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  1. yeahthatsright

    How many more seasons?

    I'm happy to be where we are at, but it would be pretty cool to have 10 seasons at least.
  2. yeahthatsright

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    Except for those purple people though. To hell with them!
  3. yeahthatsright

    Will the movie underperform?

    It depends, they make a lot of money on the worldwide ticket sales now when compared to the not too distant past, so you have to consider that too. And like everyone has been saying, it's all about the toys!!! A MLP motion picture means a whole new line of movie based toys, and it might rejuvenate the show too. For instance, a new generation that hasn't really been fans of the television show could be introduced to it from seeing the movie. This is what I'd like to happen, at any rate
  4. yeahthatsright

    I could use some advice...

    Sorry to hear about the second part of that situation, though I'm glad to hear that it worked out for the most part and that you are feeling much better. I wasn't trying to blow up your spot, I just didn't know the situation and if you thought it was getting bad I just hoped you were getting help. I know how hard it can be to face a problem alone, that's why I suggested bringing family or anyone you might be close to in, so that they maybe help you work it out. Good luck with everything, though, for real. I apologize if it seemed liked I was being a negative Nancy, you were actually doing the right thing, reaching out to people you trust, even online. Help can come from many unexpected areas.
  5. yeahthatsright

    Has being a brony affected your sleep patterns?

    No not at all. I'm one of those people that has to have the television on to go to sleep at night too. I can't be left alone with my thoughts in the dark, I'll never get to sleep that way. I must have something on in the background, but it can't be just anything. It can't be regular television, because the commercials are distracting. It can't be MLP, because I'll get interested and want to watch or listen, and not get to sleep. I have to put something on that I've seen a million times and is just comforting enough to lull me to sleep.
  6. yeahthatsright

    Things in media that scared you as a kid.

    That actually makes sense. I remember getting nightmares from movies I haven't even watched, just from looking at the cover and backs of the DVD's at the store when I as a kid lol.
  7. yeahthatsright

    I could use some advice...

    Do you have family that could help you out with this? I'm not saying consulting random people on a forum is a bad idea, however, consulting random people on a forum is a horrendous idea. If you have no appetite, that's a problem. You need a doctor, get with your family or whoever is closest to you asap. Good luck and I hope everything works out!
  8. yeahthatsright

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    I'm just a regular chick.