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  1. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Meh... my apologies, Fennekin, but it's time I hit the sack. Later
  2. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Okay, then... I guess I'll just stop chiming into conversations, if I'm just gonna make everypony uncomfortable whenever I put my 2 pence in
  3. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    And yet, a single mug of cider only costs 2 bits... WTF?!
  4. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    If it IS Thorax's reformed changelings, then he's literally crushing my spirit... what a friend, eh?
  5. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Well... I think the WSU football team has been replaced by some of Chrysalis' unreformed changelings. They haven't been performing tonight at the level we've seen them at ALL YEAR LONG... just SUCH disappoint

    *starts singing WSU Fight Song*

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mystic Thunder

      Mystic Thunder

      Why are you rooting for a team that doesn't stand to gain anything from winning this matchup? If the Dawgs win, then Stanford claims the PAC-12 North. Also, 3 of the 4 College Gameday hosts picked WSU as the likely winner, so...

    3. Shadow Dash

      Shadow Dash

      Simply because I prefer the Huskies, and I don't want them to lose XD

      Although then again, I don't want Stanford to take the PAC-12 North either... I guess either way, I lose XD

    4. Mystic Thunder

      Mystic Thunder

      Well, we both lost then. I actually gave up in the 3rd... WSU's never driven me to abandon a game like that before, but I gave up. That was not the team I've been cheering on this last year...

      :ohyou: I think they've been replaced by changelings

  7. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Tell me about it. I'm stuck paying off loans on a year of college that lead me to start preparations to file a lawsuit...
  8. #2 Miami falls to an unranked Pitt? WTF is going on in the NCAA?!

  9. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Woah... this thread is still alive? I figured someone would've won long before page 316...
  10. Finally some good news; the ordeal of the last few months is finally reaching a major milestone, with my mom finally being able to come home.

    She's spent her time bouncing between a rehab facility by the name of Avamere on Park Crest and a local hospital by the name of PeaceHealth Southwest WA Medical Center, following a fall in late August in which she broke her Radius and dislocated her Ulna in the same arm. We later found out that the reason she wasn't ambulatory was a completely torn ACL on the same side of her body, which occurred during the same fall.

    She has regained enough movement to return home, provided and in-home nurse visits frequently to ensure her well-being, and surgery to repair her ACL has been scheduled several months out at the advice of her team of doctors.

    I would like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this ordeal; it has meant a lot to know that my friends have been there to confide in.


    1. Infinite


      light to you thunder

  11. Only use quotes from cartoons to have a convesation

    "I don't know; are you thinking 'holy shit, holy shit; a sword fish almost went through my head'? If so, yes" -Unknown
  12. Serious Discussion?

    @Bakaarion No, you're not toxic. Mildly annoying at times (JK, not really), but never toxic. Dude, who the buck are you hanging with? Some of my favorite people are in this fandom...
  13. Only use quotes from cartoons to have a convesation

    *uncontrollable laughing* -Princess Celestia
  14. Only use quotes from cartoons to have a convesation

    "Dear Princess Celestia..." -Literally every main pony at some point