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    A plea to help a friend

    Heyas, so, I don't know if I'm allowed to post links to people's websites (or in this case, people's Tumblr accounts) for the purpose of charity donations but I'm friends with a awesome lady named FatCakes who is in dire financial straights. She was in a accident which severely wrecked her leg awhile back and as a result even the slightest motion of said leg causes excruciating pain for her. As a result, she is on constant pain medication (which only aids slightly) and is considered unemployable by virtually every employer in her area. She relies on art commissions, donations, and t-shirt sales to sustain herself but recently the company whose website she sold her t-shirts on has banned her IPS address without warning or explanation and refuses to respond to her inquiries and has stolen $500+ in t-shirt sales. As a result of the last part, she is quite desperate for money to afford rent, food, and to pay her medical bills. Therefor, as her friend, if anyone on this website can help her with any form of monetary donations, please considering doing so by visiting her tumblr account and click on the donation button on the right hand side of the page (you might have to scroll down a little bit to see it). It will take you to her paypal account. Please consider helping her out. She is also currently accept commissions to help pay for her bills and though you may have to wait a bit for it believe me the artwork is worth it. Here is her Tumblr account: If you cannot donate or pay for a commission then please do what you can to spread the word if possible. Thanks for any help in regards to this matter.