of your friends stole The Pearl out of us, and you really expect me to forgive them after that?” “Twilight didn’t meant to steal it! She was trying to save her kingdom.” Skystar replied. “That’s still not acceptable! I told you many times we do not allow strangers in our kingdom.” Novo retorted. “They not strangers!” Skystar exclaimed. Queen Novo got annoyed at that comment, demanding Skystar to show her respect for her elder. “That’s it! I don’t want to hear anymore excuses; We are going home!” Novo yelled angrily. Skystar felt very upset as she flew away by Novo’s side. Twilight saw the argument the two seaponies just had, feeling horrible after stealing The Pearl from her land piece. “Your majesty! Wait!” Princess Twilight yelled, trying to stop the queen from flying away Novo swung around and snarled at Twilight. “You leave us alone, you thief!” Twilight dodged. “Look I’m sorry what I did, but I was going to give it back.” “Oh really? Just because everything is back to normal doesn't mean I’m forgiving what you did to our pearl.” Novo stood firm. “I know my apologies aren't enough, but is there any way to ask for your forgiveness?” “Please,” Spike pleaded. “We were having so much trouble since we left our home, and Twilight was just trying to make good decisions on saving our home. We are not bad ponies; we are just friends who need help.” Novo took her time to think about Twilight’s apology. It wasn't long before Skystar walked up to her. “Please reconsider, Mom.” Skystar followed. Novo thought about the words they said. “Alright, I have an idea to resolve this... You told me Pinkie Pie is great with parties, right?” “Of course!” Twilight answered. If you and Pinkie can throw a party at our kingdom so fantastic, We will forgive Princess Twilight.” Novo suggested. “Thank you! I’ll promise you will never regret it.” Twilight said before turning to Pinkie Pie. “We should throw a party with all of our friends to show our apology to the Hippogriffs.” “Well, tactically it was your fault for stealing their pearl. But, I'm on it!” Pinkie saluted. “And, I'm gonna need your help with this...” “Okay, so what are we going to do?” Pinkie Pie called the CMC, along with her party friend Cheese Sandwich, for a quick hurdle. Meanwhile, Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadence walked up to Twilight. Indeed, they witnessed her conversion with the Hippogriffs. Twilight explained everything that happened in Seaquestria. “Twilight, you know you should never steal their pearl. Since your friends were willing to help you, you should really trust in them.” “I know. I was desperate about saving Equestria, and I should’ve never stole anything.” Celestia then put her hoof around Twilight and hugged her. “If you really want to make it up to them, then we should come with you...” Princess Cadence looked around. “I have never seen Seaquestria before, so I’d really appreciate if you allow me to come.” “I would also want to be a guest there.” Luna added. “Well... I guess we’re ready to throw a party for the seaponies...” Twilight said as everyone prepared to throw the greatest party in Seaquestria. *At The Seaquestria Throne Room.* All of the seaponies, especially Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and all the other ponies have been invited to the welcome home party for Princess Skystar and Queen Novo. Novo sat on her throne, keeping an eye on her daughter.. “Mom! You said I can help Pinkie Pie with her party...” Skystar complained. “After… the introduction from Twilight...” Novo scorned. Skystar felt really depressed since she wouldn't get a chance to hang out with Pinkie some more. Then again, she’d hope that Twilight will forgive her mom. For the next minutes or so, Twilight Sparkle attended to Novo with a scroll in hoof, now in her seapony form. “Your Highness, I, Princess Twilight Sparkle, come to you with humble confidence, and apology. Touching your sacred pearl was something I should’ve never done to begin with. However, we’re not bad strangers, and thus we decided to throw a party to show our respect to your kingdom. Hopefully, we intend to put our differences and trespasses in the past, and move forward to being friends again...” As soon as Princess Twilight finished her speech, she swam down out of the throne room, heading towards her friends to prepare something of a surprise. “Okay, Princess Skystar. You can help your friends now.” Queen Novo permitted, which made Skystar happy Several minutes later, Pinkie and her friends came out of the entrance. Following them were the CMC, and other Seaponies to surprise the Queen. They carried with them oceanic instruments, including