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    LFG - Digimon Master Online

    I believe what you said Toki to be incorrect. I love Digimon Masters Online. I play using the gameking launcher and i play on the lucemon server. The game has grown up nicely and has many people who love the game not only because it is digimon, but because it is a good game that many people don't even attempt to try just because of what other people say about it. Sure, they feel that way, but how do you know if you feel that way? That is why i never use ratings to guide me to games, i just look up info on the games and then try games that appeal to me. So Zero, i know this post was last year, but if you are still playing dmo and you want some people to play it with and are willing, hit me up on the lucemon server. my character name is SychoKing.