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  1. Hello everypony. How are yall this evening? I'm okay. Most of my weekend was taken up by this huge history project that I'm doin and then some worksheets for Culinary. Tomorrow after school I will be gettin my stent removed. Not sure if I'll be able to exercise right after the stent is taken out or if I need to give it a few days, but I will find out soon enough. How have yall been?



    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      oh good had a fun easter

      and watched a ton of sailor moon (don't judge me)

    2. darksword66


      Hmm, generally i've just been pondering over stuff mostly :P. Oh, and hello to you too! Culinary =O all the fun there for sure. My weekend was basically saturday just work, then today mostly just cooking all day, making a range of foods from the stuff for easter to the cake and brownies for the next month. just one of those funny moments. I personally don't know enough about stents to really know about that myself on if they will be more "hey go do the work outs/physio." XD anyways, glad to hear your evening is going well!