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  1. Part 1 https://youtu.be/IsVuzGwgjQ8 Part 2 https://youtu.be/mFeG55Hj0lE
  2. Lonely Fanboy48

    Forgiveness Is Friendship

    It was a great day to spend time at the beach. The breeze was cool, the water was warm, and the sun shine brightly in the sky. However, things had not been completely warm and sunny for one Sunset Shimmer. Somehow, someway, she had been magically erased from the memories of her friends, and subsequently kicked out of the Rainbooms. After conducting an investigation to get to the bottom of the issue, Sunset’s search led her back to Equestria, and an artifact known as the memory stone. It was this stone, she found, that was sucking up all of her friends’ memories, and eliminating her from their lives. Now, she had a way of convincing her friends that they were once close. With the stone in hand, and a number of photographs of happier times, Sunset rushed back to the beach to try and talk with her friends once more. It was later in the day, but her friends were just where they had been when she left earlier. Looking to the photographs in her hand, she knew that this was the all or nothing shot. If this didn’t work, then nothing would. With the desire to keep her friends firmly in her mind, Sunset quickly approached them. “Guys! Guys, over here!” Sunset called. “Oh, great. It’s her again,” Dash groaned, holding the beach ball she had just caught. The others all gathered around, when Sunset was near enough. “Great news, guys! I figured it out,” Sunset said, “Someone’s erased your memory with Equestrian magic! You don’t remember, but we’re still friends!” She presented them with the magic in question. “This is the Memory Stone. Do you recognize it?” The others all looked at the drawing of the stone, each one of them eying it carefully. They could tell that this girl was trying her hardest to convince them of something, but they couldn’t see anything at all familiar about the drawing. “Ugh. Right. Guess not,” Sunset said, “But look. See? This is proof! We are friends!” She then took out her phone and showed them the photos of her and all the others. “Oh Please. You’re the same girl who made all of those fake photos of Twilight destroying the gym,” Rarity said. “And is this supposed to be me making that ridiculous face?” PInkie said, grabbing Sunset’s phone to look at the picture. “Well yes, sometimes you do to make people laugh. That’s what you do,” Sunset said, hoping that Pinkie would see reason and remember who she once was. Her heart sank when she saw Pinkie grimace at her. “You know what? I’m not talking to you anymore!” Pinkie said. “Pinkie!” Sunset tried to stop her, but was intercepted by Applejack. “You leave us alone you bully!” She shouted. “But-- Wait! Give me another chance!” Sunset begged, but to no avail. The others all walked away. All but Fluttershy, who stood glaring. “Fluttershy?” Sunset asked. Surely, of all the people she knew, kindhearted Fluttershy would hear her out. “You don’t deserve another chance,” Fluttershy said. “What…?” “I’m sorry, but you threatened us. You disrespected us. Please, do us all a favor and leave us alone!” “Fluttershy….” Fluttershy turned and walked away. She didn’t even turn to look at Sunset as she walked off. Her final plan had failed. For Sunset, there was nothing left for her to do but give up. With her head hung, she turned to walk away from the girls who were once her friends. Taking refuge underneath the pier, Sunset sulked in the shadows. Tears streamed down her face, as she lamented the loss of everyone she cared about. Without them, her life would be as empty as it had been before. Then, an idea came to her. It was a longshot that she doubted would work, but it was the only thing she had left. With a sigh, she wiped her tears away and walked back toward her friends. “Wait a second,” she called to her friends. Not one of the others turned to look. “What is it now?” Rarity groaned. “I know this is hard to believe but, can I tell you about all the events that happen in the past? The Battle Of The Bands. The Friendship Games. Camp Everfree.” The Rainbooms still had their backs turned, but were listening intently. Until Twilight glanced over her shoulder. A glimmer of hope kindled in Sunset’s mind, and she nearly smiled when Twilight turned around. “Fine.” Twilight replied, “Start talking.” Finally, Sunset had gotten through to them. She chose her words carefully and presented her phone again. “Yes, I admit I was a bully a long time ago. And all of you have every right to go against me. But what about the times we went through?” Sunset showed them another photo of the time when they attended Camp Everfree. “Rarity: do you really think this geode around my neck is a cheap knockoff?” “Yes!” Rarity asserted. “There’s no doubt you had it made so you could try to trick us!” “If this is fake then how did you girls get those? Me and Twilight went to the Crystal Cave together and we found out that Gloriosa was behind all the problems.” “I was by myself when that happened!” Twilight said. “You’re right. But how did you solve it by yourself?” Twilight simply glared at Sunset. “I’m smart enough to invent a selfie-sensing drone,” Twilight said. “Figuring out who was behind the strange things at Camp Everfree wasn’t a challenge for me.” “But even if you did succeed, you still wouldn’t be on that field trip.” The others all slowly turned around, intrigued by what they heard. “Rarity if you really know my photos were fake then how would I do that on my phone? It’s impossible,” Sunset said. Rarity took a closer look at the photo. Everyone was smiling, as if they were having the happiest time of their lives. “Alright. I’ll admit it does look like it’s real. I mean, I see your shadow on there, but you probably edited them on a computer and downloaded them onto your phone.” “But look at the dates they were taken!” Sunset pointed at the screen. “Give me your phone for a second.” Rainbow Dash demanded. Sunset compiled and handed her phone to Rainbow Dash to see all the photos. Dash scrolled through every picture on the phone, her face growing less and less skeptical with every passing second. After looking through all of them, the realization came to her. With her eyes wide, she passed the phone to her friends bringing them to the same understanding. “What about the bands tournament?” Sunset asked. “Even if all of you needed to get along as a band, you still couldn’t beat the Sirens without me.” “How do you know all of this?” Applejack asked. “Because I’m always there with you, even in the Friendship Games. And during the whole time, where have I been? If you only remember me as a bully then you don’t know what I’ve been doing.” Everyone but Twilight walks up to her with Rainbow giving her phone back. “Tell us what you feel about us.” Twilight said. This was it. Sunset knew she had swayed them. Now, she needed to solidify their trust in her. And she knew exactly the way. “Rainbow Dash,” she began, placing her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “At times you seem kind of self-centered. Dash scoffed indignantly, but she and the others knew that Sunset had her pegged. “But when it comes to your friends, you’re always the one that they can count on to be there.” She then looked at Applejack to tell her about her feelings. “Applejack, I may be the one who said awful things about you, but that was before I learned what a valuable gift honesty is. You’re the only person who’s opinion I trust about anything.” She was about to go talk Fluttershy but Fluttershy backed away from her. “No no. Don’t be scared.” Fluttershy then tripped on her back on the sand. She was too scared to even stand back up, but felt her anxiety ease when Sunset Shimmer took her by the hand and carefully lifted her back up. “First, I want to apologize for threatening you back then, but you shouldn’t bring yourself down. You’re really a sweet, caring girl. Without you, the world’s a much darker place.” She gently hugged Fluttershy to prove how deeply she felt about what she said. Fluttershy smiled as she hugged Sunset back. Once they both broke the hug, Sunset turned her attention to Rarity. “Rarity, you’re the only person I know who would stop every project she’s working on to offer what she has to a friend. And all at a cost to yourself.” “I guess some of those dresses I made wouldn’t have happened without you. Tell me, did I make you a swimsuit you were just wearing an hour ago?” “Yes. I know you couldn’t remember but you always know what my style is. Your mojo is the best thing about you.” Sunset said. Rarity happily clasped her hands together after hearing those generous feelings from Sunset. “And Pinkie Pie.” Sunset walked up to her. “Your not only the funniest, but also the best friend anyone could ever have.” Pinkie Pie gasped with her hands covering her mouth. She immediately hugs her tightly. “Ohhh! That’s the greatest thing that anyone has ever told me!” “Okay can you please let go of me!? You’re crushing me!” Sunset gagged. Pinkie let go of her while Sunset caught her breath. All she had left was Twilight, who still kept her distance. Sunset walk up to her and reached out to take Twilight’s hands in her own. “And you, Twilight. The whole reason why you transferred to Canterlot High was because of me.” She wrapped her arm around her shoulder. Twilight was scared since she still remembered Sunset yelling at her in the games. “I didn’t mean to yell at you at the games because we were in the wrong this whole time. I’m really sorry for being angry at you.” Twilight smiled, silently accepting the apology, but she still had a question. “What do you feel about me?” “I’m always there for you, like any best friend should be. That’s the reason why you’re here. I’m always there for you and you’re not afraid to embrace your magic.” A sunny smile crossed onto Twilight’s face. “I guess without you, I wouldn’t be friends with the Rainbooms.” She said. She and Sunset hugged one another. A friendship had been rekindled, and this time, they wouldn’t let it end. “I forgive you Sunset Shimmer.” “And so do I,” Rarity said. “Me too,” Fluttershy added. “We all do,” Pinkie said, initiating a group hug. Sunset allowed a single happy tear to roll out of her eye. It seemed she had succeeded, but had to make sure. “So does this mean-” “You’re our friend!” They all said together. “You girls are the best. Thanks for forgiving me.” Sunset said, holding everyone closer. They broke the hug and faced one another, never to part again.. “So the Memory Stone has all of our memories of you?” Applejack asked. “Yes, but we will find it later,” Sunset said. At the moment, she took off her shirt and skirt, revealing the swimsuit Rarity had made for her earlier. “But, for right now: let’s enjoy ourselves on the beach.” “Big time!” Rainbow shouted. They all splashed into the water, enjoying their moments together. As for Sunset Shimmer, she had never been so happy that her friends forgave her. She now had a new lesson to report to Princess Twilight on what she learned that day. Forgiveness is Friendship.
