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  1. Hello everypony. How are yall today? I'm pretty good. Sorry I haven't been on the past few days. Saturday and Sunday were spent doin this assignment for History, and yesterday I had to do a review for a debate (which was also in History). Speakin of the debate. My group won the debate. There is also a test that is comin up in a couple weeks and since my group and I won the debate, we DON'T HAVE TO DO THE TEST. I'm super happy that I don't have to do the test because I am NOT good at tests. What are yall up to today?



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    2. KennyTAG


      Just curious but why would you rewatch somethin that you don't like?

    3. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark

      Just in case I change my mind. You just never know. ;)

    4. KennyTAG


      Oh I see. That makes sense