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  1. After going back through Seasons 1-4, for a video I’ll make in a few months, I found “Testing Testing 1 2 3” to be such a great episode that I made a whole video about it. If you’re a fan of TV animation, you should check my channel out, but this video I made specifically for you guys. (I really hope you like Nintendo DS music.) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv9yVH3lZfY
  2. EmployeeAMillion

    Save a Season 1 Episode

    This is a classic elimination game used on many different forums. Basically, I give a list of episodes in a particular category (eg, all the Season 1 episodes) like so: Friendship is Magic The Ticket Master Applebuck Season Griffon the Brush-Off Boast Busters Dragonshy Look Before You Sleep Bridle Gossip Swarm of the Century Winter Wrap-Up Call of the Cutie Fall Weather Friends Suited for Success Feeling Pinkie Keen Sonic Rainboom Stare Master The Show Stoppers A Dog and Pony Show Green Isn't Your Color Over a Barrel A Bird in the Hoof The Cutie Mark Chronicles Owl's Well That Ends Well Party of One The Best Night Ever Next I eliminate one that I don't want to be last place (Green Isn't Your Color), meaning that it is saved. I let another player pick another episode they want saved and so on and so forth, until one episode lands in last place. The game then resets to see which episode will be second-last place.
  3. EmployeeAMillion

    Favourite 3D Mario game?

    With Odyssey coming out soon, what do you think is the current pinnacle of the Mario series? (Unless you think one of the sidescrollers holds a candle) 64- The one that rebooted it all, and a good reason to own the Nintendo 64 at the time Sunshine- Gimmicky and frustrating, but still charming and exciting Galaxy- Mario in space + Feels Galaxy 2- Mario in space + Yoshi 3D Land- It exists (only one I haven't played) 3D World- One of those rare gems on the Wii U, despite its lack of intense moments
  4. EmployeeAMillion

    Favourite Sonic Games?

    With 2017 looking to be a big year for Sonic, with both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces recieving surprisingly warm reception compared to most other games over the past 15 years, what's your favourite adventure so far? Personally, I've only played the mainstream platformers up to Heroes, but I've heard positive things about Colors and Generations. In my opinion, Sonic 3 & Knuckles is my favourite, followed closely by Sonic Adventure DX (it just feels more colourful than the Dreamcast version), then Sonic CD. The first two games have their problems (namely 1 not being very memorable and 2 getting too hard for its own good near the end), Adventure 2 doesn't look nearly as nice or seem nearly as intriguing as its predecessor, and Heroes is a mixed bag, but I can safely say all of them except Heroes are good games in their own right. Sonic 3 & Knuckles perfects the speedy formula of the first two and ties it together with fun bonus games, the series' first taste at an epic story and incredible music. Sonic Adventure DX is super fun as a foray into the third dimension after years of anticipation, and you can see the foundations of what would make Modern Sonic both work and not work in a surprisingly solid package. Sonic CD expands on the level design of the 2D games and offers several vibrant, layered locations. The American soundtrack is alright, but the Japanese one is just bitching (easily the best music of the whole series). What about you? What are your favourite Sonic games and why?
  5. EmployeeAMillion

    Who is the cutest filly, in your opinion?

    Sweetie Belle, no contest.
  6. EmployeeAMillion

    Closet brony or open brony?

    I fit into the third option. I try not to let my fandom dominate my personality (as really, there's only one aspect that I really like), but I will also admit that I am a brony to some extent if someone asks me.
  7. EmployeeAMillion

    What other websites are you a member of?

    Youtube, SpongeBuddy Mania and Derpibooru.
  8. EmployeeAMillion

    How many more seasons?

    4 or 5 tops from a creative/artistic standpoint. Any more and expect it to be a complete zombie.
  9. EmployeeAMillion

    Actually getting sick from games?

