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  1. Lotus Aura

    New pony arriving to Ponyville... ^^

    Thank you, everypony!!! I didn't read your replies until now!!! So kind of you all!!! My first language is Spanish, for the pony above who asked Oh yes, definitively yes!!! A party would be AWESOME!!!
  2. A turquoise portal emerges and from it appears a light purple unicorn that crashes on the floor. "Oh, my... that hurt" *I look around, confused* "Where am I?! Who are you?!" *Shake my head a lil' bit* "Sorry for that. But I don't know what place this is, nor how in the name of Celestia I arrived in the first place. I'm so confused...!"
  3. Hello, everypony! Let me introduce myself... my name is Lotus Aura, and I'm an unicorn. I'm new to this great, big community and I hope to be friends with you all! My english isn't flawless. Please, correct me if I commit any mistake! I'm looking forward to know you all and to read your replies! ^^ Hugs and kisses, Lotus Aura.