  3. Before any of you ask, I doubt that A Friendship To Remember will become a special in 2018. For several reasons, one, some of the books like Sunset Shimmer’s Time To Shine didn’t get the animation treatment like the movies did. Two, even if it’s a something people want to see because of the Interactions of Sunset Shimmer And Princess Celestia, I think their trying to make one of the Specials a continuation after A Friendship To Remember. Three, the lastest Equestria Girls book is just something Hasbro made so they can keep us occupied just like Time To Shine And Twilight Sparkle’s Sleepover Surprise before the movie/special comes out. Now me personally, I didn’t read A Friendship To Remember but I do get why people want to see it in animated form. But the thing is, that book came out weeks before we got the announcement of 2 Specials. Also as much as I have to face the facts that Equestria Girls is trying to be its own thing and they proved it in Legend Of Everfree, I still thing they might do something different. Since there 44 Minutes instead of 22 minutes like last time, they have more time to develop more character development like they did in the movies. Also I’m not sure if this is still true or not, but I think Equestria Girls MIGHT end in 2018. Again, the rumors might be right but at the same time it’s not clear if MLP is going to end in 2019. I don’t think Equestria Girls is going to move on after MLP ends because it’s still part of MLP even if it’s supposed to be a spin off series. Anyway I don’t have my full predictions on both Specials but I have at least one of them and the possible ending to the 2nd Special. My Predictions On Special 1 Princess Twilight should return to Equestria Girls. Now yes I’ve been talking about this a lot before LOE came out but it’s still a great opportunity to happen. I know people hate the shipping of Flash Sentry And Princess Twilight and it’s understandable that they can’t be together because of them being in separate worlds, however they haven’t got any screen time since Rainbow Rocks. Now I don’t have a problem with Sunset and Flash being together but Sunset should understand that Princess Twilight still has a crush on him. They main reason why Pony Flash barely appears in the show is because they probably want to use Flash Sentry as development for Equestria Girls. Keep in mind that Pony Flash lives in the Crystal Empire and Twilight always spends her time in Ponyville, we only got rare occasions when the main characters go to the Crystal Empire. And please don’t talk about tough love because I’m not into shipping both of these characters, I just think they should have one more conversation about there problems of being together. As for Princess Twilight’s Return, she should bring not only Spike, but also Starlight Glimmer with her. Since that Starlight went to the Mirror World in Mirror Magic, it could lead into more interesting scenes like showing her places like Everfree Forest. As much as I didn’t like Mirror Magic, the aftermath could make the relationship between Sunset and Starlight work. Also does anyone want to see Pony Starlight meet Human Trixie? With a world that Starlight never went to, it should be interesting to see on what Interactions she gets when she meet people that are somewhat different in Equestria. And finally (obviously because I made videos about it), I want to see Human And Princess Twilight Interact with each other. I would go on and on about this but I already made 3 rants about it so let me just say I think this should be the perfect time to have a relationship between two Counterparts. Thats all I have for Special 1, I know it’s not enough for a 44 minute Special but we still don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m fine if they add more original characters but if they do that Magic corruption thing again, drugs (which is magic) are out of control in the Mirror World. For Special 2 all I can see is the possible ending. When the characters saw that the stature is leaking magic they must find a way to fix it. After they fixed the portal, Sunset understands that she must go back to Equestria, otherwise things will get more worse when she’s stays in the Mirror World. Possible ending number one: Sunset Shimmer Returns To Equestria and maybe in Season 9, she might get back to her old life and meet some of her old friends, along with Princess Twilight taking apart the protal she might in RR. Possible ending number two: I’m not sure if you guys saw Spider-Man 2 and the Hannah Montana movie but towards the end of those movies, their fans want to keep the main character’s secret so they can continue to do what they love. In this case, the students in Canterlot High saw Sunset’s secret that she is a pony from Equestria but they don’t want her to leave. Again, not completely sure if Equestria Girls will end in 2018 but if it’s not, then they should do something like this. And that’s all I have for my Predictions On both Specials (mostly). You can say all you want that it’s not possible but what we hear from the rumors, it’s still a possibility for me.
  4. Lonely Fanboy48

    Pinkie Pie’s Regretful Outrage On Spike

    Is there a problem with that? I have reasons why I made this fanfic.
  5. During the Songbird Serenade Rainbow performace at Canterlot, Queen Novo. She recently found out that her daughter, Princess Skystar, sneaked out of her kingdom and disobeyed her orders. Thus, she was grounded, despite assisting her friends in dethroning the Storm King. “Mom. I know what I did was wrong, but I was just trying to help my friends!” Skystar had to convince her elder not to cause any cruelty. Queen Novo stood firm at the effects caused, and wouldn't think about letting it slide. “One of your friends stole The Pearl out of us, and you really expect me to forgive them after that?” “Twilight didn’t meant to steal it! She was trying to save her kingdom.” Skystar replied. “That’s still not acceptable! I told you many times we do not allow strangers in our kingdom.” Novo retorted. “They not strangers!” Skystar exclaimed. Queen Novo got annoyed at that comment, demanding Skystar to show her respect for her elder. “That’s it! I don’t want to hear anymore excuses; We are going home!” Novo yelled angrily. Skystar felt very upset as she flew away by Novo’s side. Twilight saw the argument the two seaponies just had, feeling horrible after stealing The Pearl from her land piece. “Your majesty! Wait!” Princess Twilight yelled, trying to stop the queen from flying away Novo swung around and snarled at Twilight. “You leave us alone, you thief!” Twilight dodged. “Look I’m sorry what I did, but I was going to give it back.” “Oh really? Just because everything is back to normal doesn't mean I’m forgiving what you did to our pearl.” Novo stood firm. “I know my apologies aren't enough, but is there any way to ask for your forgiveness?” “Please,” Spike pleaded. “We were having so much trouble since we left our home, and Twilight was just trying to make good decisions on saving our home. We are not bad ponies; we are just friends who need help.” Novo took her time to think about Twilight’s apology. It wasn't long before Skystar walked up to her. “Please reconsider, Mom.” Skystar followed. Novo thought about the words they said. “Alright, I have an idea to resolve this... You told me Pinkie Pie is great with parties, right?” “Of course!” Twilight answered. If you and Pinkie can throw a party at our kingdom so fantastic, We will forgive Princess Twilight.” Novo suggested. “Thank you! I’ll promise you will never regret it.” Twilight said before turning to Pinkie Pie. “We should throw a party with all of our friends to show our apology to the Hippogriffs.” “Well, tactically it was your fault for stealing their pearl. But, I'm on it!” Pinkie saluted. “And, I'm gonna need your help with this...” “Okay, so what are we going to do?” Pinkie Pie called the CMC, along with her party friend Cheese Sandwich, for a quick hurdle. Meanwhile, Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadence walked up to Twilight. Indeed, they witnessed her conversion with the Hippogriffs. Twilight explained everything that happened in Seaquestria. “Twilight, you know you should never steal their pearl. Since your friends were willing to help you, you should really trust in them.” “I know. I was desperate about saving Equestria, and I should’ve never stole anything.” Celestia then put her hoof around Twilight and hugged her. “If you really want to make it up to them, then we should come with you...” Princess Cadence looked around. “I have never seen Seaquestria before, so I’d really appreciate if you allow me to come.” “I would also want to be a guest there.” Luna added. “Well... I guess we’re ready to throw a party for the seaponies...” Twilight said as everyone prepared to throw the greatest party in Seaquestria. *At The Seaquestria Throne Room.* All of the seaponies, especially Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and all the other ponies have been invited to the welcome home party for Princess Skystar and Queen Novo. Novo sat on her throne, keeping an eye on her daughter.. “Mom! You said I can help Pinkie Pie with her party...” Skystar complained. “After… the introduction from Twilight...” Novo scorned. Skystar felt really depressed since she wouldn't get a chance to hang out with Pinkie some more. Then again, she’d hope that Twilight will forgive her mom. For the next minutes or so, Twilight Sparkle attended to Novo with a scroll in hoof, now in her seapony form. “Your Highness, I, Princess Twilight Sparkle, come to you with humble confidence, and apology. Touching your sacred pearl was something I should’ve never done to begin with. However, we’re not bad strangers, and thus we decided to throw a party to show our respect to your kingdom. Hopefully, we intend to put our differences and trespasses in the past, and move forward to being friends again...” As soon as Princess Twilight finished her speech, she swam down out of the throne room, heading towards her friends to prepare something of a surprise. “Okay, Princess Skystar. You can help your friends now.” Queen Novo permitted, which made Skystar happy Several minutes later, Pinkie and her friends came out of the entrance. Following them were the CMC, and other Seaponies to surprise the Queen. They carried with them oceanic instruments, including steel drums and bongos. The CMC used some lighting they found, courtesy of the sea residents. Pinkie Pie, having another idea to impress the queen, grabbed Spike. “Spike! I’m going to need you for blowing bubbles.” “Okay.” Spike saluted. Everyone else gathered their pufferfish to blow bubbles in the sea air. While the bubbles flail around, Rarity used her powers to turn the bubbles’ natural color into purple. It was then Twilight Sparkle aimed upward to shoot all the bubbles, only to pop them. As soon as they were dissolved, sparkles were let out, glimmering across the room. Everyone was amazed with the beautiful performance they saw from the ponies, so much that Novo gazed in astoundment. However, the surprises weren't even close to over since Twilight and her friends save the best for last. Everyone got away from the center of the throne room so that Rainbow Dash can do something she never thought she could do as a seapony. Oddly enough, she took Skystar’s fin as they ascended into the air. “You're ready?” Rainbow said with a smirk. “I think...” “I’m sure you and your mother will love this...” Rainbow encouraged. Once the two seaponies were all set to do their part, they both spun around. As soon as they spun several times, they increased, they both do a whirlpool while Rainbow Dash used her speed. The whirlpool changed into rainbow colors with the impact of the speed, and everyone joined in, swimming around it with glee. Everyone was surprised after that unexpected moment from Rainbow Dash, especially Queen Novo. Her eyes went wide open when she saw the beauty of the rainbow whirlpool. So much that she came into tears since she never saw anything so amazing in a long time. After everyone was done with the last performance, they evacuated from the whirlpool while Rainbow Dash slowed down. Princess Skystar, however, didn’t know she was supposed to stop, thus she spun around in circles. Luckily, everyone else stopped her just when the whirlpool went away. “Skystar!” Pinkie shouted. “You can stop now!” Skystar felt so happy, she didn’t care about stopping. It was then she finally paused before hugged Rainbow Dash. “Oh my gosh, that was awesome! You're really the fastest pony ever! How did you know you can do that as a seapony?” Rainbow showed a cocky grin. “I can do anything, even things I have never done before.” “So? What do you think?” Twilight asked the queen nervously. Everyone then looked at her, wondering what she thought about all three of the performances. “What do I think? I loved it.” She smiled with light tears of joy coming down her eyes. “Twilight, It really shows that you're really forgiving you'd be. And your friend Pinkie, who is indeed the best party pony I have ever seen. You ponies may not belong here, but you deserve to be one of us.” All the seaponies cheered for the Mane Six, along with the CMC, and thus the celebration became a success. “We did it!” Applejack cheered. “We were fabulous!” Rarity added. “I really love being a seapony.” Fluttershy commented. Twilight felt happy that she and her friends received their forgiveness from Novo. It wasn't long before Celestia and the other princesses swam towards Twilight. “Twilight, that was beautiful.” Princess Cadence phrised. “Magnificent...” Luna added. Celestia looked Twilight closer. “You always know how to make everyone, even the hippogriffs felt pleased. And after everything you did already, it would seem that I should forgive you for what you did.” “Thanks, Celestia.” Twilight and Celestia hugged together while the welcome home party continued. “Hey is it okay that we can have a underwater volleyball game?” Pinkie asked the Queen. “Sure.” she answered. Suddenly, a seapony took out a bubble-like volleyball while everyone prepared to play a game. Skystar looked back, but refused to hang out with them due to her still being grounded, or so she thought. “Hey, Skystar! why won’t you play with us?” Pinkie asked. “I'm sorry, but I’m still grounded. ” Skystar looked down in shame. Queen Novo looked at her daughter and smiled. “You can play volleyball with your friends.” “Really?” “Yes. You're not grounded…but only if you promise to be responsible next time.” Novo warned. “Oh! Thank you, mom!” Skystar hugged her mother. “You're the best!” As soon as Skystar joined in. everyone played underwater volleyball, along with the Mane Six, CMC, and the even the Princess of Seaquestria, thus everything was back to normal. Queen Novo was pleased, yet still was disappointed about the past. Although, she’d learn to let the past go.
