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  1. Faustenberger

    Answer my question with a question

    Would that be better or worse than being Spike?
  2. Faustenberger

    Answer my question with a question

    You mean, like, acupuncture?
  3. Faustenberger

    Nation States

    Ha, my people are the fattest in the region! In your skinny little faces!
  4. Faustenberger

    Nation States

    My economy is Powerhouse level. However, my leading cause of death at 18.9% is Ritual Sacrifice. What the crap.
  5. Received my new Delta Rune shirt today! Huzzah!

    1. Badshot
    2. Faustenberger


      Maybe eventually. Once I've had a shave and a haircut.

  6. Faustenberger

    Nation States

    Maybe I should revive Windiria to bring it in.
  7. Duelyst is fun. You guys should play with me.

    1. JexTexSSB ᴾᴾᴹ

      JexTexSSB ᴾᴾᴹ

      I got it m8. We should play together sometime.

    2. Nightwing
    3. Faustenberger


      Username is Faustenberger, add me! :partycannon:

  8. Feeling Generous. Ask for favors... If you dare!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Faustenberger


      @Badshot Well, preferably favors I can grant over the interwebz... Might be hard otherwise


      @Cyber Commander The real Holy Grail was the friendships you've made along the way!


      @Light Landstrider *ting* You're now a sandwich.

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      (Now a sandwich) This...was not quite what I had in mind...TASTY

    4. Badshot


      Hmmmm... Nvm, I can shapeshift anyway.

  9. Feelin' a little down.

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    2. Skyrazer


      Hmm, a good laugh always gets me up whenever I'm feeling a bit on the glum side. 

      Have a fun little thingy! Hope it helps and remember there's always a bright side to things. :sunset:


    3. Faustenberger


      Thanks, guys.

      I always have liked that Rick Astley song.

      It may be pointless to say "cheer up" by itself, but the way it's said can certainly have an effect. I personally love that writing style that most people would call corny, and it makes me smile to see it. Especially with how eloquently you put it.

      Well Skyrazer, not going to lie, the little thingy itself does not help since I dislike swearing and most violence. But I appreciate the sentiment. Especially with the :sunset: emote at the end. She's one of my favorites.

      I feel a good deal better today. Let nobody underestimate the power of really cool music, or the magic of friendship. Thanks again.

    4. Bread


      Or this.

      Should cheer up a little too ;D.

  10. Faustenberger

    Personal Game Design Project - Custom Characters

    Well, I guess two out of four ain't bad.
  11. Faustenberger

    What are you listening to?

    Man. I could listen to this song all day. I almost literally did yesterday.
  12. Faustenberger


    Granted. You are no longer ever hungry; however, your body produces gunk that you must remove by vomiting every hour. I wish Undertale hadn't become so popular.
  13. Faustenberger

    Free Steam Games

    *looks at my signature* *laughs*
  14. Faustenberger

    Continue the Sentence