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  1. I'd definitely have to say Where the Apple Lies. That episode is one of the only two that I refuse to re-watch, the other being Owl's Well the Ends Well. The deciding factor is that Owlicious managed to redeem himself later in the series enough to at least justify the latter episodes existence, whereas Where the Apple Lies didn't really add anything to the series (aside from possibly Spoiled Rich's amusing maiden name) and the episodes moral had already been covered much more effectively in Sweet and Elite.
  2. Probably Flash Sentry
  3. Alabenson

    Culinary Thread!

    If you're on a budget and have plenty of time on your hands, I've found you can get a lot of mileage out of braising a pork shoulder. Ingredients - 1 bone-in pork shoulder (usually between 5-7 pounds) - Lawry's Seasoned Salt (or other seasoning mix) - 1 yellow onion, sliced - 4 cloves garlic - 1 1/2 cups Coke - vegetable or olive oil First, preheat an oven to about 325 F. Then, you'll likely need to remove the skin from the shoulder if it's attached. This is actually fairly simple to do, just peel away the skin while slicing just beneath the fat layer with a very sharp knife. After that's removed, trim off any excess bits of fat from the shoulder and rub it liberally with whatever seasoning mix you wish to use. Then, heat up the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat and sear the shoulder on all sides. Once that's done, place the shoulder in a large pan which has been lined with heavy duty tin foil and cover with the onion and garlic. Next, pour the Coke over the shoulder and cover with more foil, making sure to create a good seal over the pan. Then, put the pan in the oven for the next 5 hours or so, until you can take a pair of tongs and tear away pieces of the shoulder with no resistance. Once the shoulder is cooked, remove it from the oven and let it sit for a minute or two. After the meat is cool enough to handle, take a pair of forks and shred it into pieces, removing any remaining pieces of fat or bones. The meat can be frozen and reheated without any issues and can be used in just about everything from sandwiches to stir frys to enchiladas.
  4. Alabenson

    What's your faviroute pokemon?

    It's hard for me to settle on just one pokemon overall, but if I had to name one as my all-time favorite I'd probably have to go with Mewtwo.
  5. Alabenson

    Season 7 Episode 6 Forever Filly

    I don't know that I would necessarily agree that Rarity was out of character in this episode. In the past, when Rarity gets particularly emotional about something she has a tendency to fail to pick up on the emotions of others, a good example of which would be S1E20 Green Isn't You're Color. Here, the notion that she was reconnecting with her little sister overwhelmed Rarity to the point that she failed to process that Sweetie Belle had outgrown the activities she had picked out, at least until Sweetie Belle finally spelled things out for her.
  6. Alabenson

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Fallout 4. I've completed all of the main DLC content and most of the side-quests, and on the main quest I'm just about at the point where I'll confront Father for the first time.
  7. Alabenson

    Season 7 Episode 6 Forever Filly

    Personally, I did think this episode was very sweet, and definitely enjoyed it more than the previous two episodes. My only real complaint was how long it took Rarity to process that Sweetie Belle wasn't really enjoying herself. I think it would have worked a little better if Rarity had noticed each time that Sweetie Belle had grown past the activity in question, building up to the confrontation near the end.
  8. Hello everypony! I've been a fan since shortly before S2 premiered, and decided to set up account here since my old stomping grounds at the Order of the Stick forums seem to be experiencing technical difficulties.