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  1. Mine is 7 so far. But Final Fantasy 5 has an amaaaazing battle music, atleast the one i played on Steam. I dont think just listening to it would work, you have to have it on + battling for awhile, its incredibly nice. Final Fantasy 7 has my all time favorite fanfare, its just beatifully made, dont know how to describe it, its like you win so much when you hear it, almost like it came out of the Super Nintendo era of pure fantasy magic. But I have actually beaten Final Fantasy 1 Origins (i am a cheater :P) Normal mode + auto attack + running. And i have taken the final boss of Final Fantasy 3 which i played on Steam, Cloud of Darkness, i tried reaching level 99, but i gave up on level 95. You have no idea how many times i have retried and quit this. If one thing i can say.. you get your money's worth for playing those games, they are incredibly hard to beat. Final Fantasy 2 Origins i got to that Jade's Passage, but i never actually beat it. If i had more spare time i may have considered trying it again. But for now i just play Final Fantasy 4 on Steam currently, i have a Wii so i will play it after i beat the Steam version. Since there is two versions, and they are very enjoyable games But what is in your view your favorite Final Fantasy game?
  2. Just kind of curious to how you would range ponies.
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    What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

    Most of Final Fantasy 7 music is in my view depressing. Not sure why its so highly praised, but like i said i love the fanfare but thats about it. I mostly liked it for the sake of the story at the time.. although now i can't say thats my main selling point. Besides the story, it was mostly outside of it the summonings in battle that sold me most of the time, which is why i called Bahamut my wingman, same with Aeris since she was the healer. But then she died... and that was such a pain. Yeah i dont like thinking back to 7, it gets me too emotional. Though Sakaguchi story concept i would honestly or wish it could've been excecuted just to see how it would end up as a result. Since it was ment to be in new york in 1999 where you are a detective or something.
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    TeamFourStar kinda sucks

    Why would anyone watch Dragon Ball at all at this point. I dont know. I mean i just dont find them funny either, just dumb. Plus i take anime more seriously than cartoons when i watch them, so i dont like when its parodied on youtube. Its kinda like parodying CSI "Not sunglasses joke" but... there has been a murder. And someone cracks a joke or something, and makes like a series of episodes about that. I just cant sit with a straight face and laugh at it.
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    I am here to make friends. I have skype or steam. Its nice to meet
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    TeamFourStar kinda sucks

    Or maybe i shouldn't have made this topic. It just ticked me off for some reason. I realise its kind of pathetic aswell to insult people on the internet. I mean then again, i wonder how people who make TV series or shows feel when they feel insulted aswell. But yeah : I
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    Dragonball fan club

    Can't say i am a fan
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    What do you mean?
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    Thank you very much!!
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    The forums work pretty well so far. I think i have to make a Pony OC soon btw. Its been awhile since i did. Nice to meet.