steel drums and bongos. The CMC used some lighting they found, courtesy of the sea residents. Pinkie Pie, having another idea to impress the queen, grabbed Spike. “Spike! I’m going to need you for blowing bubbles.” “Okay.” Spike saluted. Everyone else gathered their pufferfish to blow bubbles in the sea air. While the bubbles flail around, Rarity used her powers to turn the bubbles’ natural color into purple. It was then Twilight Sparkle aimed upward to shoot all the bubbles, only to pop them. As soon as they were dissolved, sparkles were let out, glimmering across the room. Everyone was amazed with the beautiful performance they saw from the ponies, so much that Novo gazed in astoundment. However, the surprises weren't even close to over since Twilight and her friends save the best for last. Everyone got away from the center of the throne room so that Rainbow Dash can do something she never thought she could do as a seapony. Oddly enough, she took Skystar’s fin as they ascended into the air. “You're ready?” Rainbow said with a smirk. “I think...” “I’m sure you and your mother will love this...” Rainbow encouraged. Once the two seaponies were all set to do their part, they both spun around. As soon as they spun several times, they increased, they both do a whirlpool while Rainbow Dash used her speed. The whirlpool changed into rainbow colors with the impact of the speed, and everyone joined in, swimming around it with glee. Everyone was surprised after that unexpected moment from Rainbow Dash, especially Queen Novo. Her eyes went wide open when she saw the beauty of the rainbow whirlpool. So much that she came into tears since she never saw anything so amazing in a long time. After everyone was done with the last performance, they evacuated from the whirlpool while Rainbow Dash slowed down. Princess Skystar, however, didn’t know she was supposed to stop, thus she spun around in circles. Luckily, everyone else stopped her just when the whirlpool went away. “Skystar!” Pinkie shouted. “You can stop now!” Skystar felt so happy, she didn’t care about stopping. It was then she finally paused before hugged Rainbow Dash. “Oh my gosh, that was awesome! You're really the fastest pony ever! How did you know you can do that as a seapony?” Rainbow showed a cocky grin. “I can do anything, even things I have never done before.” “So? What do you think?” Twilight asked the queen nervously. Everyone then looked at her, wondering what she thought about all three of the performances. “What do I think? I loved it.” She smiled with light tears of joy coming down her eyes. “Twilight, It really shows that you're really forgiving you'd be. And your friend Pinkie, who is indeed the best party pony I have ever seen. You ponies may not belong here, but you deserve to be one of us.” All the seaponies cheered for the Mane Six, along with the CMC, and thus the celebration became a success. “We did it!” Applejack cheered. “We were fabulous!” Rarity added. “I really love being a seapony.” Fluttershy commented. Twilight felt happy that she and her friends received their forgiveness from Novo. It wasn't long before Celestia and the other princesses swam towards Twilight. “Twilight, that was beautiful.” Princess Cadence phrised. “Magnificent...” Luna added. Celestia looked Twilight closer. “You always know how to make everyone, even the hippogriffs felt pleased. And after everything you did already, it would seem that I should forgive you for what you did.” “Thanks, Celestia.” Twilight and Celestia hugged together while the welcome home party continued. “Hey is it okay that we can have a underwater volleyball game?” Pinkie asked the Queen. “Sure.” she answered. Suddenly, a seapony took out a bubble-like volleyball while everyone prepared to play a game. Skystar looked back, but refused to hang out with them due to her still being grounded, or so she thought. “Hey, Skystar! why won’t you play with us?” Pinkie asked. “I'm sorry, but I’m still grounded. ” Skystar looked down in shame. Queen Novo looked at her daughter and smiled. “You can play volleyball with your friends.” “Really?” “Yes. You're not grounded…but only if you promise to be responsible next time.” Novo warned. “Oh! Thank you, mom!” Skystar hugged her mother. “You're the best!” As soon as Skystar joined in. everyone played underwater volleyball, along with the Mane Six, CMC, and the even the Princess of Seaquestria, thus everything was back to normal. Queen Novo was pleased, yet still was disappointed about the past. Although, she’d learn to let the past go.
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    My Little Pony: The Movie - General Discussion

