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  1. Can I still say I like coffee when I've added milk and ludicrous amounts of sugar?
    Or does this count as hypocrisy?

    Whatever the case sipping coffee while just taking in the day is always rather pleasant.

    1. AI-senpai


      Regardless of what you put in it, you drink coffee and enjoy it, so of course you can say it. :)

      It's not for me, but I do like tea.

  2. Man muffins taste so good, praise be given to those chocolaty cake like wonders of flavor, and all those other ones too.
    (Chocolate is best pon...err muffin flavor)

  3. So I just discovered that sardines have a warning label on the packet that tells you it "contains fish", my god...what incredible unfathomable new information I just learned today, my wisdom is ever growing with this crucial information that apparently is unbeknownst to some people.

    OK to be fair it was an allergies warning but still, feels a little obvious if you ask me.

  4. Ah, autumn, that time on our cyclic solar rotation were the northern hemispheres' temperate regions have their trees begin their preparation for the long slumber ahead, by shedding their leaves in the colored dance of the fallen.
    Elsewhere the exact opposite is happening, life sprouts anew on the barren branches of the southern hemisphere, signs of a new beginning, the awakening of the dormant.
    What marvelous balance nature is capable of.

    May be a couple of days late but happy Autumn, Fall and Spring everyone.


  5. It's been raining for pretty much a week straight this side of the globe, almost like Autumn want's to make it's grand entrance, or give us the middle finger.

    Autumn: "WITNESS ME"

    Me: "But summer is't over until the 21"


    1. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle



      I'm beyond tickled we've reached the point of the year already when the length of the night surpasses the length of the day. In fact, the best part of the year starts once there's less than 11 hours of daylight.

  6. Feels weird switching from shorts and a shirt to cargo trousers (pants) and jumpers (sweaters) in a matter of days, where did summer go?

    From 30+ °C to 14°C is quite the way for mother nature to decide autumn (Fall) is around the corner, unless the reason for that is that Cloudsdale is ahead of schedule this year