  6. “Wow! Nice Spread!” Spike exclaimed happily as Pinkie Pie presented him a whole plate of gems. Of course, it made the dragon crave for them, and creatures like them can chomp on them faster than any pony would say a phrase regarding diamonds or jewels. As for Pinkie Pie, she had something in mind as she walked by him. Suddenly, she then rapidly took out and set up a desk light, and her toothless alligator, Gummy, bit Spike’s tail. “It’s all yours, Spike. All you have to do is... talk.” “That’s it? Oh, you got it.” Spike couldn't find anything to say at the least, but decided to go with it. “Okay… uh, beautiful weather we’re having, eh? I love a sunny day, don’t you? The birds chirpin’ and the flowers bloomin’... I mean-” “No, no, no. Talk about our friends.” Pinkie corrected. Spike nodded. “Oh, okay Let’s see, there’s Twilight Sparkle - She’s a unicorn. Good with Magic, A real brainiac... And then you got Rarity - Total knockout. I mean, Twilight seems to think I don’t even have a chance with her, but… eh, what does she know? Anyway, There’s… there’s Fluttershy, a Pegasus who’s afraid of heights. Heh, what’s up with that?” Pinkie became more annoyed and furious at Spike’s random details. She impatiently approached to Spike’s face with her eyes looking straight to his. “Grr! No! You’re not understanding me! I want you to confess!” “Confess?” Spike tilted her head. “Confess!” Pinkie yelled. “Okay! Okay! I’m the one who spilled juice all over Twilight’s copy of “Magical Mysteries and Practical Potions!” “And?” Pinkie expected more from her. “...And I used up all the hot water in Ponyville yesterday when I took a seven-hour bubble bath!” “Aaand?” “...And sometimes… when no one’s around… I do this” He took out a mirror and stood in front of it to flex his muscles. “Lookin’ good, Spike! Lookin’ real good!” Pinkie Pie felt awkward and confused at Spike’s personal secret, and pushed the mirror away from Spike. “No! No! No! No!” “W- Well, What do you wanna hear? Tell me what you want me to say, and I’ll say it!” Spike boasted in concern. He couldn’t take the stress he was getting from Pinkie Pie, but things get worse when she came close to him. “Are my friends are all lying to me? Are they avoiding me because they don’t like my parties? Are they saying they don’t want to be my friends anymore?!” Pinkie shouted uncontrollably at Spike, panting in anger. Spike grew light tears, but he still managed to say what she wants him to say. The problem is whether or not she would believe him. “Okay! Your friends are all lying to you, avoiding you ‘cause they don’t like your parties, and they don’t want to be your friends anymore!” he sobbed as he got off the chair and ran downstairs, traumatized after getting yelled at when leaving Pinkie Pie’s house in a hurry. As soon as he entered Twilight’s house, he zoomed upstairs and cried by his bed. “I don’t deserve this! I didn’t do anything to her!” he continued to sob, refusing to leave an inch away while Pinkie went back to her normal self two hours later. Indeed, her friends did throw a party for her, as far as she was concerned, but she wouldn't understand the aftermath of why her parties were hated. While everyone was enjoying the party, Twilight noticed that Spike wasn’t with them. “Hey Fluttershy. Do you know where Spike is? I haven’t seen him in hours.” Twilight asked her friend. “I don’t know… I'm not sure where, in fact…” Fluttershy replied until Twilight walked up to Pinkie Pie for an answer. “I don’t know. Maybe he’s at home taking a bubble bath...” she said happily. “Do you remember the last time you saw him?” Twilight interrogated. “Well, you girls were keeping this party a secret from me, so I needed to interrogate him for some answers.” “What did you tell him?” “That you were avoiding me and don’t like my parties.” Pinkie blurred out. Twilight considered it preposterous. “Are you nuts? We never avoided you, and we do like your parties. We were busy throwing this surprise party for you.” “Really?” Pinkie sid in I just needed to find someone who’s siding with you.” But this made Twilight confused. “But Spike wasn’t helping me all this time he was just in my house.” “Wait, he wasn’t helping you at all?” She said as she stood in place. “Yes I mean he was in my house doing some chores for me. Do you know what happened to him?” This made Pinkie speechless about the situation. “I kind of yelled at him because I needed to find out where you and your friends were doing.” Twilight became shock of what Pinkie said. “Pinkie why you have to be so aggressive towards him?” “I gave him a plate of gems.” “Did you know he eat any gems?” “I don’t think he did because he ran downstairs for something.” Pinkie replied with a shrug, which made Twilight give concern, and warn her friend. “He must of got traumatized because you yelled at him, Pinkie. Spike didn’t deserve this. You do know he’s a baby dragon, and he would never go against you.” Pinkie had no idea. “But, I gave him a place of gems! He should’ve been happy about that.” “Just because you gave him something he loves doesn't mean he’s going to forgive you after yelling at him.” Twilight corrected. “He’s probably crying at my place.” Pinkie lowered her head, feeling guilty of what she did to Spike. “Do you think I have to talk to him?” Twilight placed her hoof on Pinkie's shoulder. “He would probably come to this party if you do.” *** Pinkie walked out of the barn and headed to Ponyville as quick as she could. By the time she approached Twilight’s house, she opened the door saw darkness. She tried calling out to Spike, but there was no answer. It was then she heard sobbing in the distance that was not too far. She walked up the stairs, and saw that Spike was in Twilight’s bedroom, covering herself with his blanket on the bed. “Spike? Are you okay?” she walked up to him. Spike slowly lifted up his head and turned to her in light shock. “Leave me alone! I didn’t do anything to you!” Spike yelled. “Wait! I’m sorry that I shouted at you. I thought you were siding with my friends.” “Why would I ever avoid you? I said I did nothing!” He sobbed. “Look... I know what I did was wrong, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't come to the party.” Pinkie confessed. She then sat by Spike and bit his blanket to move it aside, seeing that Spike was still filled with tears in bed, looking away from her with his arms to block his eyes in fear. “Awww. Come on, Spikey Wikey.” She used her hoof to move his arm out of his view. Her face gave off an ounce of cuteness, hoping that it would cheer him up a little. “This may look a little personal, but there's something I like about you...” Pinkie added. Spike got his head off the pillow and paid attention to what Pinkie had to say. Pinkie began, hoping he'd never turn again. “When you and Twilight came to Ponyville, it was bizarre because you came from Canterlot - A place I never went to. And, it was surprising that I never met someone who never had any friends, even after they arrived to Ponyville.” “Why is it bizarre? Twilight isn’t weird.” Spike retorted. It was then Pinkie put her hoof around him. “It’s because you're a dragon and not a pony. I mean, I felt off when I saw you since we never had an animal who can talk and so friendly. Also, remember the times we hung out, like the commentary we did during the race?” “Oh yeah. The Running of the Leaves...” Spike recalled. “And remember we had a fun time calling it?” “Yeah, it felt awkward, but it was fun.” Spike smiled, wiping his eyes. He was starting to feel better after talking to Pinkie in a calm way. In fact, things started to feel a little calm for him. “Why is it awkward?” “I was disappointed that I couldn't do commentary, but when you added me in, I was happy. But during the whole time, you made jokes about food. Not that it was a bad thing, but it felt really off...” “It’s my thing to entertain and make people laugh. Some commentaries can be funny when someone wants it to be, even if it's kind of off.” Pinkie explained. “Well I guess I wasn’t prepared for a commentary team after all...” Spike laughed nervously. “It’s okay. My point is that I like you; You're very cute and helpful.” Pinkie smiled, making Spike feel a little more better. As a result, Spike got on his feet and tried to think about what to say to her. “Well…. I say that you're very….” He paused multiple times. “Yes?” Pinkie waited with a slight grin. “...A very… great friend.” He finished. Pinkie gasped after hearing his words before hugging him tightly, making Spike breathless. “Awwww! Spikey…. I don’t know what to say… you're the best dragon I have ever met!” Pinkie cheered. “Okay! Can you let go of me!?” Spike uttered in a choking tone, closely turning to a different color. Pinkie let go of him, still putting her hoof around him. “You know, I was kind of regretful when I yelled at you so I should probably be more kind to my friends who don’t betrayed me.” Pinkie said. Spike felt absolutely better after the talk he had with Pinkie. He still was a little traumatized but she has an idea to get it off his head. “So, do you want to come with me to Sweet Apple Acres to my party? I’ll give you some ice cream, to make the bad times go away.” Pinkie offered. “Okay. I will come with you.” Spike accepted. “Yay!” Pinkie Pie grabbed Spike and placed him on her back. “Ready for a ride?” Spike gulped as Pinkie hopped her way out of Twilight’s Treehouse, making their way to Sweet Apple Acres. Spike and Pinkie’s friendship may be improving, and would become stronger, despite any consequence come what may. After getting yelled at, Pinkie still apologized to Spike after the misunderstanding the two had. They may never hang out that often, but when they're together, they always make a great team on making people happy, anywhere they go.
