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  1. Scream Man

    A father of a new fan

    Awesome, thanks!
  2. Scream Man

    A father of a new fan

    Hey, thanks for the replies. These arent the plushies, these are the hard plastic toy sets. While the 'regular' ponies with the brushable hair are about 5 inches tall, these are more like an inch and a half/2 inches tall. So Im trying to determine other toys in this scale. Cheers! Picture of the treehouse below.
  3. Scream Man

    A father of a new fan

    Hello all, I confess this is a new area for me, as my little all most 4 year old has become hooked on the show (And I don't mind it either) and wants to start getting the toys. Now she has been given some over the years, and we managed to get the Mane Six and some accessories. Recently she saved up and bought Twilights Oaken Treehouse for Herself, and has decided she likes the smaller scale better. Now i have been a toy collector all my life ( I even Podcast about it!) so I know what she means when she says she doesn't want to use the bigger scale anymore. Its made me try and look into the smaller ponies, but Im getting a bit confused about what is in what scale. is there an online guide or listing for the MLP toys by scale? While she now has Twilight and Zakora, she obviously wants all of her favorites from the show, and ebay searches make it tricky to figure out what is available that will match what she has. Thanks in advance!