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    Steam: VeRrUeCkTeR_IWAN playing basicly every game I own, but sometimes iam not in the mood for certain games, also everyone is free to watch Origin: VeRrUeCkTeR_IWAN Battlefield (except Hardline) and Simcity, barely on here, but sometimes it happens. Uplay: haha.... that was a great one Edit: Oh jeah, Rockstar Social Club for GTA V, but its far easier to ask me via steam
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    Hello, if you didn't heard about ARK: Survival Evolved yet, check out the Steamstore page: Right now we search for some players to play on our ARK server. We are a friendly Community and supportive for people, who are new to the game. It is a PvPvE-Server and the Languagues are German and English. If you are interested you can simply add the server to your favorites: In case that you got any questions about ARK, the server or something else you can simply ask here or you can add me via Steam.