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    Star Tracker Fan Club

    This fan club is dedicate to Star Tracker, a colt who one day met Princess Twilight. So put your respect to the colt who had the best time of his life. Rules 1. No Adult Content 2. This Fan Club is all about Star Tracker so don’t poses of any characters unless Star Tracker is in it. 3. Haters are not allowed in this Fan Club I also made a Fanfic about him so here’s the link to the fanfic.
  8. Twilight and her family’s vacation had come to an end, despite Twilight never getting the chance to hang out with her family she still had a nice vacation. She also met a pony who she really wanted to hang out with, by the name of Star Tracker. During the whole trip he kept getting close to her every time he saw her but one time Twilight stomped on his hoof due to her being frustration and of course not getting any space from him. She did apologize for lashing out at him and Star Tracker did have a fun time hanging out with her but Twilight didn’t feel that excited to see him. She was willing to accept him to be as a honorary member to her family for one day but she never asked him that she likes him. Twilight and her family were the last ones getting off the cruise because they needed to pack their things. Star Tracker, who also stayed on the cruise decide to help Twilight and her family to pack up. “Star Tracker, you have been so helpful as an honorary member.” Cadance said. “It was nothing.” He said, awkwardly. “No really,” Velvet said. “You maybe not part of the family, but to us your like a family member.” “And it’s really sad that we’re not going to see each other for a while.” Night Light replied. “I know I’m going to miss all of you.” He stuttered. “It’s okay.” Shining Armor said. Meanwhile, Twilight is brushing Flurry Heart’s teeth in the bathroom. Star Tracker was thinking about helping her but he needed to learn to give Twilight some space after she yelled at him. “Don’t you want to talk to our princess? You know we’re going to be away for awhile.” Velvet reminded. “It’s fine, I should really gather my things.” He replied while he gets his supplies. Twilight actually heard what her family and Star Tracker we’re talking about. She thought that she should talk to him one more time before she goes back to her castle. She wanted to give him something for defending her from Iron Will, something very special for someone who isn’t one of her best friends. “That was the most excited cruise ever!” Night Light shouted. Flurry Heart blissed in happiness while she flies around her family. “Flurry really had a fun time right?” Cadance said. “She sure did,” Armor said as he tries to get better after being air sick. “When we get back to our kingdom, can we go to a hospital? I’m still a little air sick.” “Sure.” Cadance answered. Everyone leaves as they say goodbye to Twilight. Twilight turned around and she sees that Star Tracker is taking his things while he walks down the deck. He notice that Twilight is standing there, looking at him with a serious and sweet look on her face. He still feels nervous when he always talks to her but Twilight got closer to him. “Star Tracker?” She said. “Did you had a great time hanging out with my family for one day?” “Yes.” He nervously said. He also wanted to tell her about his space problem. “Twilight I’m sorry that I kelp getting close to you. It’s just that I have a habit of getting close to ponies and also this is just a once in a lifetime for me to see you.” “I know how that feels Tracker. When I was a filly, I had idols that I really want to become closer to. Everyone desperately wants to meet somepony they dreamed of in their lifetimes. But it still feels very unpleasant.” “Yeah I’m sorry I was out of control most of the time.” He looked at the ground feeling guilty. “Don’t worry about it just be more careful next time. Does your hoof still hurt?” “Not much, it’s just a little tender.” He said as he lifted his hoof. “Am I going to see you again?” “Probably not. I’m still a princess and I have friends who missed me ever since I left Ponyville.” “How can your friends miss you after just one day?” “Pinkie Pie.” She answered. “Trust me she already misses me when I leave Ponyville.” “Your friends are really that Important?” “Their my best friends but… I know today didn’t last forever but... You can be my friend.” This made Star Tracker blushed nervously. “And even if we will never get the chance to hang out again, we can still be friends.” She walked closer to him which causes Tracker to back up. “Umm Twilight I thought you wanted personal space.” But Twilight continued to walk towards him. “I do but there’s something I’m going to give you before I leave,” she said. Star Tracker got confused since he never thought that Twilight is standing close to him. Soon he was up against the deck wall. “Look, if there's anything you want me to repay you I can give you some ice cream, or anything!” Twilight rolled her eyes, smiling as she’s prepared to lean in slowly to him. “I’m happy that we had a fun loving vacation on the cruise but i feel like I should be-” He was cut off when Twilight gave a kiss on his cheek. During that moment, his eyes are wide open and his face was in hot red. He never expected Twilight to give him an unexpected kiss. When Twilight pulled away, Star Tracker blushed hard and his legs shook. “I really hope we will meet again.” Twilight giggled. “Your a really good colt Star Tracker.” She said as she walked off to her castle, waving to Star Tracker who still stood in place. He smiled after the kiss he received from Twilight to the point he wishes he can meet her in the future again. Star Tracker who became a honorary member to Twilight’s family was the best day he ever had. While he’s still shaking from what just happen, he said his final words. “Twilight, you are the best princess I have ever met.”
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    My Little Pony: The Movie - General Discussion

    I know videos are banned but I'm a Youtuber.
  10. I know the movie didn't went to theaters yet but the soundtrack has been release so what's your favorite song? Mine is Off To See The World by Lukas Graham A perfect song for the ponies adventure outside of Equestria.
  11. Look I get people want to have this spin off series to stand on it's own but that always makes me really depressed and mostly cringe. This whole issue started at Friendship Games were Princess Twilight nevered appeared until the very end. Now Friendship Games did alright for having Equestria Girls be it's own thing I can get past that. However after that it didn't work for me because in Legend Of Everfree my main 2 problems with the film are Princess Twilight not returning and Flash Sentry. I know we need Sunset Shimmer to get some development but I still didn't like how it's execute. I'm my opinion I didn't like the relationship between Human Twilight and Sunset Shimmer mostly because of the development from the last movie. If Principal Cinch nevered made Twilight do any of the disasters in the Friendship Games none of that would of happened. Before you guys tell me that Sunset doesn't need to apologize to Twilight because they were in the wrong, I do get what there doing but the issue with that, is because Friendship Games is to clichéd. Friendship Games may be the first movie I watched but I've seen this stuff before and it's not that interesting to me. I really hate how there's Arguments in these types of movies because their always in the wrong. But unlike Rainbow Rocks (Because of the episode Fame and Misfortune), Friendship Games just feels very forced. In Legend Of Everfree, Sunset Shimmer's character really didn't affect on me since she's protecting Twilight because of the magic around Everfree Forest. Her powers aren't that interesting to me infact it's actually kind of weak where the characters get powers for no unexpected reason. Anyway if Princess Twilight did appear it would make this movie a little bet more interesting because they will give more development on Sunset's relationship with Princess Twilight. In Rainbow Rocks they gave the development to Sunset Shimmer very decent because Twilight was very stress on making the counter spell. I really like scenes when someone isn't always the answer to everything which makes Sunset a better character and it makes the relationship between her and Pony Twilight much better then Human Twilight, at least for my taste. My 2nd problem is Flash Sentry. Now look I get why people really hate Flash but in my opinion he's harmless. I didn't like the romance between him and Twilight but after seeing Legend Of Everfree made me feel bad for him. Look I get that Princess Twilight always spent her time in Equestria but do you wanna know why I cringe at the scenes where Sunset talks to Flash about tough love? It's because Princess Twilight still has feelings towards Flash and the fact the Twilight doesn't know any other this makes this movie very difficult to watch at times. If your going to have this be it's own thing then have Princess Twilight know about this by being in LOE. Even if you love or hate the paring, it's still an issue when you don't have someone knowing what's going on with the other person. I really hate how people can find this acceptable no matter how hated the character is. Look just because Flash is a love interest doesn't mean he should be hated. I get he has no personality traits but he barely appears in the TV show anymore and his role in the movies is so little that I was expecting more from him. And now I should talk about the Specials because I have a lot to say about those. The first 2 Specials were just regular episodes from MLP but you can do more in the mirror world and that's about it. But when Mirror Magic premiered I despised it. If there's one thing I learned from that special is that magic are officially drugs. For the 4TH TIME! in Equestria Girls magic became a corrupted power again. Do you see why I found this depressing? They can't even find another original idea for this special so they have to do the same ideas they did in their other movies but this time they did it worse. Juniper is really not that interesting of her character because she's too predictable. She may be understandable about playing the role of Daring Do but she really doesn't learn anything from her limits and the fact that she gets corrupted by magic and apologizes makes me annoyed. How can anyone defend this when it keeps using the same ideas over and again over again? I know some people don't have a problem with this but Equestria Girls should do something different then having magic becoming an issue. And now it's about Starlight Glimmer. It would have work if Princess Twilight knows about this because if your were never going to have Twilight be in the Mirror world, the very least is to have her know Starlight was going to hang out with Sunset Shimmer by being in her castle. I don't understand why she had to give Sunset massages outside of her castle. I get she probably wanted to make sure she will make contact with her more often unlike Friendship Games but considering the portal is always in her castle it won't make any difference anymore. And at the end of the special I really hate how they ended it because it felt rushed. I get that Starlight is independent but even in a world where we see no Human Starlight, Princess Twilight should give permission to her student on going to a world where she never been to before. To me the mirror world should be prevented unless Twilight can bring someone with her, it will make it at least safer from more paradox problems. I don't hate Mirror Magic anymore but I still can't find myself watching it again. Thats all I have to say, look I get your really getting sick of my opinions being hammered in you minds but I'm sorry. Equestria Girls is starting to be more difficult to look at when it keeps going on its own without taking it seriously. I'm saying that I don't want all the characters from both worlds to interact (because to me that will be a real paradox), just Human and Princess Twilight. I use to be upset that Human Twilight's character is kind of maxed out but I hope they will do that in the 5th movie. Yes I know their doing a YouTube series but their probably hyping it up for the 5th movie. To me MLP will be less exciting without a movie next year. Sorry that this was long to read because I have lot to explain and I still have other stuff I didn't get to explain. My thoughts on Equestria Girls changed a lot ever since I started to watch more from the cartoon this year.
