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  1. Seeking artist to commission cover art for new fic. Project is time sensitive... please PM if interested in providing services

  2. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Eugh, the pressure is getting to me. I need to commission a cover image for my NaPoWriMo entry, but I'm worried that by the time I find an artist that's willing to provide their services I won't have enough time before the challenge is done for them to reasonably work on the project...
  3. Yes and no... but then again, I'm also writing one
  4. Oh, trust me. I didn't even know that said groups existed at the time I asked that, and I feel extremely stupid looking back on it
  5. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Simmer down, Sally! I be a young stallion (if 20 can be considered young, LMAO), certainly not any little filly!
  6. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    As much as I see what you did there, you know that's not what I meant
  7. New active fic coming up!

    My Little Reclaimer: Friendship Never Dies: <Link coming soon> <National Pony Writing Month entry> <National Novel Writing Month entry>

  8. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    I'm guessing your family doesn't believe in the idea of taking occasional breaks to avoid burnout?
  9. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Considering light themes continue to burn my eyes indiscriminately, I can live with a few measly lines
  10. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Relativity, though. Compared to Cadance, Zephyr is a TERRIBLE pony...
  11. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Dude... you got quite the fucked up list there. Cady is worlds better than Zephyr, so you got some balls putting that insolent little brat in the same league as her
  12. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Dude... Cady is second best princess, and there's nothing you can say to convince me otherwise
  13. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    The sad part is that there's not even any refuting that...
  14. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Celestia damn it all... I went back and found the mishap, and the apology I could've sworn I gave ended up being in the sarcastic sarcasm tags... It IS my fault she left! I guess I really AM worst pony...
  15. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    I think I'm sick of still getting PMs about it from people who otherwise have never interacted with me... not trying to throw shade or blame anyone, just wondering why the fuck I'm still getting shade thrown my direction