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  1. Maudfan

    Ello coming back to the fandom

    not much of ether one of them you?
  2. Maudfan

    Ello coming back to the fandom

    Well thank you two for the warm welcoming so far.
  3. Pretty much unranked trash but was looking to join people who wouldnt mind taking me in and practice as a team and give me pointers on the way. I dont know any spray patterns pretty much I just try to burst fire and pull down with most automatics and im not good with pistols and dont know any grenade positions to throw from and to.
  4. Ello while this isnt the first mlp forum iv been to I decided to join after dropping the fandom for over a year or 2. Im not sure what to say im a 22 year old guy my favorite pony is maud pie and I like gaming so hi.