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    It would appear that my presence in these forums may be due to an interest in multicolored cartoon ponies...perhaps...Oh yeah I work for EQD as well, that explains it.
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  1. Light Landstrider

    Do you wanna have a plushie?

    I already have an Octavia plushy, next one will probably be Zecora
  2. Light Landstrider

    What is up lads!

    Seems like you found it, good job Welcome and all that jazz
  3. Light Landstrider

    I'm in a Game rut, pls halp.

    Rainbow 6 Siege, if you pick it up me and a few others over on the discord play it somewhat regularly. And if you feel like playing a new game, I suggest Halcyon 6 Starbase commander From your list Stardew Valley still is a good pick, as is Sorcery Otherwise might be time to go back on a trip around the world in 80 days
  4. Light Landstrider

    Hello a new mexican brony enter

    Hello and welcome Milotor, I hope you will enjoy your stay on the forums If you have any questions feel free to ask Until then see you around
  5. Light Landstrider

    Just moved to Equestria

    Hello and welcome to the forums Green, hope you will enjoy your stay If you have any questions feel free to ask Until then see you around
  6. Light Landstrider

    Hello everypony

    Here you go, should cover it all, and if in doubt you can ask one of us
  7. Light Landstrider

    Kiri's Artwork

    Hmm forgot about the link for commissions, might consider commissioning you as well, have to come up with an idea first however
  8. Light Landstrider

    Hello everypony

    Hello and welcome Fireflame, hope you will enjoy your stay on the forums, if you have any questions regarding the place you can ask away Until then see you around the place
  9. Light Landstrider

    Hi :D

    Yes, there should be a link to it here
  10. Light Landstrider

    Hi :D

    Hello and welcome rosered and Benji, welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay and see you around the place I'll be lurking here and in discord
  11. Well welcome to the forums as well moonponi, hope you will enjoy your stay here and I look forward to seeing you both here and in the discord
  12. Light Landstrider

    Show me your OC!

    That is a level of cute I cannot describe, it looks so adorable and well done now I want one of myself
  13. Light Landstrider

    Porn (serious conversation)

    I don't understand why people want to download it, isn't having it stored on the net more convenient and less of a hassle? I think it's not an issue so long you don't make a fuss about it, as in, if someone tells you he never watched porn he probably lies, but if someone boasts about his porn search history and what he downloaded the other day I'll definitely be uncomfortable. Long story short, what you do in privacy is none of my buisness, harms no one so all the power to you, just don't be proud to flaunt it and start using it as everyday discussion topics in public >_> (By public I mean say when you are out at a bar or something and I don't mean this thread)
  14. Light Landstrider


    And now I can officially welcome you Luna, welcome to the forums I am open to answer any more questions you may have regarding the place Until then see you around
  15. Hello!

    1. Light Landstrider
    2. Princess Luna

      Princess Luna

      I am new, would you be able to direct me to the forum rules?

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Here you go, and feel free to introduce yourself in the introductions thread ^^