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  1. Congratulations to @Steel Crescent for successfully reaching 300 posts for his custom title :partycannon:

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    2. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      How come I wasn't congratulated? I reached Figgy Pudding status like two weeks ago.

      Anyway, congrats Steely. :hug:

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Well Steel made sure to get noticed...I'm talking MY INBOX FULL of "Steel Crescent replied to post X" for about a week if not more by now, so it felt like something worth noting.

    4. Toki Zensekai
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    2. Dublyn Tea

      Dublyn Tea

      He (?) looks amazing! Is his name and your screenname synonymous?

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Yes, that's the idea, and yes, he (First time Aurrelleah drew a stallion so it may look a little feminine)

    4. Dublyn Tea

      Dublyn Tea

      Ah good, I picked up on the facial hair and kinda assumed. Very cool! :) World love to have mine commissioned at some point. Hopefully someday.

  2. Fractured Space is currently free on steam if anyone's interested.

    (Capital ship MOBA like)

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    2. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      No idea, I just know it's pretty cool as a concept, as ship classes are based (for the most part) on roles you would find in space games (ex. destroyer, carrier, miner, cargo, science platform, etc)

    3. Bread


      Found it, played it a few times. Was already awesome in Starcraft 2.

    4. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      I see, well maybe it is inspired by that.

  3. -2°C and fog makes for some cold slippery frosty days

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    2. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      Tell me about it. I live between New York and Philadelphia, enough moisture in the air for fog, but also cold enough for ice. And the mountains affect most of the incoming precipitation.

    3. Skyrazer


      There's a fog here every morning, and it was -4C this morning. Constant wind makes it feel even lower, but still no real snow. It did snow a few times the past two weeks but, it only lasted about half an hour before it was all gone. Coastal Cities are a pain.

    4. KiiKrindar


      Yesterday snow was falling all the time. Today - 90% melted. The hell weather?

  4. Bags are packed, currency acquired, ticket check in info printed.

    Leaving for Boston in the morning, long day of travel ahead, but finally visiting the US :derpydance:

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    2. ArcticEight


      Why are you going there? and isn't it expensive?

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Visiting friends, and I saved up for it

    4. ArcticEight


      I'm jealous, and it hurts.

  5. Galacon (EU) accepted me as a volunteer, first ever convention, somewhat hyped :awesomedash:

  6. Oh hey the Discord panel is back :derpydance:

    1. Bread


      But I'm Discord, pure and legit, get it now for 15,33 per mg. But what I meant was the meeting will commence in the dark alley you never wanted to enter. But for real now shit gone insane.

    2. Light Landstrider
    3. Bread
  7. Steam sales have begun, oh boy get the wallets ready.

    1. Frécinette


      -31€ already and i'm not even done. My wallet was born ready !

    2. Badshot


      -20$, I bought the Endless Legend collection. I might play it later, gives me a Heroes of Might and Magic vibe.

    3. ArcticEight


      -0 currency, my wallet is empty, lol.

  8. I will be in London from the 27th to the 31st, as a result I will be less active in the forums having only my phone and whatever wi-fi I can find during the trip.

    Most of you can disregard this, but to whom it may concern you have now been averted.

    Happy holidays :happybonbon:

    1. Bread


      Don't sweat it. I will wait :awesomedash:

    2. Error


      Later and Happy Holiday too!

  9. Merry Christmas and whichever festivity you may have, to all ponies everywhere :partycannon:

    1. Error


      Merry Christmas

    2. Dublyn Tea

      Dublyn Tea

      Woo, Merry Christmas!! :)

  10. Have succesfully landed in the US, and fighting jetlag, all is well

  11. Monthly reminder that User is wrong :3

    1. Cyber Commander
    2. Skyrazer


      You've been slacking off a lot on these PSAs. :hurrr:

  12. Happy new Year from the staff!

    1. //Randomuser349207///)7[]


      Thanks! Happy new year to you all as well!

  13. Started to watch One punch decision ever, it's epic as fu*k!

    1. Error


      I have only read the manga, I will collect the episodes first because I don't like waiting.

  14. Can I still say I like coffee when I've added milk and ludicrous amounts of sugar?
    Or does this count as hypocrisy?

    Whatever the case sipping coffee while just taking in the day is always rather pleasant.

    1. AI-senpai


      Regardless of what you put in it, you drink coffee and enjoy it, so of course you can say it. :)

      It's not for me, but I do like tea.

  15. So I just discovered that sardines have a warning label on the packet that tells you it "contains fish", my god...what incredible unfathomable new information I just learned today, my wisdom is ever growing with this crucial information that apparently is unbeknownst to some people.

    OK to be fair it was an allergies warning but still, feels a little obvious if you ask me.

  16. It's been raining for pretty much a week straight this side of the globe, almost like Autumn want's to make it's grand entrance, or give us the middle finger.

    Autumn: "WITNESS ME"

    Me: "But summer is't over until the 21"


    1. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle



      I'm beyond tickled we've reached the point of the year already when the length of the night surpasses the length of the day. In fact, the best part of the year starts once there's less than 11 hours of daylight.

  17. I am now a true Swiss patriot, having drunk the "green fairy" absinthe made not too far from where I live, I'm totally not tipsy as I write this :P

    1. Skyrazer


      Go to bed you piker.

  18. Nice avatar picture (dies from cuteness overload)


  19. "Now on EQD" is back to functioning order

  20. I apologise if some of you newcomers got a belated welcome from my side of things, I was up until 6 a.m. CET to try and keep up with the flow and ultimately had to get some shut eye, nevertheless it's good too see so many of you introducing yourselves ^^

  21. Well my email inbox is full of forum posts :doublefacehoof:, thanks Steel Crescent :applejargh:

  22. It's nice to see the forums slowly filling up with more members, don't forget to introduce yourselves in the introduction thread.