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  1. Martesa

    Top 10 cartoons of this decade.

    1) MLP, of course 2) Gravity Falls 3) Phineas and Ferb. 4) Zootopia 5) Finding Dory 6) Shaune the sheep 7) The legend of Korra 8) Over the garden wall 9) Adventure Time 10) Frozen
  2. Martesa

    Season 7, Episode 14: Fame and Misfortune

    And also this oldfag pony "Twilight was better before she become alicorn!".
  3. Martesa

    Season 7, Episode 14: Fame and Misfortune

    It`s look like allusion on brony fandom ("<ponyname> is the best pony!!!1).
  4. Martesa

    Least developed main/supporting character.

    Sunset Shimmer. If Celestia knew about Twilight (she could identify Twi by her cutiemark because of tree of Harmony), why she made Shimmer princess` private student and told her about Elements more, than she told Twilight?
  5. Martesa

    Darker and more serious.

    This show actually serious (because, comparing to another typical western animation, MLP has good moral and don't toilet/rude humor). And yes, not so dark, as it can be. But it not bad, because we can relax, watching something (MLP), that lighter, than our reality. For me the darkest episodes was S5E25-26. They are examples of qualitative darkness, darkness that brings grim atmosphere without blood and intestines.
  6. Martesa

    What's your pony name ?

    Cotton Ribbon. Well, I like it. Good name for new OC.
  7. Martesa

    Have you ever skipped an episode?

    Just because of real life, but few month later I always return to them and watch.
  8. Martesa

    Silly Headcanons sharing

    About dragons. Why in s6 ep5 we see only small dragons? And why actually Lord leaves his throne? I think, when dragon groves older, it starts to lose it`s mind and become just agressive animal without normal "human-kind" brain. So, all old dragons just not very clever to rule.
  9. Martesa

    How many more seasons?

    Maybe 2 or 3. Somewhere found information about 10s MLP, which will be last season. Maybe fake.
  10. I think. we shouldn`t compare MLP movie with Disney. Both of them have their own unique atmosphere. Different worlds, for example. Also, Disney has great movies (Frozen) as well as not so good projects (their strange TV shows for teens). MLP movie can be more sucsessful than Disney`s bad projects, but less sucsessful than good ones. And, of course, it`s all pretty subjective. Personally me more interested in MLP than in Disney`s movie.
  11. Hello, everypony. My name is Martesa and I like MLP (wow, so surprising), have been pegasister-lurker since midseason between S2 and S3. Also I try to draw, but I finish my pictures rarely. Favorite M6 - Rarity. Best princess - Big Mac. Birthday - 4 November.
  12. Top: 1. The perfect pear. Because of such lovely and sad story. 2. All bottled up. Very close situation for me. Me - Starlight, my best friend/boyfriend/favourite person - Trixie. 3. A royal problem. Princesses and great faces. Bottom: 13. Hard to say anything. Girls are just trophies, learn this, kids. 12. A Flury of emotions. Twi, why don`t you teleport? And why you bring kid to sick fillys? 11. Not asking for trouble. Just because other 10 episodes better for me, that this one.
  13. For most of fans Starlight, I think. But I like her (both evil Starly and good), so for me most hated characters are prince Blueblood, Tiara`s mom, this old lady from EG3 and Garble.
  14. Martesa

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    S7 E13 Story that makes cry even tough mature men.