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    Possible 5th Movie

    Now I do know that Hasbro is making a YouTube series of Equestria Girls and I do think that idea can work. But we should never forget the ending of LOE. Hasbro is probably doing these ideas so they can built up for the final Movie of Equestria Girls. Now I don't know if the 5th movie will be the last of Equestria Girls but for all I know MLP is probably going to end by the end of this decade or soon. Also what I'm going to be talking about next is Starlight Glimmer. To me they should at least put more development in her character in the movie. In Mirror Magic one of the problems with that special is that the pasting is rushed because they can't fit everything they have into 22 minutes (And trust me I'm going to revisit that special soon). The YouTube idea would only work if she only hangs out with her Human counterpart friends, but that's it. But if you do it in a movie you can put in a lot of development in the characters. I have predicted ideas on the 5th movie that can make Starlight's development work along with other things.
  13. I really have okay feelings for this since we already had 3 Specials that gave me mixed opinions about. Equestria Girls this year sometimes gives me mixed feelings. But I can't wait to watch theses interesting shorts. It's been 2 years since we got these. There's also a music video but to me, it kind of ruins the surprise since we saw it back at the end of March. Sure it's going to be in English but doesn't change anything.
  14. Prologue Magic to the Sunset It's been 2 months since Princess Twilight came back to the human world and not only meets her Human friends again, but hanging out her new friend Sci Twi. The 2 counterparts know each other more then ever, for not only saving Camp Everfree from the Sirens, but also saving the world as well. But Princess Twilight is back to Equestria doing her work like the Sirens situation. And also that she and her friends know that the Stature is leaking magic and sooner or later she might have the solution to fix this problem. But as for the Mane 7 in Canterlot High, they go to different locations to stop the magic getting out of control. But the latest time it happen.... Sunset's life will change forever. In fort of Canterlot High Sunset and Sci Twi are hanging out on the steps behind the door. "Sunset" Sci Twi said. "Where is all of our friends?" Sunset said "Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy went to ally ways in the city to find any magic. And Pinkie Pie and Applejack went back to Everfree Forest to find any magic their." Sci Twi said "Do you think this is getting redolent? This has been going on since my Princess Friend went back to her world. I know your trying to make our world more normal but Rainbow Dash never uses her powers. This will get this magic issues over with faster." Sunset then stands up to Sci Twi. "You still don't understand. Me and Dash and this argument all the time and she never listens to me. I just don't want EVERYONE know that we have powers." Sci Twi then said "If this is about the fact your also from Equestria then your really getting to paranoid about this. I mean I never know what it feels to become a princess but even I can handle this Magic Powers secret". "So want to be a hero about the city and stoping crimes all the time?" Sunset explain. "I don't but obvious Rainbow Dash wants to. And the reason why we kelp doing this is because Twilight has to fix the Sirens situation in Equestria by having talks with Star Swirl who banish the Sirens to this world. So far she gave me a massage that she's almost done fixing this problem and she might fix this magic problem with us." Sci Twi finally agrees with Sunset about the perdicament there in right now as they both go back to hanging out again. It's 6:00 and the sun is almost setting tonight. Meanwhile the Mane 5 (with Spike) are done fixing there magic locations. "Man that was fun!" Pinkie Pie excited but AppleJack is getting sick of doing this for 2 months. "(sigh) At this point i'm hoping Princess Twilight is done with her Princess work in Equestria. This is like the 5th time I have go back to Everfree Forest to find any magic that hasn't been there ever since we got trap because of the Sirens. And that doesn't even compare on how many times I have to look at house's to find these." Applejack said panting. Than the others are back from there trips from the city. Fluttershy is holding Spike and Rarity is getting annoyed because Rainbow Dash is complaining that she still can't use her powers. Rarity said "Sunset. Do you have any idea how long that Rainbow Dash is complaining about her powers?" "I know I know Rarity" Sunset said. But Fluttershy said "Rarity I this is going on for 2 months but you should know we have to do this because if we never did this, than maybe the magic might go to a very far distance to another city. Or maybe the whole world." "Darling, I don't have a problem with this. But Rainbow Dash's Complaints is getting old!". Rarity yelled Sunset questions "Hey. where's Rainbow Dash?" "She walked all the way home upset because she and Rarity had a argument" Spike explain Sunset sigh and she decides to call Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash came to her room face planting on her bed being upset after she had her argument with Rarity. She said "Sigh. I know Sunset has a point but this has been going on for 2 long months. I just want to get this over with faster. But Rarity decides to be like: But darling, if we get exposed. Than we will be heroes and have to do justice work." Rainbow Dash face palm both of her hands on her face. "I know I know! I KNOW! I just can't take it anymore!" Then her cell phone started to ring and it was Sunset who is calling. Sunset said "Rainbow what you doing home?" "I'm going to sleep. I'm not in the mood to talk to you." Rainbow said. "Dash you have to get over this. Do we really have to go over this again? Sunset said "No" Rainbow Dash finished while she hangs up Sunset. Sunset got mad at this and she said to everyone that she hang up. "I rest my case." Rarity rolled her eyes "You know if she wants to do her way of saving the day then let her be because I done with this". Sci Twi said "Rarity I don't think Rainbow Dash wants to be a super hero anymore." Sunset then cuts to Sci Twi and the others about Rainbow Dash. "Girls, remember the argument you had during the Battle of the Bands? I get you want to do your own thing for the band but you almost failed to stop the Sirens from talking over the world, and not the School. And now you Rarity are going through the same thing you did back than. I know this is not appropriate to talk about this but Rainbow Dash is not learning anything from this." Applejack than said "So what? We learn our mistakes and even if we never said sorry to each other, It doesn't matter anymore. Since she's the one who hogs the spotlight all the time." "Do you forgot that your the one who started this whole argument?" Rarity said to Applejack Applejack than came to the realization that she never knew she stared this whole thing. "Ohhhhh." She said then later she began to have tears in her eyes. "I never thought I was the one who made everything worse. I just wanted to help I didn't think what I did made are band a disaster." Sunset than said to her. "It wasn't your fault, neither Rainbow or Rarity. Because the Sirens were mind controlling everyone in the school and you should of know that was serious. And besides the Sirens are taking the upper hand during the whole tournament. Even if you had issues that bands go thought, you should know better. Rainbow Dash even had an idea about having us in a band. Sure she kelps saying its her band but she doesn't do that anymore. The only reason you didn't say sorry to each other is because we were running out of time. And this. Maybe later we should talk to Rainbow about this issue." She finally finished as everyone agrees with her. But then another magic leaked out from the stature going to the detraction to were the sunsets. Sunset saw this and she and her friends go to the were there they have to go but Applejack saids "Not again." "Applejack" Sunset said "You should go home because not only you did the most of searching, but you still feel guilty about the whole band thing". Applejack feels better and waves to her friends as she goes home to heel. "What about Rainbow Dash?" Spike said Sunset then said "She's mad, I don't think she want to talk to Rarity right now." Sunset, Sci Twi, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Rarity, and Fluttershy go to there next destination. A destination that they never went before. End of Prologue Chapter 1 Motels In The Deep Forest Sunset and her friends rush to stop the magic. The magic went into a Forest more different then Everfree Forest. There's no roadway instead theres a Hike sigh were only people can go thought the trail with a no bike sign by the entrance of the trail. It's also full of trees which is hard to not only find where your going, but in the dark (Which is about to happen soon) Creatures will appear. Sunset friends are having second thoughts about not going to this unknown Trial. "Okay, lets go" Sunset said but everyone refuse to go with her. Rarity said "Darling, I don't want to go in this forest. It's almost night time and we should go back." "Come on girls, we're just need to get the magic and then we can leave." Sunset finished but her friends still won't move because there scared to follow her. Sci Twi said "I'm sorry Sunset but this isn't like are camping trip. This Forest is really forbidden and I don't think it's safe for us to go." "Yeah" Fluttershy said "The last time I was in there it was scary that the animals were mean." "Why are they mean to you? You said you love taking care of animals." Spike said. But Fluttershy continue. she tells her friends her young self at the age of 6 were she never took care of animals at all. FLASHBACK Fluttershy was playing with Rainbow Dash by playing a game of football but she played poorly when she failed to catch the ball. Which leeds the ball into the forbidden forest. Rainbow Dash said that she should get the ball since she didn't catch it. When she found the ball it was stuck on top of the trees and she tries to climb tree but she could not reach it. But things get worse when she hears roaring in the forest. This makes Fluttershy scream and ran away from the forest and Rainbow Dash saw her that she still doesn't have the football so she has to get another one. END OF FLASHBACK "Wow!" Pinkie Pie said "You were really brave enough to find that ball." "That's not the point" Fluttershy said. "I never want back to that trail ever since and I don't think its safe to go there were theres animals who ain't friendly." "Okay I think we can resolve this." Sunset said. "Since you all really don't want to get hurt or anything worse, We should hold hands together." Everyone listens to her but Fluttershy refuse since she's holding Spike. Sunset then said. "Okay we should stay very close together." They all argue and they slowly walk on the trail. In The Deep Forbidden Forest The friends are getting really scared that the fact that its night time. And they soon to hear more animals the more they kelp walking. It actually took them 30 minutes to find where the magic crashed. After they see an open area were they see a old road which leads to small houses. Sci Twi said in relief "Finally! it was like 30 minutes since we're been walking. This is even more dangerous than I thought." "At least we made it" Sunset said. They all see that the magic is in fort of the motel. Its close by one of the mailboxes by the road. "Twilight you should go get it because you should have the power to embrace it." Sunset said. Sci Twi than walk across the road and she tries to get the magic but it somehow jumps al over the place. The others try to help but it gets out of control. "Why