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  1. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    Other i'd say although it's pretty generic. Jeans or cargo pants?
  2. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    Mayo, glorious mayo. Real time or turn based combat?
  3. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    I guess right, being right handed, driving on the right side of the road and so forth. Sweet or sour?
  4. Light Landstrider


    French or not it's a wonderful name nether the less, and i'm sure we can all agree on that at least
  5. Light Landstrider


    "The name Floria is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Floria is: Flower. Latin Meaning: The name Floria is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Floria is: Blooming."
  6. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    The eternal question, i'd have to say Cola, although I occasionally do drink Pepsi. Science fiction or fantasy?
  7. Light Landstrider


    Mine comes from a combination of things, I wanted something that reflected my play style in RPGs, and that somehow sounded like a fantasy name. Being that in open world games I tend to explore everything, and games with choices I play with good karma decisions, I decided that "Light" would work as a first name reflecting my benevolent nature, a symbol of hope in dark times, the polar opposite of evil. May have been influenced by Light Yagami from Death Note (Just the name part, not the whole "I am a god of death" part). "Landstrider" comes from both Aragorns' nickname in The Lord Of The Rings and an Argonian jeweler in Riften, Skyrim, calling me that while doing quests for him. I liked the sound of that and figured as I like exploring places and discovering the land it would also work fine as a name. And there you have it, Light Landstrider, adventurer, demon hunter and scholar trained in the arts of alchemy and tinkering, at your service.
  8. It's been raining for pretty much a week straight this side of the globe, almost like Autumn want's to make it's grand entrance, or give us the middle finger.

    Autumn: "WITNESS ME"

    Me: "But summer is't over until the 21"


    1. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle



      I'm beyond tickled we've reached the point of the year already when the length of the night surpasses the length of the day. In fact, the best part of the year starts once there's less than 11 hours of daylight.

  9. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    It would depend on how quickly I would want the stuff delivered, but i guess airplane is the way to go most of the time. Good or evil?
  10. Light Landstrider

    General Left 4 Dead 2 get-together thread

    I would also be up for a game but not during weekdays, as my potato laptop and crappy internet would not work to well. Weekends though is when I have access to my gaming rig and speedy connection so if you ever want to set up a game during that time just send me a message, my steam ID is on my FiG account page, i'ts the same username and picture you see here.
  11. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    Gunmetal gray i'd say. Keyboard or controller? (for video games)
  12. Light Landstrider

    S5 Episode 14 - Discussion

    As the episode started I did feel like Sassy Saddles was going to be an antagonist, then as the show progressed I started to realize she never really showed an evil grin or some sort of expression that would show bad intentions, heck in one instance she just seemed sad Rarity wasn't trusting her "perfect plan", so it was a pleasant surprise (although kind of natural in retrospect) that she ended up accepting the errors of her ways and looking after the Canterlot Boutique. Also, that huge pony in the end slate of the episode...that was weird...wasn't expecting that.
  13. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    Fish sticks, with mayo...yum. Android or i OS?
  14. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    Burrito. Close or ranged combat?
  15. Feels weird switching from shorts and a shirt to cargo trousers (pants) and jumpers (sweaters) in a matter of days, where did summer go?

    From 30+ °C to 14°C is quite the way for mother nature to decide autumn (Fall) is around the corner, unless the reason for that is that Cloudsdale is ahead of schedule this year

  16. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    Usually bring my own, bur plastic i tend to take more often as I then horde them until I need them again (you will always need a plastic bag at some point). Day or night?
  17. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    Sleeping until fresh, pills will lower your immune system if taken too often. If you wanted to read a book or comic, paper or digital?
  18. Light Landstrider

    Choose A or B

    Warm, as it allows comfortable clothes and a pleasant sensation of being fine. Wine or cheese?
  19. Light Landstrider

    Why did you join the fandom?

    21 years old Swiss/British guy here, don't remember exactly when i started watching my little pony, all I know was that at first I used to think "it's a girls TV show about multicolored ponies, why is everyone making such a great deal about it?". I would regularly check post on, just for a couple of daily laughs, and would occasionally stumble upon pony related content. Somehow those posts I saw kinda made me curious, the art stile looked nice and the couple of gifs i would occasionally see showed a nice fluid animation...that's when I finally decided to give it a shot and watch the first episode...and it was too late i couldn't stop and watched all of it, questioning myself at first then accepting it and enjoying the ride. All I know was that 3 seasons were out and the fourth was about to start so it must have been 2013 when i officially figured that at that point I was undoubtedly a Brony. Ever since that i started reading Equestria daily and buying the official IDW comics, until i stumbled upon this forum.
  20. Light Landstrider

    Pokemon X and Y

    Being that ORAS was a remake there are only so many things they can change without deviating too much from the original, i guess that because the player avatars didn't have other clothes in ruby/sapphire/emerald they figured they could keep it that way. But whatever game comes next in the Pokemon series will most likely continue from the innovations X and Y brought.
  21. Light Landstrider

    Pokemon X and Y

    Sure, what do you want to talk about?
  22. Light Landstrider

    Fun stories

    The game is Elite: Dangerous, a space-sim game, I had managed to grind my way through commerce to the best freight ship in the game, a whooping 76 million in game credits, for a sense of scale the cheapest ship in game is 20 000 credits, the most expensive 146 million. I took it for a spin and started investing my emergency insurance money (the price to re buy your ship if you die) in cargo, telling myself that in no time i would have 20 times the amount. Second trade run, with all my money spent on a full cargo hold, I forget to ask for landing permission in a space port and get blasted out the airlock by security. Lost all my money and the ship, back to square one, surprisingly enough I didn't rage quit and instead just gritted my teeth and told myself that that was a life experience and that i wouldn't be doing the same mistakes again. Now sitting with a smaller ship but with a comfortable 30 million credits in my pocket.
  23. Light Landstrider

    Rocket League anypony?

    Hi there Ulven, I'd be interested in playing some games so let me know when you wan't to play. Steam id is my name and icon like here on FiG, the link should also be on my profile.
  24. Light Landstrider

    Who is best pony?

    Octavia Melody, Best pony albeit in the background most of the times, that British accent makes it even better.
  25. Light Landstrider

    GTA V Heists

    Hey there Yukito, I'm always looking for people to play heists with, i tend to not find a stable team to complete them efficiently so i'd be more than glad to give it a shot here. Let me know if and when you are ready to get some big bucks.