    Like pretty much any manual will tell you, I'm sure it's best to only play games in small chunks (30 minutes per session tops). Given technology's current state, it gets more difficult for most of us to adapt to new advancements, which is why I think playing retro games is healthier than playing modern ones, as they're much simpler to understand from a mental mindset.
  10. EmployeeAMillion

    Silly Headcanons sharing

    Twilight secretly worships Big Mac's work ethic. Pinkie Pie is a crazy pegasister IRL who somehow got sucked into the show. Starlight had daddy issues. Fluttershy loves fine cuisine. (due to all the slop she feeds her animals) Discord is related to Darkheart from the second Care Bears movie. Celestia's wavy mane is actually her cake senses. Derpy has a part-time job as a plumber.
  11. How to unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64

    Step 1: Turn off the N64

    Step 2: Get a life

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      id drink to that

    2. Anti-Villain


      Step 3: Buy the DS-version already.

    3. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      step 4 kick a goblin out of a window

  12. EmployeeAMillion

    What are the most hated characters in your opinion?

    I never got the hate for Trixie (I guess due to overexposure from the founder of this site), Celestia (I guess because her memes die incredibly quickly) or Cadence (I guess for being the first major change to the show Post-Faust). As for Starlight, Flash and Flurry, I can totally understand the excessive hatred.
  13. EmployeeAMillion

    Mlp reaction game

  14. EmployeeAMillion

    Do you think the film will be rated G or PG?

    I feel as though the writers would want it to be G. They grew up with and take heavy inspiration from the Classic Disney movies, which were released back when the Hay's Code was a thing so they often got off with violence and occasional language (jackass in Pinocchio and hell in Sleeping Beauty) scot-free. However, since you aren't a kid if you haven't seen such movies, it'd make sense to them that it'd get the most kid-friendly rating possible. However, the Hasbro execs would probably want more than a generous slice of that moolah, and the chart says PG movies gross more because of various factors, so they'll probably sneak in a drip of blood or an innuendo to double their profit.
  15. EmployeeAMillion

    Least favorite character.

    Snips and Snails aren't the most flattering way to show what the crew thinks of young boys, but they're minor characters at most. Diamond Tiara was usually the instigator for some of the show's worst episodes, but there was a cuteness to her at least. Starlight Glimmer is odd because half her episodes are trash while the other half are fantastic, there's no middle ground with her. Angel Bunny, while an abrasive brat at times, is just a lil' rabbit who doesn't know much better. The worst thing you can do is introduce a character and just expect the audience to like him or her for no reason. If this were a while ago I would've said Big Macintosh due to his lack of personality, but then Hard to Say Anything came along and, y'know, gave him a personality. : )
  16. It depends on what they truly want to do with the characters, which has been in limbo for everyone except Starlight and her personal bubble since Season 6. I'm sure when Starlight's arc is (finally) done, they'll either move on to reforming another pony and shaping him/her up to be the next big hero, or go back to the simpler plots so as not to alienate any potential newcoming fans from the movie theatres.
  17. EmployeeAMillion

    MLP Movie Trailer

    Doesn't seem to be a definite Go-See sort of thing, considering how boiled I get when thinking about MLP's bigger plots (it's a little too serious to talk about in a single post ), but it seems like fun anyway.
  18. EmployeeAMillion

    When will MLP resume?

    Probably when the Summer holidays end, or around that time, though I wouldn't be surprised if they completely hold all episodes until after the movie is released, or give one massive marathon in early October.
  19. What are your hopes for Episode 200 if it comes?

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      something more like episode 100 you know?

    2. EmployeeAMillion


      Just imagine.

      Episode 100- The life of background ponies

      Episode 200- The life of OCs

  20. EmployeeAMillion

    Throw something at the user above you.

    *throws a Ponk
  21. EmployeeAMillion

    Second half of S7.

    The only episode I'm interested in is Secrets and Pies. Other than that, the synopsises make it already seem more by-the-numbers compared to the first half. I'm not saying it could turn out to be a mediocre season overall, because the episodes in the first half that I watched were pretty good.
  22. EmployeeAMillion

    I could use some advice...

    I'm sure advice threads are allowed here. Now, on how to gain weight, I'm not a professional in biology (heck, I'm only 15), but I suggest this. Think of your favourite food in the world, and try your hardest to eat it regularly. If it's a particularly fatty food like mince or bacon, even better. That's my advice, just eat the foods you want to eat and can't get enough of.
  23. Starting to rewatch Season 5 of SpongeBob. It's both better and worse than I remember at sporadic points.

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      yeah season 5 was midway for me

  24. EmployeeAMillion

    Save a Season 1 Episode

    The Ticket Master