is it kelp doing that?" Pinkie Pie said. "It's like it knows were trying to get it.... self." Rarity said "Why does magic have to be more imposable to get now?" "Maybe it doesn't like us" Fluttershy said than everyone looked at her. "What? I just being kind." The magic than make the other characters bump into each other again and again. Sci Twi tries to get it than a mailman who's on his bike by the road throw a package in front of the doors from the motel. It also hit the magic when Sci Twi is trying to stop it. When it landed in front of the doors of the motel, the magic leaked into one of the untapped package holes but the rest of the magic jumped away just before Sci Twi stops it. The door was about to open where Sci Twi is touching the package where it belongs to the person who's unlocking the door right now. Sci Twi looked down because she's shy and scare that she's in trouble that she's looking like she stealing the persons package. Than the door opened. The person said "Umm... What are you doing?" Sci Twi still didn't move her head but said "I'm not doing what you think I'm doing!" After 10 seconds of Sci Twi still on the ground while the person is still confused on whats she's doing with the package. The person said "It's okay, I know your not trying to steal my package. Mailman sometimes make delivery mistakes and you most be new her." She finish as Sci Twi slowly moves away from the package and she also slowly tries to get up while the person picks up the package. Sci Twi said "By the way, why do you sound like my frie-" She stopped in complete shock when she can't believe of what she saw from her eyes to the point she took off her glasses if she was seeing things. But what she saw wasn't something on her glasses. What she saw was a Humanized Sunset Shimmer who's wearing a pony tail, a pink sleeveless shirt, and thick shorts. Sci Twi is still shock and still unmoved. Human Sunset just stares at her in confusion for about a minute and a half until she starts speaking again. She saids "Just make sure you don't make this mistake again." She than close her door with her package but Sci Twi is still not moving because of what happened. But then Spike finds her but he's still confused that Twilight isn't moving at all. "Twilight? Are you alright?" Spike said. This has been going on for 5 more minutes until Pinkie Pie shouts at Twilight. "TWILIGHT!" Pinkie yelled just to get Twilight to wake up. "Are you coming with us or not?" Twilight didn't say a word but she finally walked to her friends with Pony Sunset still waiting for her. Sunset has the magic with her and they all get back to there homes. In front of Sunset's Apartment Sci Twi is still not saying a word when she and her friends went all the way to Sunsets home. Sunset say goodnight to her friends as she gets into her apartment. Twilight's friends feel awkward that Twilight was in complete silent for the past 35 minutes when they head to Sunset's apartment. When they get to Twilight's house she actually wants her friends to be in her house because she wants to tell her friends something very serious. Rarity said "Twilight why you having us in your home at 10:30 PM?." "Yeah we're supposed to get back to are homes sleeping in bed." Fluttershy said "(Gasp) We're going to have another Slumber Party!?" Pinkie thrilled "Let's Party!" "We're not having another Slumber Party!" Twilight shout out load in front of her friends. "Than what's going on with you?" Spike said. Twilight only whispers to there ears at a time. When she finally stops everyone is just as shock as she was back there. There eyes were wide open and they all say: "YOU SAW ANOTHER SUNSET SHIMMER!!!?" End Of Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Sunset's Real Fears The Next Morning "YOU SAW ANOTHER SUNSET SHIMMER!!!?" Rainbow Dash and Applejack shout out load in shock. "Yes" Sci Twi said "I was complete shock like you. What I don't understand is why she's close to were we live. I never tell her why she's there because I was so shock I lost words. How am I ever going to tell Sunset about this?" Everyone is still thinking about this but no one has a idea for the situation. Than Sci Twi has only one thing to do, go to Equestria and talk to Princess Twilight about this because she can't explain this to Sunset since she doesn't know this. "I should go to my Princess friend and explain to her about this." Everyone has doubts because she's really busy and they don't want both worlds out of hand. Applejack said "Twilight you can't go to Princess Twilight because she's busy, and she won't agree with you because she never thinked there was ever going to be a our world Sunset's who lives almost close to us." Rainbow said "Yes. She never even have her pony friends come with her as well." "Well what am I going to do with Sunset? She sometimes talk to Twilight when it comes to serious situations. AND THIS IS A SITUATION!" Sci Twi shout in stress. Than everyone might have second thoughts. But everyone still think of having Princess Twilight here again won't work. "Darling" Rarity said. "Why can't you tell Sunset about this?" "Because she will think I'm crazy." Twilight said. "If I tell her than what if this worlds Sunset will do? I can't just tell her to leave because she's sleeping in a motel. And whatever we go on far field trips we always stop in motels to rest." "But Twilight" Spike said "I think this kind of suppose to happen." Everyone was surprise on what Spike said but he continues. "I know this is hard to believe but are friend Sunset doesn't come from this world she came from Equestria. She's here because of her past in Equestria must be very personal to her." "Spike" Twilight said "I never thought that she was from Equestria to begin with. And even though I never been a pony I'm sure Sunset can handle this because she changed. She told me everything about her past in this world and she's brave enough to take care of herself." Everyone agrees with Twilight and she will tell Sunset about this. At Canterlot High Sci Twi is taking a walk to her school thinking on what she has to say to her close friend Sunset. She's still speechless since she can't get her counterpart to help her on this. She thinks of telling Sunset as soon as possible but she needs more time so she can know what she has to say. After a day in Canterlot High, Twilight is still speechless but she makes her choice of talking to Sunset. But she has to make sure that everyone but her and Sunset leaves the school. Sunset is being patient while Twilight is still even more speechless. "Twilight" Pony Sunset said. "You never talked to me all day and you told me after school you're going to say something very personal." Twilight and Sunset then sit down on the steps before Twilight finally speaks to her. She saids "Sunset, we've been friends for a long time to the point were things never been the same. Which is great. And after Friendship Games, Camping in Everfree Forest, and meeting your Equestria friends especially Princess Twilight was the best time I ever have with you. You are more than a best friend to me." Sunset feels a emotional of what Twilight said. She said "Thats not only sweet, but means more to me than ever. I like being with not only you, but everyone. I change so much and I don't even need Princess Twilight for help anymore." She than looks at the Stature but so far theres nothing happing going on. "I really miss Equestria, and of what Starlight told me I needed more time." Sunset comes close to the stature and place her hand on the portal. She always feel emotional when she does that. Twilight then comes close to her and ask her on what its like being in Equestria. "It felt different than I thought the more I live here. I really miss my old friends and I never saw them since I became more independent. And than I came to this world. I really made a lot of mistakes but there way behind me now." She finally stops and Twilight than finally talks to her about last night. Sci Twi said "I guess Equestria is more different than I thought. I never know you had friends other than Twilight in Equestria. I guess being a pony is more bizarre." "No it's not" Sunset said. "I'm been here for so long that I never missed my friends. My friends are more independent on there lives were we never hang out or do anything. Everyone always have there ways of living in Equestria and its more different when I missed everything that happen. Twilight being a princess is all I want because I study hard, I work to get where I'm now." Sci Twi finally tells her about last night. "Sunset" She said. "I'm actually not here to hear about your past in Equestria. It's actually about what we did last night." "Oh" Sunset replied. "Okay so what were you going to say to me?" She tries to continue but she still has little to say. But she tries her best to get this all out. "You see when I try to get the magic it actually made one of the citizens in the motel came out because a mailman throw a package and when I saw that citizen....." She stopped for seconds. Than Sunset said "Than what?" Sci Twi continued "Magic got into the package." She tries to say more but Sunset is surprise. Twilight than stops her from going to the woods again. Sunset stops for a moment but that Twilight finally tells her: "The person who I saw... Was Sunset Shimmer!" She's finally in Relief that everything is finally coming out now. But Sunset Shimmer is stunned of what she heard. Her eyes are wide open and she's the one who's so speechless that her life will never be the same. Human Twilight is now in patient in front of Sunset Shimmer who's still standing there lost in reality. "Um Sunset?" Sci Twi said. "Are you okay?" "I have to go home." Sunset said while running away to go to her apartment. "Sunset wait!" Sci Twi trying to called out Sunset to stop running but Sunset won't listen to her. Twilight gets her phone out to call the others about this. Running To Stop Sunset The Mane 5 saw Sunset Shimmer running to get to her apartment. They try to stop Sunset but they couldn't catch her but Rainbow Dash use her speed powers to catch Sunset to grab her from running away. She said "Sunset! you have to stop! This is serious!" Applejack replied "Yes we have to discuss this!" They finally make Sunset stop fighting back and they block her from getting to her apartment. Rarity said "Sunset, why did you runaway from Twilight?" Fluttershy than said "Yeah, you never acted like this way to us when your stress in fear." Pinkie said "Yeah your always know what to do now." Twilight said "What's your problem with what I said? I was expecting a responds from you." Sunset then tells everyone to get in her apartment because this is very personal from her. She always knew that this day was going to come but wish it would never happen. Everyone gets to her apartment and they sit down to listen on what Sunset is going to say to them. Sunset finally speaks to her friends about her true reasons of staying in this world. "Girls, I told Twilight earlier about Equestria and she told me about.... Sigh.. That other Sunset Shimmer who's close to us. Look I'm actually never prepared of going back to Equestria or even miss my old friends because I lost my old friends and everything I did in Equestria. Before I came to this world, I was a student in Equestria where Celestia is not a principle, She's a Princess of the land of Equestria. I did my hardest to get what I want but after her dissuasion I want to go on my own. And the worse part, I ruined my friendships and than I came to this world. I laterally didn't know better because of not only me ruining your friendships, but me causing all of this to happen. Me taking over Equestria, The Sirens, The Friendship Games, And now Everfree Forest. The magic going everywhere to place to place is really my fault Twilight. Because if I never came to this world, All of this would of never happen. But thats not why I came here to make things worse because I never'ed meant to all of this. It's