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  1. There's no answer. Sunset's clothes & necklace disappeared when she entered Equestria in Mirror Magic, though her backpack adjusted to her Pony Form. And when went back, she received her clothing back, like the Portal kept it like some massive closet. Seriously, this whole portal thing doesn't make much sense.
  2. JohnnyP

    Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    So, Legend of Everfree, in terms of "arc quality" probably the inversed version of Friendship games, while Friendship Games was basically saved by it's finale, Legend of Everfree was overall the better movie but had a rather average finale, it's just "kinda happened" and that's it. What i enjoyed about Legend of Everfree was that Sunset was still a very good character despite not being the sole character in the spotlight, her continuous interaction with Sci-Twi was pretty cool and gave them both more character. Regarding Rarity, i agree partially, i think they overdid her fashion thing here, however i have to say it makes a lot more sense in EqG than in FiM, mainly because clothes aren't regarded as optional there. As for the music, i have to disagree, while i felt that Sunset's song lacked a bit, but music overall was rather decent, slightly disappointed mainly because it was Sunsets first solo song in EqG that actually happens in a Movie. While the romance thing with Timber was done better than with Flash in EqG 1, this whole romance is still not my cup of tea, i only remember watching the audio commentary for LoE with one writer asking "You think people will like Timber more than Flash?" followed by utter silence, while Timber displayed more character than Flash, i can't say i'm a huge fan there, his switches between overcocky behavior and insecure crush / bf were not that good for my taste. What i liked about Legend of Everfree is that they once again gave each of the Human 7 a scene or two, especially one with their new superpowers, which culminates in that they all use in trying to stop Gloriosa. Regarding Gloriosa as villain, yeah she wasn't exactly the best, altough i'm willing to forgive that because the time spent on the other plot(s) was well spent my view, perhaps there should've been a scene within the movie showing her rather radical stance in terms of saving camp not just right before she transforms. Overall, Legend of Everfree managed to the same thing i enjoyed about Rainbow Rocks / Friendship games, actual character & plot development that gets you hyped for the next Installment.
  3. JohnnyP

    Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    For me, Friendship games is a movie that shows that a decent finale can save an overall mixed movie. While i think the overall movie was not that amazing, anything post Motorcross race was just really great and had a nice build up from the movie itself, the dialogue between Sunset and Sci-Twi was really good because Sunset really had a point, but totally snapping at people, who in the greater picture had no bad intentions, doesn't help either. And i just loved the design of Daydream Shimmer / Mightnight Sparkle, really amazing, also showing an "evil Twilight" was really cool. Drawing some comparison to the MLP movie, it's also pretty good that they still managed to put in a few scenes that gave all the main characters some sort of plot relevance other than being part of the main group, something that MLP movie didn't exactly accomplish. Regarding the Shadowbolts, i liked the concept of an "Anti Mane 6", sadly they only really delivered on Sugarcoat / Sour Sweet there, though Sugarcoat's blunt honesty was rather entertaining, really cool side character for the future. The idea of some sort of Anti Hero group that have a dark twist on the Elements should really be picked up by the main show in my opinion. As for Sci-Twi, i think the reason why she seemed so reckless with the magic is because she really wanted to understand how it works and was willing to overlook some "safety concerns", during unleash the magic her last sentence was "but the magic is what i really want to see", as Midnight Sparkle she just went so far to rip the world apart just to learn more about magic, it strongly hints that she had a real desire to understand magic, i think the movie should've shown this a bit better, perhaps that Sci-Twi simply acknowledges the risk the Pendant imposes but continues to wear it "For Science". I think Cinch wasn't that terrible, i got nonsensical when magic got involved because that should've been a game changer for someone that was never in touch with magic, but for being the first actual human villain she was okay, extremely ambitious and willing to do some real bad shit to get it, but yeah, it just got silly once she just brushed off the Plant stuff and thought she could actually use the magic to win the Friendship games. I think another issue was the one sided interaction, she basically just interacted with Sci-Twi. And i agree that the Motorcross race was a totally weird scene, it was just taking it too far in my opinion. As for the soundtrack, as mentioned above, in my opinion all EqG movies have really great music but the scrapped version of "What's more out there" just takes cake, such a damn shame that this version was cut. Also, you should've perhaps covered the scrapped scenes, the Sunset being homesick subplot actually being in the movie would've been awesome. I think Friendship games overall bit more off than it could chew, betwen further charactising Sunset & Mane 5, establishing Sci-Twi there wasn't much left for Cinch and Shadowbolts, while the ones they focused on were not bad and reached good conclusions, some subplots started rather halfassed and thereby never came to a decent conclusion.
  4. JohnnyP

    Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    Great review, however some things i'd like to add. Could be wrong on that one, but did Sunset ever actually become Twilight's student? Didn't she end her first entry into the journal with "Your Friend, Sunset Shimmer" rather "Student"? Personally i find it was okay that they kept mentioning Sunset's evil actions, those scenes felt pretty natural and it was slightly funny how Sunset went from slightly annoyed, visibly annoyed to just accepting it by smirking and saying "I'm used to it". Quite honestly, the scene where Flash yells "Now that's the bad girl we love to hate" makes me smirk everytime, it fits the scenery in my book but it's not the kind of sentence you'd expect in an MLP Movie. Regarding the music, while Rainbow Rocks obviously has tons of songs, i have a hard time saying it's upgrade over the first movie, not because it's worse but rather because all EqG Installments consistently put out great music, this is a subjective statement but in terms of music EqG seriously gives the main show a run for it's money. Another thing i want to add, something i really give Hasbro and the writers serious credit for: They kept Sunset out of almost any promotional material. Despite the fact that she's pretty much the main character of the movie, she's absent from just that, which i think really made her redemption even better because it came as a surprise to a lot of people. Something they perhaps should've remembered for the MLP Movie, i mean i haven't seen it yet, but i think that Tempest Shadow will be actually redeemed at the end is a given at this point.
  5. JohnnyP

    Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    Regarding the design, the reason why they all wear skirts is simply because knee high boots + jeans isn't exactly a summer / spring outfit. (Or just looks shitty, in my opinion) I've heard the thing about emulating hooves before, however i have to say that if it's the truth, it was a stupid idea, they are humans, the fact that the main characters gain pony tail / wings / ears is enough, at least Rarity / Sunset / Twilight don't grow horns on their forehead when they pony up, i couldn't imagine how horrible that would look. As for modesty, maybe during EqG 1 but when i look at their new design, they have no issues showing leg skin, heck if the new mini collection is any indication there might be an beach episode. No idea whether Rebecca Shoichet had any influence on that, it was mentioned on the Audio commentary for Rainbow Rocks that Meghan McCarthy came up with "making Sunset big" after the draft of the movie. (at least as far as i remember, quite some time since i watched said audio commentary). I Wouldn't surprise if it's true however, Rebecca Shoichet mentioned that she really wanted to cast a main character on the main show and hoped EqG would be as popular as the main show when they came around again, plus she really does an amazing job on Sunset, both voice acting and singing. I agree that they expected Sunset to be popular, altough i think the surprising thing regarding that is that hype surrounding the character has, at least in my opinion, not really diminished over the years, despite that the sequels were not as good as Rainbow rocks.
  6. JohnnyP

    Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    The first draft of Rainbow Rocks didn't feature Sunset, presumably one reason why she's almost absent from any promotion material for the movie. The thing about the "Fall of Sunset Shimmer" comic is that was written / released alongside the first movie and Rebecca Shoichet also recently said she was surprised that Sunset was redeemed at all at the end of the first movie, implying there were some lines recorded that led her to believe that Sunset will be "killed off". The Intention to turn her into a full fledged main character simply wasn't there yet. In other words, the idea for redeeming Sunset (At least the way she got redeemed in Rainbow Rocks) wasn't present when the first movie was written and the writers might have thought that having an unrepentful Sunset might be the wrong message for the movie. I honestly believe that the first movie was written under the impression there would be no sequel, when they wrote Rainbow Rocks and realized there would be more EqG Content to come, they decided to turn her into this series main character, which is further cemented by the fact that Sci-Twi was originally intended to go back to Crystal prep at the end of Friendship games, leaving Sunset as the sole main character of EqG.
  7. JohnnyP

    Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    There's a reason why people keep asking about Sunset & Equestria on almost every single Q&A. On topic: Personally i think the First movie remains the black sheep of the series, it's simply the worst one by far, while some people also critize Friendship Games / Legend of Everfree for various reasons, i think those movies had some redeeming qualities in there. When i first watched EqG 1, i was rather neutral towards it, but when i watched during a marathon (EqG 1 to Legend of Everfree), i realized that the Movie is so much worse compared to it's sequels. I honestly have issues finding redeeming qualities within the first movie. Sunset remains one of the worst villains, her whole motivations can be summed by "Because i'm a prick". The Character Design with those super fat boots is just bad, luckily they ditched that for any character introduced after EqG1 and finally ditch it for every main / secondary character with the new youtube series. Some Plots are just pointless, like the Flash Sentry romance, the screentime used for this could've been used on anything else to portray Sunset a little better or give some time to Twilight trying to bring everyone together. Also, the finale with Sunset just "Oh, i'm sorry" felt horribly contrived. The few things that "saves" the movie from a horrible rating is the fact that it had the difficult task of introducing this new universe and the fact that the songs were just great, which luckily became a big plus for the sequels as well. While the writers themselves probably won't admit it, i believe that the decision to redeem Starlight and turn her into a (more or less) main character was based on Sunsets popularity post Rainbow Rocks. It's just too coincidental in my opinion that Starlight was redeemed in the very season that followed Rainbow Rocks, while her character might've been designed beforehand, the decision to redeem her in the finale probably wasn't present when they wrote the Season 5 pilot, or at least not give the role within the show she received later on.
  8. JohnnyP

    Is EG RR Mane 5 Argument Went To Far?

