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  1. Do you still like Celestia?

    Jeez, I hope Nicole Oliver doesn't see that madness..
  2. 35th Anniversary Collector Ponies

    Very keen, I'll keep my eyes open!
  3. Do you still like Celestia?

    She's my favorite princess. Her personality is so warm, golden and rich, just like her element. If "A Royal Problem" is any indication, Tia fans are going to have lots to look forward to.
  4. The movie didn't get nominated.

    Hearing MLP made a good profit was heartwarming enough for me. There was a lot of love around this movie, by the actresses/actors and the fans and I'm proud of that.
  5. This movie is going to have a cult following, the same as Transformers:The Movie (1986) and The Last Unicorn (1982). I'm sure the Bronies of the future will keep this near and dear to their hearts and play it at conventions.
  6. Fuck the hackers

    I stayed away from the leaks and agree with the OP. Some jackass who is actively screwing the creators plans is no fan.
  7. April 2018 Episodes

    Ponies is the best birthday present I could ask for
  8. I loved it. Out of the people I went with to see it, the worst reaction I heard was "rushed but still enjoyable". The fact they made the movie to be accessible to people who haven't watched the show and still pulled off a very fun (and beautifully animated) story on a shoe-string budget, it was extremely well done.
  9. Season 8 Trailer

    Awesome, best part was the drunken smiling Twilight at the end
  10. Does Generation 1 count? I used to watch it back in the 80s alongside Transformers and GI Joe. My first pony was Mirror Mirror.
  11. Tech and science in mlp

    20th century if Manehattan is anything to go by, but it certainly seems that the ponies comfort zone (including the princesses) is in a romantic version of the Medieval Ages.
  12. Why are you being weird? Virtually everybody here loves Twi.
  13. If a pony appears at your front door

    There's plenty of cookies and vegetables here for any hypothetical ponies that might want to visit.
  14. Will you watch G5?

    Absolutely. But G4 is still here, so I'll cross that bridge when I get there.