because I want to start over. I wanted to started a new life by going to this world and change my ways. I came back to Equestria to get Princess Twilight's Crown because I took matters into my hands and after she showed me the magic of Friendship, my life still didn't change but got better. The real reason why I didn't come with Twilight back to Equestria is because I never feel like I should come back since theres no point of me doing everything all over again. Also your more then best Friends to me, because you changed me. No one did the same to me in Equestria especially Princess Celestia and I was so better living in this world then being at my real home with... my parents who abandoned me after they heard of everything I did. My ways really got worse when Celestia always do the right thing. And now this day comes when another me is close to us. And you know that Princess Twilight can't come back to this world because of you Twilight. And now my other me might go out in the open in fort of CHS we'll I'll might get into serious trouble when everyone will find out that I'm not from this world. That's my fear when my future will never be the same ever again." After her long speech of explaining, Everyone comes to Sunset and gives her a big hug. She's in tears but also confused but everyone fills her in. "Darling" Rarity said "You may did mistakes that change everything, But you should blame yourself. Why? because people sometimes make big mistakes and you make our lives the best in years" Applejack than comes in and says "Yeah, Even thought you bully us and broke us apart, but you make are lives way better ever since you help us save our school from The Sirens. And I wanted to thank you for telling me Yesterday what I did wrong." Pinkie Pie comes in as well. "Yeah especially you look so cute when your with us having so much fun!" Fluttershy said "You may look mean back than but you look perfect." Rainbow Dash said "I mean your were bad when it comes to magic problems but we always stop that from making things worse and Sunset, thats why your my best friend because you gave me super powers that I thought I will never have in my life." Then Twilight Sparkle saids "And you are the reason why I want to have CHS as my school life because you were always there for me, Helping me embracing my magic and changing my life forever. Thats why your more than a best friend." "Really?" Sunset said. "So true" Spike said. Sunset is in more tears of joy of what she heard from here best friends in the world. but she's still worried that her life will change. "But what are we going to do? I mean we still don't know why she's close to us and I still don't have any idea to do this." Rainbow Dash said "Sunset your not going to be replaced." "Yeah" Applejack said. Twilight has an idea but Sunset doesn't want to talk to her counterpart. Her idea is to have Human Sunset to know everything in CHS and her counterpart. She thinks it won't work but they still don't know why she's close and they don't have any choice. "Maybe me and my friends can talk to her about everything and we'll tell her that you should explaining on why your here". Sunset agrees but she still thinks this is not the right idea. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack leave the apartment to talk to Human Sunset. Sunset than said "I know my life won't change forever." End Of Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Sunset And Sunset Face To Face Sci Twi, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash went to the forbidden forest again to get to the motel to talk to Human Sunset. Applejack and Rainbow Dash are a little tariffed in the forbidden forest. Rainbow Dash did remember back in her early years with Fluttershy but Applejack never came close to the woods because her sister Appleboom got lost and she refused to help her so she ask Big Mac to save her sister. Sci Twi manage to get Rainbow and AJ to hold hands together but it doesn't help that there walking slowly because of how scared they are. "This is really dangerous." Applejack scared in movement. "Can we please use are powers to get to the motel faster?" Rainbow Dash said but Applejack gets annoyed. She saids "No! you will not only cause a lot of noise for anyone to hear, but you might have animals attack us! Rainbow Dash for the last time, we're not using are powers for anyone thats not are friends in Canterlot High to see. Will you please let it go already!" Applejack Finished but Rainbow Dash already knows everything. She just thinks all that Applejack and Sunset saids is just way too paranoid like the magic leaking from Canterlot High. Rainbow Dash says in her mind thinking about this thing "You do even know what everyone will think about are powers." She tells people outside of Canterlot High about not only her powers but her friends powers as well. She did this because she can't take everything of what her friends say anymore but she also tells the people she talked to to keep it as a secret like her friends are doing. Anyway they finally got back to the motel where Human Sunset is. Human Sunset didn't open her mail package let because she went to sleep and over the course of her days she find jobs to get more money and food for herself. She works hard like her Pony Counterpart but little more lonely when it comes to her own life. Just when the Mane 3 comes close to her apartment, they get back because Human Sunset got out of her car when she finished her shopping on Food and supplies on her future plans. When she gets back to her apartment, Sci Twi and her friends get back on there feet and walk towards to the apartment. Sci Twi knocks Human Sunset's door and Sunset opens her door. "Hello" Sunset being very polite while the Mane 3 wave shyly. "Hey did I saw you yesterday?" She asked. "Yes." Sci Twi said. "Can we please come in to see your apartment?" Human Sunset acts weird about this but lets her unwelcome visiters come in. Her apartment has music posters and most of her room is filled with boxes that are filled with more of her supplies. She gets chairs for her uninvited visiters to sit down but Sci Twi doesn't want to sit down. "So why you want to see me again?" She questions while she makes hot chocolate for herself. "Well..." Sci Twi tries to explain but she's so speechless about this. "I see that you have a lot of boxes." "Yeah" Human Sunset said. "There for my supplies for Canterlot High." Than the Mane 3 stop in shock not even close to a minute talking to her for there reasons of being here. Applejack and Sci Twi walk out of Sunset's apartment we'll Rainbow Dash tells the Human Counterpart. "(giggles) can you give us 5 minutes, were be right back." When she closed the door she ran were the others are behind the motel. "She's going to Canterlot High!?" Rainbow Dash freaking out. "How I'm I suppose to know that?" Applejack replied "Okay just remain come!" Sci Twi trying to help. "I think maybe she just want to see it what are school is like unlike hers." but her friends disagree with her because of the packages that Sunset have for her maybe school. "Okay we know she wants to transfer to Canterlot High but its not like she thinks her being around is going be the most awkward thing ever." "Twilight!" Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash yelled at Twilight. "OKAY! I get it! I should talk to Sunset about this." She takes out her phone and calls her friend. Meanwhile at Pony Sunset's apartment, Sunset and Pinkie Pie are playing a Darling Do board game to calm Sunset down. Sunset's phone starts ringing and she grabs it to call it. "Twilight?" she answered but after what Sci Twi said while Sunset is drinking water she spit water in shock. "She's going to Canterlot High!!?" Sci Twi tries to calm Sunset down but Sunset is really getting her fears close to her. Sci Twi hangs up and saids "We should try to talk to this worlds Sunset about whats going on. Our friend is freaking out and she's really needs to find a way to fix this." But when she finish her talking, Human Sunset was eavesdropping by of the Mane 3 heard about her Pony Counterpart. She saids "Girls, Are you hiding something from me? And what do you talking about another Sunset in this world? She's confused while her guests are so speechless but Sci Twi can't take it anymore and decides to finally talk to Human Sunset about everything. She saids "Sunset, I know this is hard to believe but one of are friends... is like you." Unfortunately Human Sunset doesn't agree with her. "No you don't understand." "What do you mean I don't understand? Human Sunset replied. "I was so nice to you to come in my apartment and all you've been doing is acting wried. I don't play games!" Rainbow Dash tries to help by saying: "Were not playing games! You have no idea what's going on." But Human Sunset gets so annoyed that she walks back to her apartment. "I don't know whats going on but I'm not getting involve with it." She said while she close her door but the Mane 3 won't go away. Applejack said "Come on, let us in!" but Sunset won't listen to them. She finally has time to open her unboxed package but little did she know that there's still magic in the box. Sci Twi sees that and she tries to open the door but its locked. It takes 3 minutes for Sunset to get the tape off of the package but she really found the Mane 3 really getting on her nerves for how many times they keep knocking the door. She tries to ignore them but she snaps and finally unlocks the door just before she almost unwrapped her package. "Will you please leave me alone!?" She yelled but her package is leaking magic. She finally notice that there's magic in her apartment and she's now not only more confused, but scared to get back in her apartment. The Mane 3 tries to stop the magic by finishing the unwrapping that Sunset did. They see its a black guitar with hot flames, but the magic is in the guitar controlling its cords. Sci Twi doesn't know how to us a guitar but she can try to use her powers to make the guitar feel more safe. But Human Sunset is back in her apartment because the magic is no longer an issue since Sci Twi fixed it. "Okay, now I want to know whats going with this and this other Sunset your been talking about." She said being serious. Sci Twi finally have the the words to talk to Sunset. She talks to her for about 5 minutes. "Okay" Sunset said. "I can believe you that theres magic from a different world. But I still don't understand why your friend is the same as me. I still think that all of you are crazy." "You have no idea what we've been doing in Canterlot High." Rainbow Dash said in laughter that she knows more over time in and out Canterlot High. "We just want to know this" Sci Twi said. "Why are you going to Canterlot High? Human Sunset explains everything about her interested in Canterlot High. "You see my old school was way too easy for me and I want to be more better in music. Also I want to prove to my parents that I can work alone. I never made any friends and I always practice hare to become a great guitar player. Thats why I've been taking jobs and having this good looking guitar for me to show to the principals in Canterlot High. I still didn't call them that I want to be a student because my phone services is limit for where I am right now." she finally finished and she comes close to her guitar. She sees that there's magic in the instrument but it doesn't damage the guitar what's so ever. "You try to fix this?" She asked Sci Twi about her guitar. "Yes but not completely. I never played an instrument in my life." Sci Twi said. "But don't worry, Maybe Sunset or my look a like friend can help." But Human Sunset is confused about Sci Twi's Pony Counterpart. "Very long story." She said. "Umm... if your going to Canterlot High, can you talk to our friend first?" Sunset agrees but she still thinks this is crazy. Like she said that she doesn't games. On the way back to Pony Sunset's Apartment Human Sunset see's her Pony Counterpart's apartment. But