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  1. Drum Corps International Some asshole who thinks that footage from the DCI World Championships is above reproach. Rule #1 of trying to argue with someone: NOBODY is above reproach
  2. Meanwhile, someone's getting triggered because I gave a DCI Cameraman constructive criticism on YouTube... it's actually quite entertaining
  3. Next week on My Little Pony, Celestia laughs her plot off at the happenings in Ponyville and the crowd just magically disappears because reasons!
  4. Meanwhile, I'm just gonna spend some time raging at Bethesda NPCs while I wait to hear back on job applications
  5. Fuck that. I was once one of the brightest students in my class, but when I saw that status being forced away from me by being held back by the public school system, I decided to give up on getting sleep every night and enjoy myself
  6. Just walking? No verbal thinking, running, other noisy shit, or anything? That's extremely unusual...
  7. Welcome to the 96 club, Shadow. We are a very exclusive group, as few have the iron to pull off 96 hours (4 days for all the plebs that can't conversions) without sleep... (What am I talking about? I did 127 hours at the VERY most, and that was BEYOND brutal. Hallucinations, man...)
  8. Okay, then... I believe you
  9. The sheer amount of Hentai, that's most peoples' problem. There's somehow more Hentai than clop and furry porn COMBINED
  10. Speak for yourself, Ciph. My problems are personal, and that's as far into it as I'm going
  11. I'd do it in your situation... but whatevs