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  1. Snide Ways

    We need a G5 movie sub-forum.

    I am stoked, this film looks gorgeous
  2. Snide Ways

    Who is the best MLP villain.

    Starlight Glimmer. Aside from the monsters and demi-gods the Mane 6 had to fight, she was just a pony that looked like any other pony. She showed that raw anger and an excellent intellect made for a villain that Twilight was completely stalemated by which hasn't occurred before or since. Twilight's only option was to appeal to Starlight's heart, she was completely out of options at that point.
  3. Snide Ways

    Season 8, Episode 22: What Lies Beneath

    Great episode, very strong story for the Student 6. Seeing them fight their fears that were silly or realistic was lots of fun. Silver Stream had an absolutely epic moment.
  4. Snide Ways

    Season 8, Episode 23: Sounds of Silence

    Very intriguing episode. Great story and the introduction to the Kirin was really cool. Autumn Blaze is wonderful!
  5. Snide Ways

    Season 8, Episode 24: Father Knows Beast

    Poor Spike. I enjoyed having another episode with more dragon lore though.
  6. I enjoyed both episodes, and it was very interesting how it all played out. I am kind of surprised that instead of a chance at redemption and friendship, they sent a young filly on a one-way-ticket to pony hell. Anyhoo, I hope Cozy returns, she was a fun villain.
  7. Snide Ways

    Season 8, Episode 21: A Rockhoof and a Hard Place

    Rock Hoof was awesome and hilarious, Yona was best (as always). A really nice episode that gets you right in the feels!
  8. Snide Ways

    Plotholes/Nitpicks discussion

    I know it falls under the Trope of "Early Installment Weirdness" but it's funny to watch the first episodes with Nightmare Moon's return, only to have her do some light pranking to hinder the Mane 6. Actually, it seems more like something Trollestia would do...
  9. Snide Ways

    My Little Pony: The Movie - General Discussion

    Love it, great plushes too!
  10. Snide Ways

    Season 8, Episode 18: Yakity-Sax

    I've just seen this episode and I couldn't have said it better myself. Seeing Pinkie completely crushed like that was a knife in the heart. It was one of those times I was very glad to see a happy resolution. The first 30 or so seconds of this clip are my favorite part of the episode:
  11. Snide Ways

    Season 8, Episode 16: Friendship University

    Another episode that was just witty and silly the whole way through. The disguise thing with Plainity and Eyepatch with the cruddy paper "cutie marks" had me busting a gut
  12. Snide Ways

    Season 8, Episode 19: On the Road to Friendship

    Cute and fun, I love every episode Glimmy and Trixie are together. Their song was awesome
  13. If FIM has to end (and here's hoping it doesn't soon), I hope it makes it to it's 10th for a good, clean decade of ponies
  14. Snide Ways

    Season 8, Episode 17: The End in a Friend

    This episode really brought out the best of Dash and Rarity. Out of the various mix-and-match stories, I find theirs some of the best. This is just an amazing exchange:
  15. Snide Ways

    Season 8, Episode 14: A Matter of Principals

    Poor, long suffering, Starlight. It seems like she's a magnet for all the bad stuff in ponyville, but she is an amazing problem solver.