Sci Twi and the others along with her other friends who came out of Pony Sunset's home because Sci Twi texted them so they all can give the two Sunsets some space. Human Sunset gets into the apartment we'll the others stay out. Human Sunset comes up the stairs and get to Pony Sunset's room. She opens the door but she doesn't see her Pony Counterpart anywhere in site. She calls her out but she still won't appear. She then sees that there's photos on the table. In her curiosity, she picks them up and her month was shocking opened of what she saw. She saw memories of Pony Sunset and her friends during the Friendship Games and there Camp Everfree. And there's more underneath containing memories of the Fall Formal and the Battle Of The Bands. "It can't be, This can't be real!" she starts freaking out but then... "This is real." a voice coming from the bathroom and soon it was Pony Sunset. Human Sunset stepping away from her Counterpart. "Please don't panic, I know what your going to do." But this really made Human Sunset more panic because she thinkes her counterpart is following her even thought she didn't. "Why are you here? No! not that your living here, I mean why are you in this world? Your supposed to be in your world!" Human Sunset being very honest to her. "Look, I'm sorry for all of this. But I have a history over my times in Equestria and here. And I want you to know everything about me" She explains her life in her best detail over the next 10 more minutes. After she finished her story Human Sunset still thinks her reasonings of being in this world is ridiculous. "Sunset." She said in awkward talking because of the fact that she's kind of talking to herself. "I get your a Pony from another world but you should ever come here in the first place. I mean if I was in your place I would stay in my own world and never come to another world. If you have problems than you should saddle them by yourself instead of going on your own." But them Pony Sunset cries in tears. Her mistakes are getting the best if her and she really doesn't to hear about them again. Human Sunset then realizes this and tries to calm her down. "Sunset please don't cry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings it's just tha-" but Pony Sunset cuts her off "It's not that it just I want to go on my own goals. My life in the Pony World is not like what it use to be anymore. Princess Celesita is something I want to impress in order to get what I want. And now I feel like I don't need to be there anymore. And I only wish you wound stay far away from this town." Pony Sunset finished than her Human Counterpart understands her new reasons of being here. "Twilight told me that your going to be in Canterlot High soon, and I can only think of going to my old home if everyone will see both of us." "Okay, look" Human Sunset said. "If this whole both of us out in the open going to be a problem then I'm sorry, it's not my responsibly to go away. And if you want to stay in this world this badly, then tomorrow morning we should both go inside of Canterlot High and walk together to the office." "Why? You really want me to believe that everyone will go along with this? Pony Sunset said "Yes." She said. "Because your friends told me about the stuff you did. And if you think that everyone in Canterlot High is going to think you don't belong here, Than you are really making your fears getting way too much for you. Because I know the people in Canterlot High are very nice like the people at my old school. But I never make any friends, Because I never needed any friends. And even if I did have friends I would never abandoned them. I came to this school because I want to become a great guitar player, and I can see that your also a guitar player. And if the classes want us to be in groups, I still don't think I have to get friends even if you love your friends so much." Pony Sunset actually likes her counterpart because she makes good points that she never had in mind when it comes to someone who never had friends. But she might want to teach her about Friendship if tomorrow works out. "Okay, tomorrow we will go in Canterlot High together and talk to Principle Celestia and Luna about this." Pony Sunset said. They both shake hands and Pony Sunset gets everyone from outside back inside and she told her friends they will both go to Canterlot High out in the open and see if this can work out tomorrow. End Of Chapter 3 Final Chapter Counterparts in Canterlot High And Princess Twilight Returns The next morning Canterlot High has started. Everyone is hanging out, the buses drop off more students, and the bell finally ringed. But the Mane 7 with Human Sunset were hiding so no one will see two Sunset Shimmers. Spike the dog looked everywhere and the cost is clear for them to come out in the open in front of the Canterlot High entrance. "Okay girls, you can come out now." Spike speaking to the other girls for the reminder. Pony Sunset still have second thoughts about this but the other girls told her she doesn't have a choice. "Darling, you have to saddle this." Rarity said. "No!" Pony Sunset denied. "Sunset you can't skip school because of her." Fluttershy said also pointing at Human Sunset. "Will you please leave me be for once?" Pony Sunset said while she's still hiding behind the trees. Than Rainbow Dash pulls her out of the trees while Pinkie Pie is pushing her. "No, Let me go!" She tries to fight back but more people are stopping her. "Okay I'll do it!" Human Sunset is waiting by the steps of Canterlot High for Pony Sunset. "Sunset please relax." She said. "We're not talking to anyone but the principles." She grabs her hand and they took there steps getting to the doors. Pony Sunset is taking her time to get to her pace like Human Sunset doing. They manage to get in front of the doors of Canterlot High. Pony Sunset gulp in fear that Human Sunset is preparing to open to door and when they get in, some of the students see that Sunset Shimmer is here. "Hey it's Sunse-" Derpy cut herself because she saw 2 Sunsets. "Uhh... Did the doctor really fixed my eye site?" But she's right about the doctor. Soon everyone sees the two who are now walking. Everyone in the hallways stunned in silent and soon when the two counterparts keep walking more people in the halls see whats going on with the hole school being very silent and more shocked because of the two counterparts out in the open. Pony Sunset is feeling really scared that everyone is staring at her. When they turned to the right to get to the office they ran into Flash Sentry. He didn't say anything because he thinks he's dreaming but he's not. "Umm? Hello Sunset Shimmers?" He said while he thinks he lost his mind but Pony Sunset tries to help him. "Flash, Please don't walk away from us, We'll going to Principle Celestia and Luna because... Sunset wants to have Canterlot High as her school. Very long story." Pony Sunset explaining to Flash. He listens to her but after he walks away, He really didn't listen to her because he thinks this isn't right. "You know him?" Human Sunset asked. Pony Sunset said "Yes." but she doesn't have anything to say. After a minute of walking in the hallways with people staring at them, they finally made it to the principle's office. "Okay, here goes nothing." She said in her mind as he opens to door with Principle Celestia and Luna doing there jobs. When the both Principles see two Sunsets they are speechless. Celestia didn't even say anything when she saw Pony Sunset coming in. And Luna came close to Human Sunset because she looks different and not really afraid of exposing out in the open with her Pony Counterpart by her. Over the next 10 minutes they both explain about what happened between the two. After that the principles needed time to think about this. 30 minutes later They finally talk to the Counterparts. Celestia saids "Me and Luna took us time to find a solution for this. So... other Sunset. You want to have Canterlot High as your school because you want to become a better guitar player? And your parents are okay with this?" Human Sunset said yes and they are okay with this but not the fact that there talking to two people who are alike. She talks to the Pony Sunset "Sunset can you explain why your here?" But Pony Sunset refuse to talk about her reasons of being here. "I really don't want my secret to come out. Please don't let me explain it, I have my real reasons and I don't want to leave this school." Pony Sunset said. "You don't have to leave." Luna said and surprising Principle Celestia agrees with her. And Pony Sunset is in shock that Celestia is okay with this. Celestia talking to Pony Sunset in a close eye. "Sunset, everyone have secrets they don't want to talk to people even if there keeping lies. And to me your never lied to anyone and your secrets to me, don't really have to make us think you should tell us your personal secrets. You may did bad things in the past but you changed that everything that happened is behind us." Sunset's in great relief that she can stay in the school even with her Human Counterpart around. She saids "Oh thank you, I'll promise this will never happen again." "Okay Okay, don't get carried away." Luna said. "We will talk about this to the students later so everyone won't got confused about this." Everyone agrees with Pony and Human Sunset walks out the Office and meets there other friends who are by there lockers. "So how was it?" Sci Twi questions. "It was fine, we can go out in the open in safe. But I don't think everyone will be okay will this. Luna did say she and Celestia will talk to everyone about this later. But I'm still not okay with all of this." Human Sunset telling her friends in a serious and unfriendly tonne. She still rather be alone to work her problems as she walks away to find her new locker while she's still annoyed that everyone is still staring her. "Well someone else's welcome didn't go as they wanted" Rainbow Dash replied. "Yeah but I don't think it can get any more awkward." Applejack said But later on in school, Human Sunset's day got really ridiculous. During class's everyone were still making straight faces and awkward pauses by her. Human Sunset's day was the worse because of everyone looking at her. After School ended She confronts her Pony Counterpart. "This is the worse day in my life. Because of you being her long ago my life has stopped. What am I suppose to do now?" Human Sunset arguing with Pony Sunset about this. "Okay! maybe your first day wasn't the best but I'm sure later on it will be just like you wanted." Pony Sunset trying to be helpful but her Human Counterpart still won't believe her. "Darling" Rarity trying to give Human Sunset advice. "Maybe you should talk to other people and make friends so things will be much better." But Human Sunset is getting more furious. "How many times to I have to say you girls? I'm not making any friends her! I can go on my own! I'm I missing something her?" She said in a confused and annoyed way. Then everyone looked at each other thinking that Human Sunset should need help. "Sunset" Pony Sunset talking to her counterpart. "I know this is not what you expect from this school but people are making so many friends her. I for one didn't know a lot from this. And I want people to know this. I'm sorry to say this but you have to know everyone here." Human Sunset back up for a bit but everyone still willing to help her. "Don't worry I'm sure we can work this out." "All right fine." Human Sunset Responded. "But I'm sure all of this won't change my goals. You are still going to fix my guitar." They all agree and head home. But the Portal starts reacting and it was Princess Twilight who came out. "Sunset." She said panting "I found a way to fix this hole magic situation." But she stopped in silent when she sees a Human Counterpart of Sunset Shimmer in front of her. Everyone has a lot of explaining to do. Human Sunset however is now mad. "Why can my life be more normal!?" End Of Final Chapter