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  1. Creativa_Artly1198

    New Trailer

    I loved the trailer. Rarity is best drama queen and Tempest is an awesome villain!!!
  2. Creativa_Artly1198

    Rank the villains. From the best to the worst.

    1. Discord 2. Nightmare Moon 3. Tirek 4. Chrysalis 5. Sombra 6. Starlight Glimmer 7. Trixie
  3. Creativa_Artly1198

    MLP One Offs that We Want MORE Of

    What one of characters do you want more of? I know my personals are cheese sandwich and rara. Which ponies are yours?
  4. Creativa_Artly1198

    Which type of pony would you be?

    Earth pony. In my mind, they're the most creative. Also, I love to garden especially cucumbers. We grow our own cucumbers so I definitely consider myself an earth pony. Also I'm super creative hence earth pony.
  5. Creativa_Artly1198

    Who's your favorite villain and why?

    I personally have two favorites. The first is Chrysalis because she is actually the most significant threat as she can turn into any pony she so chooses including the regal sisters and the princesses in general. She's by far the most dangerous. The second is simple: Nightmare Moon because she's a villain who knows all of Celestia's weaknesses because deep down inside Nightmare is Luna and Luna is Celestia's sister making her a very major foe.
  6. Creativa_Artly1198

    If you could delete ONE character. Which one would it be?

    Diamond Tiara's parents. They're real jerks and swindlers. I'd also get rid of Sombra because what did he ever add to the show. I mean seriously!
  7. Applejack since I'm a huge fan of ponytails. I literally never take my hair out of one.
  8. Creativa_Artly1198

    Applejack parents.

    I love that we finally know about Applejack's parents. It took them long enough. That's for sure. Their love story is just so sweet. It reminds me of something out of a fairytale or a play. It's basically Romeo and Juliet with ponies and I'm okay with that. I really and truly am.
  9. Creativa_Artly1198

    Which pony do you feel the most sorry for when it cries?

    Fluttershy. Apple Bloom. Applejack. Sweetie Belle. Pinkie Pie. (In that order by the way).
  10. Creativa_Artly1198

    How did everyone discover MLP??

    Every Christmas as a child from ages 7-12, I'd watch A Very Minty Christmas. Minty is how I got into My Little Pony in general not just G4.
  11. Creativa_Artly1198

    List your six favorite songs from the show in order of greatness.

    1. The Smile Song 2. I'm Just a Pony 3. Music in the Tree Tops 4. This Day Aria 4.5 In My Head Like a Catchy Song 5. Film Flam Brothers Song 5.5 Hearts as Strong as Horses 6. Out on My Own
  12. Top 3 Perfect Pear Discordant Harmony A Royal Problem Bottom 3 Honest Apple Forever Filly Not Asking for Trouble Also didn't care for All Bottled Up. I just didn't like some of the animated effects for the episode.
  13. Creativa_Artly1198

    Which characters are wasted and should get more screentime?

    Chrysalis needs to come back for sure. I'd also love more from Cheese and Rara because I feel like My Little Pony could do a whole lot of great things with these two one off characters.
  14. Creativa_Artly1198

    Could the movie do as well as a Disney movie?

    MLP will never do as well as Disney. Disney is a movie empire. MLP isn't. It's as simple as that. It may do well but not as well as Disney.
  15. Creativa_Artly1198

    MLP Movie Trailer

    I enjoyed the visual style of the trailer and can't wait to see it in theaters with my friends.