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  1. 37 minutes ago, Cinder Vel said:

    Welcome eastern cousin to Equestria Daily Forums. I'll be glad to help with what I can but I am not really that involved in the fandom as a whole. I am mostly lurking here and on FiMFiction. But hey I am a friendly face that came to greet you.

    Also I do like that piece of art. I believe it is Fallout Equestria related, yes?

    And I thought only around 10% of Belorussians actually spoke Belorussian as a main language. Not that clear on the difference between white and non white Russians honestly.


    There is a differences in a mindset of people, Belarussian's values are closer to European, but not really much. It is also depends on region.

    You're right about the picture, I'm huge fan of Fallout Equestria. We, guys from the russian side of the fandom, also have some great writers and artists, they are not very famous but well... doing a great job.

    Your help will be a gold for me. First of all I would like to ask you to name me 1 grammar topic that I have to learn closer in order to make my english better.:D

    Also I'd like to keep in touch with you in case if i will have anything to ask. I promise, you will not be bombarded by my questions and stuff. So, where I can contact you?

  2. Actually, I'm belarussian guy living in Lithuania and speaking russian, but who really cares. The thing is that English is not my native language (So, it can be really hard to read my stuff but, sorry), and here is a problem for me, as for artist trying to integrate himself into a kind of new community. And this is what I came for. Not for forcing me as an artist (to be honest, there is nothing good enough to be forced :/) but integrating myself into a new community. I really really want to have some friends who will show me this community (not only equestriadaily), how it work inside and all this stuff. This is extremely interesting for me. Creating new connections with people is always great. And... maybe some mentorship for me, in a way of improving my English... but it's not the point. So, I hope you got me right, and I also hope to make some new friends here.

    P.S. Art is mine.onemoreponyfromfoe_by_weirdcloud-dbbbwwf

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