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  1. AmadeoVampire

    AmadeoVampires' Art Stuff

    A quick work in progress snap of something I'm working on. WIP2 by Amadeo Vampire, on Flickr Still a ways to go. I think I'll probably stop for a while once I've finished the head. Painting takes a long time (especially since this is my third attempt at a painting style in digital).
  2. AmadeoVampire

    AmadeoVampires' Art Stuff

    I know his neck is pretty long. But while I sketched I just couldn't get it to look right. Hopefully my next attempts will get him more in proportion. (It's probably because I'm so used to drawing dragons, they often have long necks.) I can also see why you'd say his legs are quite thin, I do prefer slightly slender legs personally. It gives his design a bit more elegance. He might be a stallion, however he is by no means a physically strong individual. I appreciate your feedback. I'll definitely make his neck shorter when I work on him next, it'll make quite a difference. Also please don't stake me though the heart... I might be a vampire, but I have a soul too (sort of).
  3. AmadeoVampire

    AmadeoVampires' Art Stuff

    Some sketches of my new ponysona. I'm still working on a few design things, though he's rather fleshed out already (I lack lots of art of him simply because I kinda suck at drawing). regalstardust by Amadeo Vampire, on Flickr Some information about him; Gender; Male Pony Type; Unicorn Coat Colours; Slate Gray (plus a slightly lighter gray), White, and a tiny amount of red. Mane and Tail Colours; White Eye Colour; Amber His design is inspired by a character I already own; Amadeo, a vampire of a closed species (Eirou). As such he will have a similar colour palette and markings. I know they're quite faint but I have sketched out some of the markings (in a blue colour). He is a vampire, this will be explained by a story which I plan to write once I finish the current one I'm working on. This also explains why he has bat wings, however this does not make him a bat pony. He is a unicorn that happens to be a vampire (using an illusion magic that he posses due to being a vampire he can make his wings invisible to most -not all- ponies. In order to keep the illusion, and not seemingly float around, he rarely flies around in front of others.) He is not an alicorn. He may have wings and a horn however he is not an alicorn, he does not posses the powers of all three pony types (he is only as powerful as a unicorn, though with vampire powers/skills mixed in) and is not nearly as powerful as an alicorn.
  4. hey how are you??

    1. AmadeoVampire


      Hello. I'm doing alright. A bit board at the moment though.

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      Dr Ned

      well wanna chat?

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    A bit of both.
  6. AmadeoVampire


    Um, hello I guess? I've never been great at introductions. Anyway- I've been around the MLP scene for a little while, it was more of a passing interest at first though I recently got into the show and art more recently. I'm a furry too, so I have a multiple of characters, my two mains are Shinsetsu (dragon) and Amadeo (a closed species). I have a ponysona, though he still requires some work. He's a unicorn named Regal Stardust (though I might change it to Amadeo). I'm just looking to sort of, lurk around I guess? I like reading and writing (currently working on a story that I may post), looking at art and sometimes disguising topics with others. I'm also looking to make a few friends. I'm pretty friendly and open (online anyway, I'm a nervous person off-line).