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  1. Well, as you can obviously see from the expressive way I wrote it, today is, or was (depending where you live, here is 23:33) my birthday, and I considered a good idea to come tell it here to bring a little life to my dark mood or something, also I'm just a year away to be of legal age in here (18) so more so. I'd really appreciate your wishes, and thanks.


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  2. I still think that CDs are far superior than digital files of music. I like physical copies of games more, and I also am a little close minded on some aspects, for example, I still think that traditional art is far better than digital art and also I almost always refuse to listen to most modern metal (cause the 80s and 90s are still the best times for metal), and that's pretty much it

    Also, even that I have a Facebook account and all, I pretty much don't use it except for talking with friends and to recover important stuff from the high school group (I'd really like to leave that group, but if I do, my grades get affected)

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  3. I've already made my account in here some months ago, but I decided to introduce myself now anyway. I'm MARK9000 or shortened to M9K, and I decided to create an account here to have a kinda breath from the darkness of death/black metal. I'm not very active but I'll try to do my best to check the forums as I can. I also made this to meet some other people who like MLP, since I don't know any where I live. I also am a little introvert. I have an OC whose features still remain in my mind due to my inability to draw well, but that compensates itself for my musical skills. And lastly, English isn't my primary language, and I have a lot of ideas that can be considered based on me "listening to a lot of black metal"

    As you can see, my profile image is a personal symbol (which is no longer like that anyway).

    I hope to meet other people I can trust.


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