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  1. Well I just watched the first episode of Beyond Scared Straight. It is my new favorite reality show. I love it so much. A bunch of punk kids, gettin what they deserve. On the show though I heard the saddest thing I've ever heard in my life. Apparently this one prisoner had a baby in prison, and they took her baby away from her. Then they show a picture of the baby when he's 4 years old and they said that whenever they say, where's mommy, go get mommy, the child will go get a picture of his mother off of the fridge. That messed my emotions UP. Any who, I gotta go get ready for bed. I'll see yall tomorrow (hopefully). BTW in R.O.T.C if you do 30 hrs of community service, you get a ribbon and the last time I checked I was at 14.5 hours. Since then I've gotten about 1-2 hours so I'm gettin closer to that ribbon. :muffins: 



    1. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark

      Cool! :)


      I've never heard of it, though.

    2. KennyTAG


      I suggest watching some of the funny/savage moments on youtube. They are what got me into tryin the show. 

    3. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark

      Okay. Thank you for the recommendation. :)