    I think it was fine. It was basically a story about a group of people falling apart because of internal issues, which is really something that happens quite often. To a certain degree, you can say they got a bit cocky, they all believed their contribution was super important, to the point where they just pushed their own idea without any regard for the rest of the group. Next thing is, they never resolved these issues themselves, they just ignored them, gnashed their teeth and moved on, they already started piss off each other, but they were still going on and ignored these "smaller issues" because they had a school to save. However, these personal issues might become a tripping stone once the faith in your group gets tested, and that's just what happened, being stuck in that basement, they started to lash out at each other because they were frustrated by the situation as a whole. Of course, in the face of great danger, fighting amongst yourself because of minor issues is stupid, but that happened time and time again that some people split up because of some really minor problems. I see the argument as pretty realistic, egocentric people (Rainbow Dash), people who distract too much from the actual project (Pinkie / Rarity), people who just take things way too seriously (AJ), People who don't speak up at all (Fluttershy / Twilight), it's really something that probably any person has experienced to some degree in some kind of project / Sport team. That's why i think Sunsets Lesson was really good, if you're in group, working on a project or whatever, work out personal issues while there's no pressure going on, because once the situation gets stressful, these personal issues might lead to very heated debates that could threaten the unity of a team. Obviously yeah, the argument also happened to give a Sunset a big moment, Twilight in particular suffered there because she swallowed this whole boasting from the Mane 5 and Spike that she's the one and only that can write a counter spell and never spoke to anyone directly about it.
  9. JohnnyP

    Sci-Twi, I never needed you.

    True, but the alternative of having Twilight come over to the Human World in every single installment seems kinda repetitive.
  10. JohnnyP

    Is there going to be a Magical Movie Night 2?

    Personally i just hope this whole portal leaking thing is not supposed to become a major plot "reveal" in any installment, first off because it's obvious "where the magic came from", second it was already revealed to the audience. As for Twilight, most of my points remain, when the portal itself becomes a focus of an installment (or episode), Princess Twilight might play a role in it, however i doubt that this will be anytime soon, due the portal being such a crucial element to EqG, because that's where the magic comes from. While i feel your pain on Mirror Magic, to a certain degree you have to take the episode for what it was: a Fan service, some people said on the synopsis that it sounded like a Fan-fiction. While it most certainly didn't have to turn out the way it did, the "damage" the episode done is rather small, there's not much in the episode itself that "needs" to be addressed in future installments.
  11. JohnnyP

    Is there going to be a Magical Movie Night 2?

    I don't think that they are running out of ideas, they simply tried something different, partially due the fact that they're already producing a movie this year. In regard to new storylines, the difference to previous Installments was simply that they "foreshadowed" at least one Element of the next Installment. Rainbow rocks fully integrated Sunset into the Human 5 (or 6) and showed Sci-Twi. Friendship Games integrated Sci-Twi into the Human 6 (or 7) and foreshadowed some heavy Sunset / Sci-Twi interaction. Legend of Everfree introduced the Super powers and the lingering Magic within the human World. Mirror Magic (Or these specials as a whole) did no such thing, unless they want to focus on Starlight or Juniper Montage, which i doubt because EqG does not need more Main Characters beside Sunset and Sci-Twi. The only thing that Mirror Magic did show that the lingering Magic will still be an issue in the future, which is no surprise. I think there are still some storylines in EqG left to tell, aside from the obvious suggestion for a Sunset / Celestia meeting. Aside from that, to address some other points. Twilight getting "tough love". If Princess Twilight will ever appear in the Human World again, it might be touched upon, but it would be rather awkward. I mean, after LoE you could say that Flash is over Twilight, but then she suddenly shows up again and has feelings for him, then he rejects her or Sunset tells her not interact with him? the scene would be just strange. This whole relationship thing is something i found rather distracting in EqG, LoE in my opinion put an acceptable ending to it, at least in regard of Flash Sentry, i actually "liked" the character for the first time. In general, i have to say that i wouldn't raise my hopes for Princess Twilight making more than a cameo appearance in EqG, i think this concept died with Friendship games, having Sci-Twi and Twilight on screen is just awkward, same voice, same name, similiar design, for a short moment, perhaps, but that's about it. I also feel kinda split on a Sunset / Human Sunset meeting, on the one hand it would cool to see Sunset running into her "old self", however it also cause rather awkwards moments similiar to a Sci-Twi / Twilight meeting. On top of that, you gotta resolve the fact that you might be having two identical people running around on the same school, the Human Sunset would have to vanish from any future Installments, because it would just causes problems in terms of writing on the long run. It's also been mentioned that the characters themselves rather avoid such things, Celestia kept the Mane 5 back in Eq1, Twilight herself in Rainbow Rocks, Sunset also told Starlight she didn't run into Starlights counterpart, like in a potential argument for Starlight not visiting the Human world. I think the idea could be explored in a different way, perhaps Sunset started to think about this whole counterpart thing, worries about what will happen if she ever runs into her counterpart, a villlains learns of this fear, then uses magic to disguise herself as Sunset, then exploits this to cause trouble. Finally, if they're ever going to do something like Magical movie night again, my lesson would be to make all 3 episodes more independant of each other or turn them into like 3 part movie. However, to my knowledge EqG 5 has been "semi confirmed" already, at least i read that at some Bronycon, some kind of unofficial announcement was made but any news was later pulled by Hasbro.