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  1. Depression and You

    Thank you dude, that's a really nice offer to send, and I'll gladly take you up if I need you.
  2. What are you listening to?

  3. What are you listening to?

  4. Depression and You

    I totally agree with you on all those points. Finding things I love to do have been instrumental in helping me out mentally, as if it's a hobby like wargaming, I can switch my mind off and paint. If it's music, I can sit and soak in all the different sounds and textures. Strength training, I can get all of my frustration out and smash personal records. And MLP... I can just watch something nice. Main reason I've stayed with it, in all truth, it's just so nice and positive.
  5. Depression and You

    I totally agree on the chemical imbalance front, as I am on setraline myself. However, it doesn't TOTALLY stop the bad feelings, while it does help quite a bit. I've been meaning to try some talking therapies in order to discuss some things in my past and such, maybe help myself emotionally. It's good to hear someone else's perspective on this, it goes a long way to helping me understanding things a lot better, knowing I'm not alone in this. Thank you dude.
  6. Depression and You

    Hi there! I know I'm relatively new on the forum, but I wanted to ask a question, and source opinions on this. I've had problems with depression and poor mental health since I was, sadly, a young child, with a complicated life history. I try and get over things, and I do have some successes, but sometimes I seem to take one step forward and two steps back. I wanted to ask, how do you all deal with feelings of depression, if you have issues with such? How do you relate the lessons learned in MLP into helping with such things as mental health issues? Or things outside the show, maybe certain quotes, or books, or religious tidbits. What helps YOU when it comes to things like depression?
  7. Just... Hi! I guess!

    Thank you all! It's rather nice to have such a warm reception!
  8. Positivity in 2017~

    Looking forward to taking my strength training a lot more seriously. I throw most of my time into it already, but it's something I have quite a deep passion for so I'm going to give it my all, especially since last year (my first) was kinda lacklustre.
  9. Just... Hi! I guess!

    Considering you like MLP, you're already more likeable than Roman Reigns in my eyes; blandest dude I've ever seen in the ring. Thank you!
  10. Answer The Question Above You

    I'd say The Powerpuff Girls. I did always enjoy animation as a medium of entertainment but MLP:FiM first made me REALLY interested in it all. I knew voice actors/actresses from past shows I enjoyed, but I started taking a serious interest in animation because of MLP. If MLP:FiM wasn't a thing, what do you think would end up enjoying most in it's stead?
  11. Just... Hi! I guess!

    LD is for Long Distance. I should have put the more common LDR, but oh well. Also, hi! Thank you very much! Hi!
  12. Just... Hi! I guess!

    Thank you! I know fandoms can vary wildly, but I think bronies have given the best OVERALL impression. Coming from being a huge metalhead, I've seen crappy, spiteful fandoms. And thank you! I hope I'll find lots of fun here too!
  13. Just... Hi! I guess!

  14. What are you listening to?

  15. Just... Hi! I guess!

    Hi there! I'm BulkBicepsWannabe, and I've been a fan of the show itself for close to a year now, after my LD girlfriend introduced me to the show. I was wary about taking part heavily in the fan community due to not very nice things I heard, but after seeing how bronies act on IRC and some reddit subs, I was swayed, and made the ultimate decision after watching the brony documentary. Some of the nicest people I've seen were in that doc, and it made me smile. So, cursory information before I ramble too long; I'm English, early 20s, called BulkBicepsWannabe because I love strength training and hope to compete in bodybuilding, and I have quite a passion for angry death metal bands like Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death! That's all, I hope to get along with you all!