    I know videos are banned but I'm a Youtuber.
  3. I know the movie didn't went to theaters yet but the soundtrack has been release so what's your favorite song? Mine is Off To See The World by Lukas Graham A perfect song for the ponies adventure outside of Equestria.
  4. I really have okay feelings for this since we already had 3 Specials that gave me mixed opinions about. Equestria Girls this year sometimes gives me mixed feelings. But I can't wait to watch theses interesting shorts. It's been 2 years since we got these. There's also a music video but to me, it kind of ruins the surprise since we saw it back at the end of March. Sure it's going to be in English but doesn't change anything.
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    Twilight Sparkle/Sci-Twi Fan Club

    I know I already did this Reply but I don't thank anyone saw it. The video isn't that long.
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    Twilight Sparkle/Sci-Twi Fan Club

    I hope she does. Also I made a post that you should see. Go to page 43 please.
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    Twilight Sparkle/Sci-Twi Fan Club

    I going to say that Nala x Simba the person who made this video made my life more better.
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    Is EG RR Mane 5 Argument Went To Far?

    I made my 3 part video about this topic. It's on Free Pony Posts and here's the link
  9. I'm not saying this is true is just my prediction. In Season 6 and 7 Princess Twilight feels less useful now and I think her final Development will be in the movie. I get she did a lot in Season premieres and finales but she's the main character of this show. Even thought Starlight is doing a lot more then her like having more episodes, being part of the Equestria Girls Specials (when will Princess Twilight return in Equestria Girls?), and she even has better spell effects that doesn't mean Princess Twilight should never be used. She should at least have a little more development like returning to Equestria Girls (I know this has nothing to do with EG but I have my reasonings of Twilight coming back to EG) and see what she can do next unlike the movie. Things always have to change but not in a way that takes forever.
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    My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Dance Magic

    I found it predictable. If Pinkie Pie never destroyed the doc at the end of LOE than this Special would of never accessed.
  11. Now this is just personal because this is the only scene I don't like in Rainbow Rocks. Sure, that's The Sirens plan all along but The Rainbooms didn't know better enough on what there doing in the Battle Of The Bands. I know they start this thing at the beginning of the movie when Rainbow Dash keeps saying that it's her band, but I can let it slide because this was before the Dazzlings show up. But my problem with this is that everyone is under the Sirens Spell and The Mane 7 know this. I'm just going to get this out of the way about Twilight doing the counter spell. On one hand, She does have a reason on why she's in this predicament of doing this for the 1st time. But on the other hand, Her friends act like the Sirens spell never happen at all during the Battle Of The Bands. Look I get bands ALWAYS go through this but in a very serious, they giving The Dazzlings the upper hand here especially when there trying to save the school. Also if you going to say that this show doesn't always take it self seriously all the time, Than that's a poor excuse when this movie is different from any Band movie. Let me talk to you about the 5 characters who make the arguments even worse. Rainbow Dash Even thought she maybe the one showing off most of the competitions but she's just trying to help for the most part. Granted she Pony up but during this time in EG, they don't know how to do it on their own. The thing she seriously needs to understand is everyone is in trouble. If this was just a normal Bands movie then I can let this slide but I'm not done let. Applejack I get she's trying to help but she's the one causing all the arguments to get worse. When you are in a band in the spell situation, you need to be at least kind and keep it calm. The thing I don't like is that no one not even Sunset calls her out on why she started the arguments. To me she's the worse when she make things worse when you have a temper problem (I know Applejack doesn't have a temper problem but in EG I think she does). Rarity She supports to help even she makes the dresses. For 2 reasons, 1 the outfit she wore in the 1st round was unnecessary since no one was wearing anything special. 2, even though it's her Character and she never been in a band before but again, The only time were Bands were special outfits is in the finals and she did that right, but I think the writing on her was way to much. Fluttershy I know she didn't do anything except wanting Rainbow Dash to play her song. (I'm broken record) But there in a serious situation were everyone is not listening to the Mane 7. I know she's supposed to be kind but she's not deaf. Pinkie Pie She wants to have the band to have fun. Um Pinkie Pie? Do you remember anything about the Sirens taking over the school? See this is way I SOMETIMES taking anything like this seriously! The Final Argument This (in my personal opinion) is just to hard to go along with it. The Mane 5 not learning anything about this is just forced writing. When everyone is missing the point of stopping the Sirens and making Twilights counter spell worse makes me not only cringe, but sad and furious at the same time. People like Rarity saying "I wish I never agree to be in it!" (A line that I really hate and takes this way to far) is sick, makes me annoyed, and probably doing this just so The Sirens can win. And here's 3 reasons why this I hate the Mane 5's Final argument. Reason number 1 They never say sorry to each other. After some mean and load lines from characters which crosses the line for me Should at least say sorry to each other. Look I get they need to get along as a band after this and that's the hole point of the climax of the movie, but no one doesn't even get lines after they stop fighting and before they work together. Also there friends and best friends should always work together to begin with. My point is that the set up they did makes sense, but they took it way too far. Reason number 2 Even thought Twilight was struggling to make a counter spell on The Sirens, I think it could of work better if the others know better. I know the Mane 5 didn't know The Dazzlings were taking there magic but they know that EVERYONE were under there spell. I get there not supposed to be really smart but this is way to obvious for them to understand what there doing. Reason number 3 I got nothing against Sunset Shimmer in this movie at all. But I think this is the main reason why everyone is arguing in the first place. They want to give Sunset Character development and I get what there doing. But that doesn't mean everything was okay. I mean if Sunset or Twilight calls out the Mane 5 nicely about what they did was wrong would of make the scene a bit better but they probably didn't have enough time to do any of that. Sunset Shimmer maybe great in this, but her development was just force because of the agreement. And I still can't get along with it because of everything that happened. Look, I'm not saying I hate Rainbow Rocks, in fact it's the best movie in the Spin Off series. But the Mane 5 Argument to me takes it away from being a Great movie. I know Bands always go though this, but when you add something that involves saving th school, You make this very hard for me to accept. I'm not done let, I'm going to make a video on a Fanfic where someone made a rewrite on the Mane 5 Argument were..... he takes it way too far. P.S. If I was in this situation and I know what I'm doing but still get yelled and getting called at, I'll quit the band and it's there fault for not listening to me.
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    1 year of being on YouTube

    Yes and there going to be on Free Pony Post
  13. It's been a year since I uploaded my first video. So I decided to give you a link if you haven't seen it. Things change and there never going to be the same.
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    Is there going to be a Magical Movie Night 2?

    True but I made a review on all 3 Specials and even if it's understandable I still can't stand Mirror Magic. You should probably watch my Review of MMN to understand what I feel about MMN.