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  1. Erine

    Xbox is the best console now in my view

    Not saying some games are bad on it. But you sometimes need more than Mario and Zelda. Nintendo Wii was an awesome system though, if you wanna play retro games aswell as some fun games. Well let me say, Nintendo was printing money with that thing.
  2. Happy birthday!!! May your day be 20% cooler everyday!!!
  3. Erine

    Wrong for me liking equstria girls

    I like the songs in the movies. Its quite good, anyone should watch it if they love My Little Pony.
  4. Erine

    Cute Animals Thread

  5. Erine

    Xbox is the best console now in my view

    2nd Best after consoles. I basically have a console because sometimes i like using a controller and game on that, while PC it can depend, like i can use it for editing or games. Like games like GTA 3 i play on PC because i like manually aiming with the mouse.
  6. Because it gives better overall game experience. Like Xbox 360 was what sold me. PS1 and PS2 were awesome, but PS3 was a tad bit disapointing in compared to the previous era. And Nintendo is just family friendly kiddy games often and i just feel it doesnt offer the greatest gaming experience Let me take an example. Sonic 1,2 and 3 ran solid on Xbox 360. PS3 it felt meeeh... i mean it didnt even have Sonic 3. And wii ported that 50hz sega mega drive version which ran slower. I mean why???. What Xbox does is sharp contrast, great controller, just overall gives the whole gaming experience whether its new or some retro games ellegance. This is why i consider Xbox the superior console so far.
  7. Erine


    My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, because she is super active fun pony! Anyways, hello ^^.